Wiz Khalifa Sits Down with Carson Daly [Video]

Wiz Khalifa

During his trip out west, Wiz Khalifa caught up with Carson Daly on NBC’s “Last Call.” The Pittsburgh stoner discussed growing up in a military family, why he wanted to become a rapper, his relationship with Snoop Dogg (“He calls me one of his sons”), Snoop’s advice (“Stay safe, but always clean up”), his crazy live shows, and online presence. Grab a seat and listen up.


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  1. Hugh

    Wiz is always great in interviews


  2. Richard

    Wiz is a boss. Made more money than nicki minaj rick ross and 50 cent that tells alot abt him. The best of all the new cats


  3. michael angelo

    rollin papers mehn! big ups wiz khalifa!!!



    wiz is my hero. so chill and always gives 100% on everything. im so proud of him for what hes accomplished this and last year.


  5. chris

    wtf reading dictionary 4 creativity,thaz tha height of madness n foolishness.damn crap


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