Usher Hits the Studio with Pharrell, Jim Jonsin, & Diplo

Pharrell, Jim Jonsin, and Usher

Usher is cooking up some fire for his next album. The music superstar hit the studio with today’s top hitmakers including Pharrell, Jim Jonsin, Rico Love, and Diplo to lay down some new tracks for his seventh LP, due in 2012.

“Right now we’re just experimenting with different sounds,” said Rico, who penned “There Goes My Baby” off 2010’s Raymond v. Raymond. “My job is to make sure it stays classic. I don’t feel like Usher is just a Top 40 artist or just an R&B artist or just a rhythmic artist. I gotta make records that connect to all formats.”

One insider who heard the new material tells, “It’s the most ridiculous music I’ve ever heard Jim and Rico make. Amazing!”

Usher, Pharrell, and Diplo

[Photos via Made You Famous and BBC Blog]

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  1. Countdown

    We all know that Usher is the best nigga out there, now let’see if he can bring back the popularity he had during the 8701 and confessions era…


    AustynKing Reply:

    @Countdown, he still popular….maybe to sum close-minded blacks like urself he isn’t but when ur ignorant, evolving is hard 2 do!


    ME Reply:

    @AustynKing, SO not wanting to hear usher over cheesy euro-pop songs makes him closed-minded? You sound like a label rep.


  2. Jay

    Can’t wait for this album. Pharrell better feature on the album.


  3. SLICK

    Hopefully we will get that 8701 or Confessions Usher back…


  4. Me

    Usher looks OLD!!!


    CITY Reply:



  5. joe franco



  6. RuleThatRule

    Beyoncé again a Duett with her please Usher i love the ”Love In This Club” Version with her and Lil Wayne

    The 2 best artist with the strongest voice usher and beyonce <3


  7. Animal

    Yess the sex machine Beyonce must appear on this Album @RuleThatRule !!


  8. Jenny

    Ok that is not a bad idea Usher and Beyonce in a featured this is it but Usher i cant wait i love your music!



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  10. Phooooooone*

    Usher your the best i like you HERE I STAND best ever and to the RuleThatRule good idea Beyoncé and he not bad!!


  11. RuleThatRule

    Beyoncé must appear on your Album please!


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  13. RuleThatRule

    Please, A Duett with Beyoncé Knowles must appear on this Album or with Katy Perry


  14. Beyonce is desperate

    I had pharrell’s new drink. It was good too. I hope usher comes with the heat.


  15. Arie

    I hope he will go back to his original sound.I hope he does something with kelly rowland, it would be cool and unexpected.


  16. thecool

    Slight Work is my joint so this should be good


  17. Yaya

    I don’t get why people are hating on Usher for being versatile. A brotha can’t be good in different genres of music or something. If he was bad at the dance music, I would understand. Also, he still gives us the There Goes My Baby with the dance music. I like his dance stuff and r&b. That “Without You” with Guetta is so hot. I do hope he shuts the game down like he did with 8701 & Confessons. Also, I have to say anyone who thinks Usher has lost it when it comes to dancing needs an eye examine. He is still the BEST. Eff what u heard.


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