Rihanna Rides the Subway to London Concert [Video]


Imagine the surprise on passengers’ faces when they turned around and saw Rihanna riding on the subway with them. That’s exactly what happened when the “We Found Love” singer decided to take the tube to one of her “LOUD” concerts at London’s O2 Arena last month.

“I’m going to the show with the audience and they have no idea,” said an excited RiRi. “By the way, I’ve always wanted to do this.”

Watch the reactions as surprised passengers notice that a superstar is in their presence.

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  1. Jordan Gabriel

    As much as I don’t rate her as an artist (the most vulgar word right now) she does seem like a cool girl, really chilled, someone anyone could be friends with :)


    Peasant Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, ughh i love her so much..so down to earth and real. go long with your smexy Caribbean self riri. navy salutes!


  2. Mook

    i love rihanna


  3. destiny

    i love her personality so much


  4. Beyonce is desperate

    Bey had a huge successful 4gery year! This is a year of lawsuits for bey.


    Dante Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, Seeing how you’re the only one talking about Bey, I’d say your the desperate one. Kick Rocks…


    Beyonce is desperate Reply:

    @Dante, And your even more deseperate for responding. Sit several seats down. \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_


  5. CITY



  6. dntwrry

    its not called the subway in london. Its the underground.


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @dntwrry, They only used “subway” in the headline because this is an American website. They correctly referred to the Underground as “the tube” in the article


  7. iRap

    She , along with Beyonce, is designing the next decades for us! True Icons in the making. I’m not even a fan, but she has all my respect!


  8. pia



  9. Distinguished

    Watching this clip (especially towards the end when she riding up the escalator..did you see the people behind her) is proof that this girl is her own movement!

    Love her or hate her, Rihanna isn’t going anywhere no time soon.

    Keep doing your thing, Rihanna!


  10. samanthalauryn

    rihanna is too awesome!


  11. C94B

    Her behaviour is very lunatic. She’s still a kid on the inside. But she is very cool.


  12. @chrischris1992

    I truly recall Beyonce doing this exact same thing, but in New York. Like c’mon now! That is not original…. Rihanna is already getting repetitive and annoying to me as is. I think that we should just realize that Rihanna is trying to be like Beyonce…. SMH! I am starting to like Rihanna less and less. Loud was pushing it, and now Talk That Talk is just going over the edge. She is promoting a more promiscuous look and less of the “woman of the year” she was a few years back. What happened? I know it is okay to have fun club songs, but music with no substance is shameful. I hope that this album comes and goes and Rihanna learns to take a break. I as well as many I know are ready for her to take a break. She needs to produce songs with substance. Her 11 number ones are not deserving to me. Not all of them at least.


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @@chrischris1992, STFU


    Rachel Reply:


    when I saw this, the first thing that came to me was, didn’t Bey do this back in 06 during the B’day era….

    Oh well. Rihanna cool, so its not that big of a deal.


    Brian B.. Reply:

    @Rachel, Yep Bey did this, these days she is going back to being mini B. I dont know why, from the hairstyles to the album covers.. i’m not tryna start an argument with anyone cause you people will argue about anything but I think now that she has found her identity in the industry she is showing the Beyonce influences again.

    It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, she hasnt made it a secret that she looks up to B


  13. boom

    I love rihanna and rihannanavy


  14. Say What

    Shes such a Lady, super star and the
    Boss Lady, Love her Sass & Class.


  15. Say What



  16. Hugh

    Love these


  17. BeyonceEsmee

    Wow, she’s really cool!
    I would like to hang out with her sometime, hehe :P
    But BeyoncĂ© did this before, isn’t it?


  18. A Realist

    Awww. She’s sweet. I don’t care for her music or voice, but she’s a cool girl. :)


    donrliyaz Reply:

    @A Realist, exctaly


  19. donrliyaz

    btw it;s Nice


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