Alicia Keys Mingles with Fans at ‘Stick Fly’ Meet and Greet

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was cute in curls at a meet and greet for Stick Fly in New York City earlier today. The Grammy-winning singer, who produced and composed music for the Broadway play, joined the cast while mingling with ticket buyers and signing autographs at Cort Theatre.

“It’s about the human experience, so it doesn’t matter how you look, where you’re from, where you grew up,” explained Alicia of the family-oriented production. “Life is hilarious, life is serious, life is outrageous, and that’s what this play is.”

Stick Fly opens December 8 on Broadway, with limited previews beginning this Friday.

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  1. Sarah



  2. p.s my cookies slippery

    There nothin this homecrasher can do to interest me..


    kb Reply:

    @p.s my cookies slippery, lol yet you’re in here commenting on a post about her, yeahhhh


    p.s my cookies slippery Reply:

    @kb, well it is a blog…..ya think.


    headphones Reply:

    @p.s my cookies slippery, i just think it’s funny you’re in a post about this ‘homecrasher’ that ‘doesn’t interest you’


    Beyonce is desperate Reply:

    @headphones, Well keep laughing cuzz she is a homewrecka like cookies stated


    Anita Reply:

    @p.s my cookies slippery,
    So then why are you reading this? hmmm? That’s hilarious.


  3. kb

    cool cool, i’m more excited about this new album she’s working on!


  4. Jenn

    Love her!


  5. valerie

    I love Alicia Keys and she is just as warm hearted and beautiful in person. She has beautiful naturally curly hair.


  6. NIts

    she looks as beautiful as always with her natural curls…u go alicia


  7. Kim

    THis girl can do it all…so love her. MOstly can’t wait for the album though..she always brings it


  8. raycho

    I love alicia….she is one in a million…Swizz is a lucky man


  9. Hugh

    She looks amazing

    Play sounds great


  10. DeeJay

    She looking good. To all the haters get a life.


  11. OSL

    beautiful inside and out


  12. Anita

    I guess she could say, in your face, to all the idiots who were trashing her look. Anyway Alicia is more than looks. She is a beautiful person in every way.


  13. TJH

    Awesome performance. Saw the play on our 29th wedding anniversary in NY. Thought provoking and highly entertaining.


  14. mia holmes

    OH MY MY MY THATS ALICA KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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