New Music: Drake f/ The Weeknd – ‘Crew Love’

Drake and The Weeknd

Drake reps for his hometown of Toronto on The Weeknd-assisted “Crew Love,” the fourth track off his sophomore album Take Care (Nov. 15). He first heard the beat while on set of Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life” video in Los Angeles.

“I automatically thought of the city that I miss so much,” he said on Toronto’s Flow 93.5. “This record is just more about the OVOXO movement and just being proud to be from Toronto. When you go outside the city, just be proud.”

During his visit to the radio station, he confirmed that the album will feature Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Nicki Minaj, André 3000, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, and Chantal Kreviazuk.

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  1. jemsyltampuslopez

    cool!! what a nice


  2. TeamDrickiNYC

    I love it. Crew Love.
    He told his story and made history.
    Take Care – November 15th


  3. latonya

    love. this. song. Its cool, laid back, showing love for his city. i like it a lot.


  4. KimMajorxoxo

    Soundin like SEX .


  5. Brionna

    too much singing 4 me


    Brionna Reply:

    @Brionna, Nevermind its dope it grew on me!


  6. he can get it

    drake is lookin mighty good in that pic you have there *fans self* zammmmmn zaddy


  7. TO



  8. Suckingyourmomforaliving

    I wish it didnt have that weird sound, just that smooth beat


  9. jose

    DOPE! love it


  10. WatchTheThrone



  11. Winston Churchill

    Take Care



  12. blessed

    weeknd’s voice>>>>>>>>

    pure sex


  13. AAA



  14. Speechless

    didnt do much for me


  15. RDK

    i like,take care asap same day when it drops.


  16. onikagraham

    this is


  17. MottoisYOLO

    Abel’s voice!!! lol.

    So Take Care leaked? And the whole TT on twitter is the Take Care tracklist lol.

    But still going to buy that album on Nov15. Crew Love. OVOXO


  18. bigtymer

    Headlines, Marvins Room >>>> this

    But Still a nice song though, kinda has a j.cole feel to it…


    Music Reply:

    @bigtymer, j cole will never make a song such as this, hes more up beat


    latonya Reply:

    @bigtymer, I don’t get that, J cole songs are more poetic, and earthy like Can’t get enough even is mainstream stuff. I love j cole but i don’t get a cole world vibe from this.


  19. john

    j adore!!!!!love it


  20. DrakeTakeCare

    DAMN WHAT A GREAT SONG!!!! Drake Take Care…buy this album…november 15th..i’ll promise u that this is definetly the best album of the my opinion one of the best EVER…and I’m SERIOUS!!!!


  21. Kayla

    I love it!!!


  22. Dee Eugene

    I like this. Except for the sound like a commentator mentioned, it’s still a nice song.


  23. @chrischris1992

    Please make sure that as true Drake fans you still purchase his singles and his albums. Most people do not realize that when people do not buy music he will not create as much new music, and will not have a good of producers working on his songs! This album debuts on the 15th of November and I hope all of you still go out and buy the album! “Take Care”
    follow me on twitter @chrischris1992


  24. Arob

    I love Drake and the vibe of this song. Drake needs new concepts though, lol he talks about the same stuff all the time.


  25. tee-tee

    im such a the weeknd music groupie (ie I dont wanna f him lol). his voice n lyrical content is just soooooo. I hope he performs n nyc soon!!


  26. Great Song

    other than the sound in the beginning I liked the sound alot


  27. wayne

    worst song on the album sounds like a drake feature..just a lil boring for me thats all, amazing album though..


  28. maya



  29. Draven

    Drizzy, it’s all good! As long as we get to hear “Take Care” uncut and the rseliat you, that’s all that matters. Doesn’t matter when you release it : )


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