New Music: Ludacris – ‘Can You Buy That?’

Can You Buy That?

Ludacris asks “Can You Buy That?” on a flashy new cut off his mixtape 1.21 Gigawatts (Back to the First Time), dropping November 15. The rap tycoon boasts about his riches including $20 million cribs and Bugattis. “F**k your life, killa yo’self, ni**a/ Go buy a casket and pill yourself, ni**a,” blasts Luda.

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  1. shak

    looking at the cover and the title im not even going to listen to this song. people say dont judge the book by its cover but in reality it is all about presentation.


  2. Jeffrey

    It’s… alright.


  3. Big nuts

    Lol ignorant shit


  4. KMart

    nar i like it. looking forward to this miixtape fo’sho


  5. Ricardo

    Ludacris da best


  6. Will

    Ludacris straight killed this shit


  7. Damn

    Luda is on fire

    “SHUT DI FUCKUP” he says at the end ;)


  8. Chris

    This mixtape looks like it’s gonna be the shit ! DAMN
    can’t wait !
    Luda’s mixtapes are better than somes of his album lol straight fact !

    Pre release was ill
    The preview was bananas
    this one sounds pretty amazing and entertaining so far !



  9. BLAZE

    LMAO Luda is too damn funny love when he boast on songs


  10. Oh Please

    THIS SHIT IS AHHHHHHHHH! lolol He’s going back to the Chicken and Beer days..I’ve been waiting for this..haha


  11. Ross

    ok song bbut nothing new hearing a rapper talk about everything they have that others dont


  12. HEY

    Luda is the best


  13. Ludaversal

    waiting for the mixtape and for LUDAVERSAL !


  14. Hugh

    Shit is cool.


  15. Tina

    Lmao…yea luda killed this jawn


  16. Jay Whitney

    YES LUDA!!!


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