New Music: Cher Lloyd f/ Busta Rhymes – ‘Grow Up’

Cher Lloyd and Busta Rhymes

British singer-rapper Cher Lloyd wants to stay forever young on “Grow Up,” a dancehall-flavored cut off her debut Sticks & Stones, due in the U.K. on November 7. The former “X Factor” contestant reaches out to Busta Rhymes, who adds a tongue-twisting verse to the spirited track. Drink from their fountain of youth.

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  1. Bia



  2. Nats



  3. dexlovesrih

    beat knocks!


  4. Triniti

    Am I the only one that notices this “transformation” Cher has undergone? Now she looks like Cheryl’s little sister!


    Fa Reply:

    @Triniti, how can someone have a voice and talent and look like Cheryl Cole??? LMAOOOO


    Triniti Reply:



  5. RDK

    lol this was fun.


  6. Mook

    she looks like jwoww


  7. Soloman

    Cool! Love it! :)


  8. Ice

    Kinda catchy


  9. Whatcha_Sayin

    This is the second song ive heard from her that has a chorus that sounds like a nursery rhyme. She really does need to grow up

    And Busta why are u collaborating with this annoying brat?

    Song was okay tho


  10. wonderland19

    That was awful. Maybe its because iam over the age of 12. It sounds like a nursey rythme.

    This girl has potential but she’s on the wrong label. Syco dont know how to develop her talent. She should sign with someone else before she even thinks about hitting the US market. Her second UK single ‘For your love’ is really good which shows she has talent.

    Busta needs to be ashamed of he’s self. This was purely for the money. Your a living legend Busta! Have standards :)


    Shanteeee Reply:


    I have to agree with U on this….


    nobody Reply:

    @Shanteeee, you have to agree on what.


  11. Humz

    She sucks. End of.


  12. mal

    garbage. sounds like a polyphonic ringtone


  13. trippen67

    damn busta way to fat!!


  14. CarlosBonegro

    Jheeze i havent heard songs like this since i was 5 watching Cbeebies


  15. donrliyaz

    trippen67 STHU UFDS


  16. donrliyaz

    yall is some dumbie ppl on heree


  17. jasoldier

    i can telll every one here is american


  18. nytwolf



  19. jocuri


    [...] || New Music: Cher Lloyd f/ Busta Rhymes – ‘Grow Up’[...]…

  20. hannah

    this song is so good. my friend showed me it yesterday. the song is so us.


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