Travie McCoy Performs ‘Stereo Hearts’ with Maroon 5 on ‘SNL’ [Video]

Maroon 5 and Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy rocked 30 Rock with musical guest Maroon 5 on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” Wearing plaid pants, a David Lee Roth T-shirt, red scarf, and Nike sneakers, the tatted Gym Class Heroes frontman joined Adam Levine and his band to perform “Stereo Hearts,” the first single from GCH’s new album The Papercut Chronicles II, due November 15.


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  1. AmbeRussell

    wait so they bring him out to perform his song during their set on snl, yet maroon 5 didnt have christina come out for her verse in moves like jagger? cant even say this was a good performance for adam, bc he was just doing the hook n thats it during his own set, smh. o well good look travie wit the snl performance.
    amberussell on youtube


  2. D-Bad

    Travvie McCoy is soooooo UN-ATTRACTIVE


    Hugh Reply:

    @D-Bad, I know. Can you believe he used to be with Katy Perry!?


  3. mc

    there was something awkward about that performance… it was just dead


  4. scrotum_bitch.

    way to go you egotistical fuck. this is a gym class song and the faggot is playing it with maroon 5. get the fuck out of here.


  5. Mickie

    Mickie || Travie McCoy Performs ‘Stereo Hearts’ with Maroon 5 on ‘SNL’ [Video]

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