Video: T-Pain – ‘Chicken’


T-Pain puts the pedal to the metal in the viral video for “Chicken,” a song that will not appear on his upcoming album rEVOLVEr (Dec. 6). T-Pedalz and his crew of guys, the Joker Mobile, face off against a team of badass girls, the Florida Orange. Pain gets in the driver’s seat and races his car down an empty road in the dangerous game. Will he swerve at the risk of being called a chicken or crash into his opponent? The suspense could kill you.

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  1. aight

    I just can’t stand that



    The song is horrible and the video is just a bad influence to young, dumb kids. Glad it won’t be on his next album.


  3. abdullah

    awesome :D


  4. chris

    this ain,t crap-sux as hell


  5. latonya

    Basically he watched a whole bunch of videos from youtube and this is what he came up with even the title is …youtube. okay Tpain okay.


  6. frenchconnection



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