New Music: Yelawolf f/ Fefe Dobson – ‘Animal’

Yelawolf and Fefe Dobson

Yelawolf goes off the leash on “Animal,” his new collaboration with Canadian pop-rock singer Fefe Dobson, from his Shady debut Radioactive (Nov. 21). The Alabama boy fires off a rapid round of rhymes at his opponents on the dubstep record, produced by Diplo and Borgore.

“If you want to compare me, compare me to a legend, don’t compare me to a young fool,” he raps on one eyebrow-raising line, while Fefe warns her partner to watch out for the “D-boys and the boys in blue.” Unleash the beast.

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  1. why ask

    Not to bad… I didnt find anything really special.


  2. Humz

    Second verse is good.

    I don’t understand man… Yela has previously done well… cool songs like his Box Chevy ones etc… and he really goes in on some.. including songs he features in with Em or Slaughterhouse and the Cypher… but he doesn’t seem to be performing well with his recent stuff..


  3. imusic

    me likee that :) go yelaaa


  4. chet

    fire!!! i don’t get it. how does someone as skilled as yelawolf get overlooked but y’all praise other whack ass artists? not gonna name any names, but y’all know.


    Sharp Tongue Reply:

    @chet, I totally agree and we have lame ass “rappers” on top or what not.


  5. MaddSimm

    I’m kinda sad that the album leaked, hope it doesn’t hurt album sales. The album’s hot, though. Made in the U.S.A. is probably my favorite track.

    Go Yelerr!


  6. WatchTheThrone

    i don’t get it… who was that ‘young fool’ subliminal supposed to be directed to?


  7. g0h0st

    this is “just right” just with fefe dobson on the hook instead of yela. still sick


  8. Bibiana

    OMG I love it! I love every song that I have heard out of this album! I can’t fucking wait!



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  10. BMX1988

    I wonder if the Yellow Alabama Cracker is also going to try to deny who he is calling out in this track? Take your own advice and “just say [his] name,” YellowBelly.


  11. Hugh

    Yela is one of the best out now


  12. duaneo

    this is Fu***ng DOPE YELAWOLF is Fu***ng DOPE there aint and never gonna be ne one like him or his style!!!! keep doing what you do yela you make soldiers like myself able to sit back and vib to your shit.

    SPC valure duane a

    United states army national Guard Minnesota


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