Rihanna’s Brother Debuts New Rap Song

Rorrey and Rihanna

Rihanna isn’t the only musically-inclined member of the Fenty family. RiRi’s 21-year-old brother Rorrey aka GQ shows off his rap skills with his first solo release “Feel Me.” “Touché, yeah, I’m witty with my wordplay/ Was messing with your girl, now she really wants some verb play,” rhymes Rorrey on the dubstep-meets-hip-hop record.

Is Rihanna’s younger bro the next superstar Fenty? Listen and weigh in with your thoughts.

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  1. S2fresh

    haha this is some bullshit. sounds like he made it out of his basement. GQ standing for “Go quit” rap.


    Randy Reply:

    @S2fresh, the vocals are clear but the beat sounds lo fi.


    Me Reply:

    @S2fresh, Looooooooooooooool. Music talent like his sister!!!


    ollie Reply:

    @S2fresh, that wasn’t bad actually and the beat is just dubstep that’s decent quality for dubstep


  2. Yeah



  3. TheTruthWillShutYouUp

    He better come hard or he will only be rihannas brother


  4. Big nuts

    Hahahahahsha this is garbage, yo put the mic down and enjoy your sister’s money!


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @Big nuts, #dead @ your name and that comment <3.


  5. man wtf was that

    LMAO, this is garbage


  6. Randy

    at least he’s not just living in his sisters shadown. dont ask why he aint get her on the hook or other shit you would diss him for if he actually did.’

    Respect him. Follow your dreams brah. And take advantage


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    I agree with Randy. Yall saying he needs to quit and all this crap but if that is his goal then he should strive for it, there is always time to improve

    The song is whatever, beat is terrible. But his voice isn’t bad at all. The topic of the song seems typical, he needs to get outside the box


  8. Lala

    Only getting blank screen. Where is the song??


  9. pia



  10. Liss

    actually the rap aint that bad but the beat is


  11. Moolo

    Better than Young Chuckee :D


  12. ohhhhhh

    No thanks. He isn’t bringing anything new to the rap game so no interest will be gathered. He sucks…prostitute.


  13. dia

    he sounds like little wayne some what, i don’t like the beat but i think he as potential on rapping just get better sonically


  14. p.s my cookies slippery

    Good but nothin special


  15. don't hate yoz

    nicw but ain’t nothing special about this boyyyyy!!!!!!


  16. thomas

    lovin the dubstep


  17. Prettiedove

    Go for it Rorrey , we will be here to support you…..u’re def gon be better than beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles. :) ….#Leggoooo. U’ll sure get there bro. One step at a time. Xoxo


  18. rahja

    1st off…
    this is Rusko’s shit… woo boost, not Rorry or whatev the eff his name is.

    how the eff is this fool gonna just copy and paste this shit together and put his bullshit lines over rusko’s sick sh.

    some special ed for real
    leave the sexy to your sister foo


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  20. Me Damnit!!

    He sounds like Slim Thug to me….not that Slim Thug is anything special. In other words, I don’t think he will make it with this mess. He sounds silly.

    S/N: I don’t hear his accent at all. *shrugs*


  21. mitchell ballack

    HaHaHa He can’t be serious


  22. um

    i hope he doesn’t weight down the RILLAH brand a success with this bullshit.


  23. RihannaNavy♥

    stfu haterz!!!
    he’s good! :) <333


  24. Say It To Tha Coota

    I’ve made better music sitting on guys faces. #IJS


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  26. nix-v

    oohhh thts cool her sister is the hottes artist right now, so why not ” i can rap” whahahah


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