Win Tickets to Beyoncé’s ‘Live at Roseland’ DVD Premiere!

Beyoncé DVD Premiere Giveaway

Want to mingle with the stars? We’ve teamed up with Columbia Records to give six lucky readers and a guest tickets to the premiere of Beyoncé’s new DVD Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 in New York City on the evening of Sunday, November 20.

The single disc edition will be available exclusively at Walmart on November 21, with a two-disc deluxe version arriving in stores everywhere on November 29 including seven music videos and behind-the-scenes concert footage.

You can be in the house to see an exclusive screening of the film before the rest of the world. And who knows, maybe the Queen B herself will make an appearance? Enter for your chance to win below!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us why you should win in 20 words or less. Be sure to include a valid email address where we can contact you (this will not be publicly displayed). One entry per person. Entrants must live in the New York area and provide their own transportation to and from the venue. Contest ends Thursday, November 17, at 6 p.m. EST. Good luck!

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  1. Redchainsaw

    This DVD is gonna epic

    Jay Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, Probably her best yet!

    Andrea Campbell Reply:

    Mommy “I miss you” like everyday. Family has not been the same. You know I love bey.Support her always

    Daniel Sterling Reply:

    Bey is simply the BEST! I’d love to take a break from my busy classes and attend the special screening!

    nass Reply:

    i love watching Beyonce´s cosert
    bcoz she makes the greast show

    Monique Reply:

    I love her raw talent and apprieciate her work ethic. She is definantly a great role model.

    Jean-Gabriel Reply:

    I watched I am world tour a hundred times! I would die if I win! I adore beyoncé! Please…:D

    Mariele Reply:

    I’m an Italian dancer and I’m in ny to chase my dream.I think Beyonce is the most talented artist in the world and my biggest dream is to be a Beyonce’s dancer and share my talent with her.So I need to see her and also be part of this epic moment.

    Jen Reply:


    Said my name? Was it déjà vu? Get me embodied, um, tickets, I’ll forever be crazy in love with you!

    Darren Gantt Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, I waited 3 hours in line to see this live and I would love to experience it again! PLEASE PLEASE!

    Shamika Edwards Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, I should win these tickets because i have never won anything in my life and beyonce means so much to me on many different levels in life. Me winning these tickets will prove that dreams really come true.

    Morgan Taylor Reply:

    Since Girls Tyme, Beyonce has been an inspiration to me, as an aspiring entrepreneur. I would LOVE to view one of her biggest accomplishments.

    RickiMay Reply:

    Whenever I feel insecure or down, I listen to B’s music to inspire me and help me realize that I’m beautiful inside & out. I’d love to share this accomplishment with the woman I’ve admired all my life!

  2. Redchainsaw

    This DVD will be Epic

  3. jocy

    I hate living hereeee! :( I wanna win this and I CAN’T!! xD

  4. Will McKinney

    Beyoncé is a true role model defying all odds and adversity and she inspires me to overcome any obstacles

  5. jsoOflee

    i gottaa be the best show she did evaa, i love beyonce, she’s the queen of R&B!!!!!!!!

  6. Romeo

    I would love to attend this premiere because Beyonce is absolutely and epically amazing and I love her.

  7. JayB

    I have been supporting B since I was in my moms wound! I will spend my LAST penny on her. I LOVE BEYFUGGINYONCE!!!!

  8. Digital_Gurl

    I’ve never had the opportunity to watch Beyonce make history live. I know this event will be dope!

  9. Jazzy

    This was Bey’s most amazing production yet. I have to be there to experience that EPICness all over again!

  10. Dancinstarrlet

    I was sad I missed this show live in NYC, so attending this will TOTALLY make up 4 it.

  11. Anthony Ayers

    I would love to see how Beyoncé outdid herself in another wonderful concert DVD. She is an amazing artist.

  12. jsoOflee

    beyonce makes the great singers of the best very proud. she can sing, dance and act like a real STAR is suposed toO doO. keep doing your thing shes gonna be around for many, many years to come!

  13. Shaniya

    I think you should pick me because i love beyonce. I Never got to see her live & this will just bring the joy that i need & seeing behind the scenes of somebody as epic as her.Please pick me & im also #TEAMRap-Up !

  14. ChristinaM

    I moved half way across the country 2 follow my dreams like my hero. I want her 2know

  15. JiggaJr

    Beyonce inspires me so much helping me to overcome my trials and tribulations. She means more than the universe to me.

  16. Kadijah

    i Love beyonce so much , i should win this because iam a die hard Stan/Fan …. Beyonce comes first , ill always defend her Whether she’s right or wrong .. & oh trust i will have my copy of my roseland dvd :D ( Beyoncediva )

  17. jsoOflee

    beyonce makes the great singers of the past very proud. she can sing, dance and act like a real STAR is suposed toO doO. keep doing your thing shes gonna be around for many, many years to come!

  18. Carly

    Beyoncé’s musical journey represents a growth and maturity that I hope to emulate as I, too, express my womanhood.

  19. jsoOflee

    that’s why shes the best, &&& i should win

  20. KB.

    I think I should to win because I’ve supported every move this woman makes. I really do love her.

  21. Caleb Harmon

    I Love her so much. She is my idol, my inspiration and my motivation. I Will Love To Be THERE!!!

  22. Kris

    I’ve been a fan of Beyonce since she was sayin “No No No” (1997) & it would CHANGE MY LIFE to finally meet the Queen!

  23. Real Issh

    I love Beyonce more than anything in this world . I support her and RapUp . That’s why I should win .

    skeptical Reply:

    @Real Issh, yeah then you take yo triflin azz to everyone else’s comments to unleash yo hot breath in defense of this woman. U NOT GON’ WIN AWAYWAY lol

    Real Issh Reply:

    @skeptical, I be tryna chill . B*tches wanna f*ck me .

  24. cori b

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvve beyonce biiiiiiiotch

  25. Anika

    I am a HUGE fan of Beyoncé and my little sister and I would LOVE to be present for this screening.

  26. Sara Vega

    I have been a fan of Beyonce since the day she came out with Destiny’s Child. I have had all of her albums and go at least every other day listening to one of her albums.

  27. Shannon Duca

    I’d love the chance to attend this screening. I had so much fun last year!

  28. RapUp Fan

    I love Beyonce w/ all my heart.. & This is my favorite website also. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  29. Ariel

    Beyonce has changed my life, she’s made me a better person, because of her music. Her music has raised me!

  30. bri

    I think I should win these tickets because I’m one of her biggest supporters and a big supporter of RapUp.

  31. Shamill

    I love Beyonce, I feel like when she succeeds all of us women as a whole succeeds, shes a great role model and an inspiration and I love me some Beyonce:)

  32. RapUp Fan

    I remember listening to my first Beyonce/DC song when I was two. Been a fan since the womb. Lol.

  33. Michelle

    This album is everything and just gets better with each listen. I know this DVD will be FIRE and I would love to attend the premiere.

  34. Blake

    Winning this would mean the world to me.I support her so much,biggest fan,even my family. 20 words cant describe.

  35. danasia

    I should win because Beyonce is my idol & I never get opportunities like this :/

  36. Jillian

    Beyonce motivates me to be the best I can be. So let me be GREAT and give me tickets! :)

  37. Louis

    I should BEY there because I’m a huuuuge bey fan and my home is actually named the “House of Dereon”!!!

  38. Gianni(MrBeyonceFan

    I been Stanning/fan 4 bey for over 9yrs I love her and support her for everthing She is King ;)

  39. @DrewShane

    As a fan of Beyoncé, I can appreciate the production and artistic quality of ‘4.’ Advocate of Bey and Rap-Up!

  40. takingonlondon

    I wasn’t fast enough on 7/24, but the 22 seconds it took me to write this might be my chance.

  41. Shamill

    Pleaseeeee I need those tickets lol i love her so much it would be a dream come true to meet her

  42. TheDimplePuppet

    Ten (COUNTDOWN) Nine (Beyonce’s) Eight (A) Seven (Talented) Six (Woman) Five (And) Four (I) Three (Would) Two (B) One (Honored)

  43. Jay

    Beyonce has constantly empowered me to be walk in my greatness! She is the motivated I graduated! Thank You B!

  44. Aisha

    My love for Beyonce is INCOMPREHENSIBLE! I have a tattoo on my left wrist dedicated to her! Please choose me!

  45. Carter

    The tickets sold out so fast I didn’t get a chance to go to the live shows, so this will be much appreciated! Please =)

  46. YS


  47. Billy Alan

    I’m officially infected with the full-fledged Beyonce` virus. Chills cover me just listening to and watching such a master artist.

  48. Kyra

    I couldn’t make it to Roseland and this is the next best thing! The screening is also 4 days before my birthday!

  49. Janelle

    I’m a major Beyonce fan and I am excited 4 this DVD. She is a legend. She makes us all proud.

  50. Carsondra

    I should win because I was not able to see her live at Roseland and it was heartbreaking!

  51. Carsondra

    I am a HUGE BEYONCE fan and I love her talent and drive. I know this DVD will be EPIC

  52. Jill

    My boyfriend is basically Beyonce’s #1 fan and would DIE to go to this.

  53. MsJohnson


  54. Soni

    I should go because I love her music so much it inspires me everyday to be great as she is.

  55. QueenBeyonceStanRapUpRedader

    I love me some King Bey! Beyonce is timeless! She is phenomenal and hope Rap-Up picks me to see her!

  56. Sondra

    I live for her voice and live at that!! I was not able to make roseland so this dvd is the next best thing

  57. Reggie

    Please give me & a friend a chance to re-live the Roseland Experience. There couldn’t be a better way! Thanks RapUp!

  58. Bryan

    The opportunity to meet King B will allow me to return the LOVE she’s given me the last 13 years.

  59. gary


  60. jonathan a. taylor

    Beyonce is one of my favorite artists period. As a guy she has influenced me in the best way, from performing to leadership. I am a huge fan and my number one choice on my bucket is going to see her perform.

  61. Joseph

    I kiss the ground King Beyonce walks on and I will continue to kiss it after she gives birth to her child, Jesus Christ Jr.

  62. DaDonRoMaN

    Beyonce: My Inspiration Since Day1 I Believe She Is The Few Artist Who Dnt Imitate and Do What She Love! ([email protected])

  63. Beyonce is desperate

    Beyonce is faker than lil Kim’s plastic face, therefore I should definitely be selected. I want to get the chance to reveal that fake baby bump.

    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, BroTip 1237 – Every hater is secretly a fan. You are on every Beyonce post insulting her, her unborn child and her talent. Why don’t you do the world a favor and jump from the tallest building in your little culturally deprived city.

    Beyonce is desperate Reply:

    @KaramelKisses, well now we know you visit every single bey post looking for me. When will you jump off a cliff? You first!

  64. gary


  65. eddie

    Beyonce taught me that the combination of hard work and passion can take you anywhere in life.

  66. Danielle

    Never won a contest yet, would mean the world to me! I love Bey and missed Roseland. make my year!

  67. Sophia

    Beyonce: She’s empowered me & given me the strength & confidence to believe in myself and accept my imperfections.

  68. Ray

    I love Beyonce & I would love to meet her

  69. Britney

    I should win this contest because I am Beyoncé’s #1 fan. I know a million people in the world claim to be this but I am truly her #1 fan and I deserve to be at this premiere!

  70. Deanna

    I want this because Beyonce is my idol and she inspires me everyday to be who I am.

  71. Stephanie

    I listen to her everyday and would want nothing more than to go to this!

  72. Grace

    I saw her in concert and have been counting down the days til this video comes out!

  73. Joe

    I have listened to her since DC, she is amazing!

  74. nyc_ladiie89

    Beyonce is an icon and she makes me proud to be a woman. Her strength empowers my life everyday.

  75. Dee

    I am dying for this concert to come out on dvd and would literally die meeting her

  76. nyc_ladiie89

    My comment is the reason why I want to go!!! Hope there is no confusion :)

    Gr8tDanee Reply:

    I would love to have the opportunity to go because Beyonce is the ultimate role model and artist. I love her!

  77. MsRonay

    I have been dying to meet Beyonce! She is everything woman should be, her music sings my life!

  78. Rach Marie

    I think i should win because i love beyonce, i’m her biggest fan and would do anything for the chance to meet her. Anything. I’ve never inspired someone so much.

  79. beaniebaby101

    I have not been able to see Beyonce in concert and would mean the world to meet her. She is a huge inspiration to me and girls around the world!

  80. Ana Bru

    I flew to New York to see this concert and it would mean the world and a half to go to the premier!!!!!! omgomgomgomgomg :)

  81. Jessica

    I need to go to the beyonce screening because i truly love this woman with all my heart and would love to be there!!! please pick me!!!!! She’s an amazing person, so who wouldnt want to go!!! I love you Beyonce!!!

  82. Janessa

    I would love to win this because I am a major beyonce fan. I love her so much and I would be so estatic if I won this. Beyonce is my idol and I would love to attend this. She is everything to me. !!!!

  83. Cody

    New to NYC. Love her. Respect her. JUUUUUST missed Roseland concert, and would LOVE to watch it with her.

  84. Quinisha Bull

    I hope I get chosen to go to the premiere because I feel as though I am worthy, lol.

  85. Adam Chatwin

    I was front row night 4. Beyonce is my God. Pick me!!!! I WILL DO YOUR LAUNDRY!

  86. washupride15


  87. Carrie B.

    God allows his light to shine so bright through her. She is an inspiration.

  88. Cj Furchert

    16 and just survived sarcoma cancer Beyonce’s my all time favorite role model and this would honestly change my life

  89. Briana

    She inspires me to empower other women and is one of my biggest idols/role models! & I couldn’t make her roseland concert :(

  90. Booboo_mizzy

    I know people may say this but I am seriously beyoncés biggest fan, I will love her forever and a day. She’s amazing and her music is GREAT. Good luck with the baby girl! Xoxo

  91. Jessica Vaughan

    Beyonce is my alter ego! She is joy and love! Shes so amazing!

  92. Mary

    I’ve never got the chance to experience Beyonce live. It would be a dream come true to do so!

  93. Ross

    Being an aspiring dancer & choreographer.. Beyonce’s music & performances inspire me to continuously push through my everyday struggles/insecurities as a dancer and be the best artist I can be! Although it seems like the impossible, I would love to work with her one day and create the next “Single Ladies” dance! Going to this screening would only give me that much more hope! :)

  94. Pattye

    If I was to win this would be the first time in my life that I would of won anything and I would love to be apart of Beyonce’s special screening!

  95. BrittLee

    Beyonce is such an inspiration to so many girls, and her music helped me through a rough time! She’s fabulous!

  96. Austin Nunes

    I will be able to most efficiently please Beyonce with my presence.

  97. Julian

    Beyonce inspired me to be me, and learning the dance to Single Ladies has inspired me to pursue dancing as a career. She is incredibly talented and I would be honored to meet her.

  98. Don Jackson

    I have been in love with Beyonce since she told me to say her name, and pay her bills. My dream is to be able to meet her in person one day. Just so I can tell her just how amazing in my eyes she really is. It would make my world. Please pick me



  100. Anika

    I LOVE Beyonce! She is me idol! It would be an honor to meet her!!!

  101. Brenda Schuettler

    Pick me
    To see the Queen “B”
    It would make my day
    I love her more than words can say

  102. AJ Bennett

    I should win because Beyonce is flawless in every aspect. She has the best vocals of recording artist since a long time! Very rare for the types of singers these days. Her album and singing-live voice sound the same and on point as well. She is a beautiful and talented young lady. I’m so happy for her success and the future addition to her family! Love you B!

  103. Julie Teller

    i love beyonce and everything about this concert was inspiring, entertaining, and strong. i was there night one, impeccable performance!

  104. Kenyo Baly

    I’ve always loved Beyonce,I practically grew up listening to her, from her destiny’s child days, to her “4″ days, She’s played a huge part in my life, and I really admire her humbleness and tranquility, Luv you B :)

  105. Jessica Vaughan

    Beyonce is my alter ego! The true definition of royalty and class. Shes the essence of a women.

  106. Keewan

    I’m inspired by everything Beyonce does. She is my idol, anything associated with her i wish to be apart of.

  107. Erin

    Every time I listen to Beyonce, I suffer from some intense neck injuries while whipping my hair to her songs.

  108. Stephen Koch

    I would love the opportunity to win this contest because Beyoncé is my idol and she inspires me daily!

  109. Destiny Reid

    Beyonce’s music makes me feel better about myself especially at my worse times. She is my inspiration and makes believe in myself. She is my idol and makes me so happy.

  110. Jason Gaines

    Beyonce’s my idol. I learn so much from her! This screening could give me the opportunity to meet the Queen!

  111. Candice Brown

    I am Bey’s number one fan!!! I would do ANYTHING to win this opportunity to breathe the same air a Beyonce and watch what i know will be an epic concert DVD!!! I own and have commited tO memory EVERY Beyonce concert DVD, and i can’t wait to add this one to my collection. Please choose me!!

  112. Imani

    Beyoncé is IRREPLACEABLE. She is a very INDEPENDENT WOMAN and shows that GIRLS RUN THE WORLD. I absolutely love her!

  113. kionna

    i lov BEYONCE<3

  114. Theresa

    my daughter would love to hear her live !!!!!!!

  115. Anneke Hayes

    I should win these tickets because my birthday is on November 24th and this would be the ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY PRESENT! I wasn’t able to get tickets for the concert! This would be the PERFECT outing for me and my best friend (whose also pregnant and due in January!) to see our FAVORITE ARTIST!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!

  116. Alyssa H

    Beyonce is my inspiration, my motivation, my idol. Meeting her would be life changing.

  117. Jody Lawman

    I should win because I’ve been Beyonce’s #1 Supporter since 9 years old, and I’m 21 now. I LOVE Beyonce!!

  118. C. Avi Lee

    This would be THEE BEST 30th Birthday gift for a young woman like me. I’ve grown up with King B! :)

  119. Kevin Gray

    Its amazing When you grow up with an artist from Knee high. And when That artist can get you through Hard times in life like when my mother passed when I was 7 You know you have a (Star,Role Model,Hero)

  120. Alvi S.

    Been a Beyonce fan since the beginning of Destiny’s Child and have grown up listening to her. She inspires me in music and dance, and my first night go go dancing was for the “Party” single release. Please pick me!

  121. Ashai Greene

    Please pick me!!!!! I love Beyonce so much!!! She is amazing and I would just love to be in her presence.

  122. shelby tomaiko

    Because this opportunity would change my life and I would be able to cross it off my bucket list!!!

  123. arthur

    beyonce really love your music I like his way of being I like everything about it and is a big dream for me to see her because she is my idol and the best there is in pop music. is really a dream for me

  124. Madeline Hintz

    As an education major I want to inspire my students like Queen Bey has inspired me! I love you B!!

  125. Jus4Fun

    Beyonce is currently the greatest singer, entertainer, and role model. I will sing her praises until my voice is gone.

  126. Jermel Moody

    Beyonce is our generation, she is our music, to witness her for the first time would be a life changing experience.

  127. Bey's #1 fan

    I have a Bey fan since NO NO No I’m 25 so that’s been most of my life, Bey has change my life, she is the perfect role model Truley Independent (who run the world? GIRLS)

  128. Emily

    Beyonce is my idol and I want this more then anything in the world.

  129. Yvette Miller

    Beyonce empowers women to be their best and she exemplifies a strong work ethic.

  130. Paula

    Beyonce inspired me by staying in school and following my dreams. i truly do love her music.

  131. Christopher Schweitzer

    Beyonce is just inspiration. I would love to meet the person who I’ve loved for my adult life!

  132. Jeffie P.

    Wow I’ve been a fan of Bey ever since Destiny’s Child and the experience would be once in a life time!

  133. Da'Jon Porter

    The pass couple of concerts I took my school tution money and went to her shows. She’s amazing person

  134. Genevieve

    Beyonce is raw. Not only a talented entertainer, but a down to earth, humorous, and loving person. I love you!

  135. Nina

    I was at this show and words can’t describe amazing it was. Beyonce is the epitome of what a woman should be.

  136. Josseline

    imagine a little girl being asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and her replay always being “Beyoncé!”

  137. Shanise

    Beyonce is an ispirational phenomenal hard working woman!! She amazes me every time!!!! I love you Bey! She’s unbelievable!

  138. Damien M.

    Beyonce helped me get through my childhood. She helped me focus my emotions in music. And it does GET BETTER.

  139. HANA

    BEYONCE is a young artist who has been around for years…not someone who comes and goes for a one-time hit. she has surpassed not only in the music industry but has gone beyond the limits, moving to other areas like movies,etc.she inspires women to be empowered by their inner strength and to come out confidently into the world.i would love to meet her and thank her for the impact she has on the world.

  140. Sergio

    Well.. you know? I won’t really get it since i live in Spain and my boyfriend lives in Italy, but it could be such an incredible present for him, who is one of your big fans.. he’s got every single CD and DVD from Beyonce..He pre-ordered “Live at Roseland” some days ago.. :) Anyway, if there’s any posibility, here we go!

  141. Jess

    Beyonce is one of my biggest influences, I tried getting tickets to one of these shows but couldn’t and was devastated.

  142. Shanice

    Beyonce is my biggest inspiration. She’s helped me get through the death of my father and other hard times in my life. Plus, I had a medical condition and couldn’t make it to the Roseland show. It’d only be fair for me to win. :)

  143. Krysia

    she’s mind blowing, seeing her would be amazing i’d love the oportunity,’ i dont wanna be the broken hearted girl’

  144. jessica

    Beyonce is bomb love her clothes
    I’m a single mom and this would be epic for me

  145. Barhynn Johnson

    Beyonce epitomizes strength, femininity & determination! Her talents inspires and evokes emotions to the likes of music’s greatest. She is my idol!

  146. terrance weston

    I never be to one of your concerts pick me plazz :-\

  147. Maggie O'Malley

    Beyoncé is my role model because she perfectly embodies the qualities every woman should have. I would love to meet my idols and learn more about the entertainment industry!

  148. Aarão

    Because I’m super fan of hers, she’s my diva and her I’m not in this show I think I’ll die!

  149. Shaneia Nelson

    Bey’s music gives me life! She werks onstage and I’d love to meet her b/c I know she’s a great person!

  150. Haley

    Beyonce is the most down to earth celebrity and deserves everything she has, she is a REAL role-model, and NATURALLY beautiful!

  151. Megan

    strong, amazing, smart, empowering, classy, fierce, & beautiful. Everything bey is and I try to be-it’d change my life.

  152. Perre Harris

    She is the female Michael Jackson. She is also my Idol.Ive been a huge fan since DC.Love you B!

  153. ruben zohar

    because she is more than my idol she is my hero my Saviour words cannot express how grateful i am for her, It may sound weird but seeing her live was the best thing that happened to me , she motivates me to push harder work harder and achieve my goals she is my inspiration my idol my hero I LOVE HER and i really mean that!

  154. Berenice

    omg i wish i had enough money to go to new york gosh i love BEYONCE! I would do anything to go watch her in concert if she ever came to Reno… but dat will never happen;(

  155. Majid gomez

    beyonces is such an inspiring person to all who suffers and seeing this special screening would make my reality life come true..i love her dearly

  156. Athena

    I admire everything Beyonce stands for and everything she does. I want to meet her so we can become best friends.

  157. Lauren Francois

    Some of us are put on earth 2 be FABULOUS & make others feel FABULOUS! Beyonce is 1 of those people. I want a night to feel FABULOUS!

  158. Amanda Ducatel

    I am a die hard Beyonce fan and i have all her albums i actually had a chance to meet her one time and she is the most humble down to earth person that i have meet. I grew up listening to Destiny’s Child and when she branched off from the group i still supported her and she is the Best. I can’t go a day without listening to her music because when she sings she tells a story in every song so it lifts me up and makes me believe that i can be where she is one day.

  159. Blossom

    Beyonce is a role model and great inspiritation for women all over the world. I greatly admire her.

  160. Aisha Jackson

    I love Beyonce because she is truly talented. Her music is inspirational and her selfless personality brings out her normal side. I love her too much to express in under 20 words!!!

  161. Nathan

    Beyonce and her music are my everything. Her talent is numbing and I would be honored to attend this special event.

  162. Robin

    Beyonce is one of the greatest and is a wonderful role model my biggest dream is to meet her I would love to meet her. I had t but e best birthday this year all because I saw her and it would be great to get a chance to meet her.

  163. Leslie Huggins

    Beyoncé is a true inspiration to strive for more in life, n i’d like to be part of that

  164. Shelby Tomaiko

    Because this opportunity would change my life! I would be the happiest person alive!I love Beyonce!

  165. Alina

    It would be an experience I’d always remember! Beyonce has always been my #1 favorite artist ever since forever!!! Lol

  166. Francesca

    Beyonce is an inspiration to me. I have loved her since her Destiny Child’s days. I listen to her every single day whether I am in the shower or walking to class. I love her.

  167. My my

    I love beyonce, and I would love to go. I’m also usually lucky so this would prove it, please do.

  168. Brenda Rebollar

    I love her and its a once in a life time opportunity. My life would be complete !

  169. shiraya

    this is her best work and she just got started she is brilliant and amazon the best vocalist alive and deserve every thing she work hard for every thing she got and i would love to meet her

  170. JossieCapon

    I wanna go because I deserve it More than any1 else
    I’m a biggest fan all the way from destiny child
    To her most recent work 4. I really want this please chose

  171. iamsheez

    Although i missed the actual show, the viewing would be even more awesome wit Bee in the building!

  172. Bobby

    Saw Beyonce at Roseland. Best concert… ever. I mean, the Destiny’s Child recap?!?! This would complete my Beyonce dreams!

  173. Roxy

    Let me start by saying that Beyoncé is my favorite female artist of all time. The reason for that is because I not only connect to her music but also connect to her outside of her music career. She embodies what a hard working woman in our country should look like and does so in a classy way. She stands up for issues that are important to women all over our nation. She has always remained humble throughout her career. She is my idol and hero.

  174. Anthony

    I am a HUGE Beyoncé fan, I couldnt go to the concert but I would love to see the screening with Beyoncé!!!!

  175. Robin

    I had a dream I met Beyonce, and to actually meet her would be great.she is a great role model.

  176. Shanette

    I think Beyonce is the hardest working entertainer alive (male or female). I truly respect her for her talent that’s why I would LOVE to be there. Pretty please :)

  177. David Trent Warner

    I think I should win because I to do music but never have a chance to show the world, so to see someone get the chance would make me so happy. I’m sure a lot of people would love to see her perform but I wanna feel and see the passion she puts into her music!

  178. Elitesse Fanon

    I really want to win this because beyonce has been such an inspiration to me.. She helped me believe in myself with her lyrics which help me when I was thinking of commiting suicide.

  179. Jessia

    I’d die if I won. Beyonce is simply thee most talented person on the earth. she’s an inspiration to many, and she makes many people, me, believe they can do anything they dream of, no matter what. That it’s possible. I’ve LOVED Beyonce since the start, even though I was really little, she’s always been my inspiration and i hope to be JUST like her one day. She’s taught me to never let anyone tell me I can’t do something. Her songs always make my mood up, and i can’t help but sing. I love her!

  180. Dennis Kouchi

    Beyonce has the voice, body & moves. Would love the experience of not only meeting her, but to learn what goes on tecnically in production.

  181. Khiyanna

    I’ve always wanted to see Beyonce live but my mom could never afford to take me to see her. One time I stood outside of Good Morning America just to hear her perform inside and can barely hear because of the large crowd in front of me. I LOVE Beyonce and would love to actually get to see her for the first time!

  182. Cory Taylor

    I believe i’m Beyonce’s #1 fan? She really is a black girl who rocks. I would love to get a chance to meet her.

  183. nofita

    Salluttee Beyonce….I lev d’way u sing
    Ur voice is so amazing!!!d’best is beyonce…lvy

  184. Julio M.

    Beyonce is so amazing you don’t understand how crazy I am about her. I would go crazy if I won tickets to go see this……CHOOSE ME!!!!

  185. monica

    I am one of beyonces biggest fans. I would love to see her in person. Even if it never happens all i need is her music;)

  186. Amanda

    I just finished exams, am flying to NYC on Friday, and meeting beyonce would make this a trip of a lifetime!

  187. Robin

    I waited in the pouring rain and all I wanted was a front view to see my favorite person.

  188. Claire

    I want to win to see this fierce lady in person!!

  189. Mary Antonelli

    Beyonce changed what being a woman meant, to embrace our emotions, bodies, confidence to the fullest. Shes my inspiration

  190. marlenis

    I love it

  191. Krystle

    Beyonces music speaks deep to my soul. I’m a huge fan and would appreciate it.

  192. Dee

    I should win because I would love to be in the same room with the holy fetus in Bey’s stomach ;)

  193. Rheaunna McDonald

    Before I perform on stage I always think of Beyonce’s indescribable stage presence! I’d love to met her!

  194. paige

    I love beyonce and would be extremely grateful and appreciate the chance to win tickets to the premiere.Besides jamin away at home with her cds and checking rap-up everyday for my daily dose of bey and jay news,this would be a first major event for me:)thank you!

  195. Melissa sadji

    Im sure she killed it i was at Lille concert and i remember just one word AMAZING , [email protected]

  196. Cherlie

    Beyonce has represented young and old woman in a positive, strong and educated way with her persona.

  197. Kadeem

    what I respect about Beyonce is how she has stepped out of the box, in managing to experiment and combine sounds both old and new, and in doing so creating something vibrant and refreshing. Beyonce in my opinion has helped those who are of the younger generation,connect with artist of the past such as Tina Turner,Stevie Wonder,Boys II Men and others on a level in which the younger generation may not have been familiar with this artist.Also what is refreshing about Beyonce’s delivery is the quality and energy in her live vocals,which I am looking forward to seeing in the DVD live at the Roseland.

  198. Beyonces1fan


  199. De'La

    Beyonce is King. Forever ruling over all the other minions. Would be an honor to be in her presence. Thats it.

  200. Daniella

    I fell for a boy and we’re getting married! Every single love song Beyonce wrote perfectly reflects what I feel for him. He too accepts me “flaws and all” and I’ll be forever “crazy inlove” with him.

  201. Miles

    Beyoncé empowers me. I couldn’t go to Roseland in person, but here’s hoping I can start my “COUNTDOWN” to this…

  202. Leotha

    I am Beyonce’s biggest fan. My birthday is Thanksgiving day Nov 24 it will be a dream come true if I win.

  203. caitlin

    beyonce is by far the worls most talented woman, she can sing, dance act…she can do anything! she is a true inspiration! i love you queen B<3<3!

  204. Ryan

    Beyonce showed me how to use my “Ego” to become a “Diva.” It would be a “Sweet Dream” to attend.

  205. Nicole

    Beyonce is the epitome of Brilliant! She has inspired my life and everyway. I believe that I am a better woman because of her. I will LOOOOVE to be at this screening to witness such greatness :)

  206. Thomas

    Don’t have much longer to be here so I would greatly appreciate seeing my #1 singer point blank .

  207. Christina Garcia

    Im Mexican American and proud to have an alpha female like Beyonce as my role model. Just one chance, Me!

  208. Lorizbeth

    Beyonce is someone I am proud of but also makes me proud of myself with her inspiring and admirable qualities. I would give anything to be there and experience such magic.

  209. rodney mcfadden

    I am beyonce’s biggest fan I have everything on dvd and cd there is to have of hers I love her too much. She inspires me in my dancin carrer to keep going no matter what and I love her for that!

  210. Gina Melecio

    i think you should pick me because beyonce is my life i wake up to her and go to sleep to her but i have never seen her but i have everything she has ever done movies, music,her book every and this would mean the world to me she makes me want to better. sorry but 20 words i couldn’t do there’s so much more i could say i could write a book

  211. Kiara

    Because since i never got the chance to see michael jackson i want the next best thing.

  212. Cory Nathaniel Taylor

    Beyonce is Amazing!I would love to see her for my first time and in person. I hope I win these tickets !

  213. Kiara

    I would love to have this opportunity because this is “in reality” my dying wish. I’m young, 2o to be exact & I should be able to party hard with friends,but no instead I had to spend nearly my whole college tuition on beating my reoccuring kidney infections. No don’t worry, I don’t need a pity party, but when you’re young dealing with something a 60 yr old woman Should, you’re not going to enjoy life as much. If I didn’t get sick as much, I swear I wouldve been seen Beyonce in person.. She’s my biggest inspiration in life & have been for 11 years! But even if I never do, I am totally fine with the dvd itself.I love you guys please keep me in your prayers. GL to the winner <(^_^<)

  214. Lakendra

    I love beyonce, she is a beautiful person even though i have not yet to meet her but it would be a honor to do so. King B

  215. Dominique Ragland

    Beyonce truly is an inspiration to people all over the world! Meeting her would be dream come true!

  216. Ángel Gauna

    I can ramble on and on about how I’m the hugest Beyoncé fan, but this woman is truly an amazing impression on today’s past, present, & future generations. She gives us faith and a voice among society. I live all the way across the nation in Arizona and I would scramble up change just to be at this screening. Instead of experiencing the magic I had at the I Am… Tour I hope to experience it with many other fans who possess the same love I do for her. I love you Bey, keep up the good work and continue to prove your difference among the musicians now and to come <3.

  217. Ralph Argueta

    I remember Beyonce performing Live with Destiny’s Child and Wyclef at MTV Spring Break. I remember watching her cribs episode as well, all with Kelly and Michelle by her side. They always smiled and behaved with humble kindness and a fresh happy energy. Success and stardom never altered their ability to remain friends with each other and their collective audience. Beyonce is everyone’s friend, her music and performances are special in that you can always feel her trying her hardest for her fans.

  218. Leslie Huggins

    Beyoncé is true inspiration, to excel in life
    And I would like to be part of that

  219. Paul Evans

    B-Beauty Beyond Words
    She Is That &More

  220. Alexa

    Beyonce is simply puts on an amazing show. Beautiful, talented and makes me smile – it would be an honor.

  221. Rach Marie

    I seriously love Beyonce, i loved her from the first day i heard any of her songs. They all have such a great meaning to them, and i’m truly inspired by what a wonderful woman she is. If i got to spend even a second with her, it would mean the world to me. I want the chance to meet her more than anything, i know so does everyone else, but honestly, if this ever happened to me, i wouldn’t even know how to react because i would be so extremely happy!

  222. Jauhara Amatul-Waheed

    I should win because I love Beyonce. I listened to all her albums and always supported her.

  223. Tanisha

    I will love to win never been to new york I know she is the girl that rocks. You run the world beyonce. Plllllllllleeeeeeassssee I will love to win.

  224. Laurell

    It would truely be a blessing to finally me the person who inspires me most !

  225. Sybil Davis

    Beyonce I love your song best thing I never had!!!!!!!

  226. Amanda

    Beyonce is a role model for me as a woman for her strength, talent, and resilience. And can she dance!

  227. Jamila Abrahams

    Beyonce is my absolute favorite artist of all time. I know every one of her songs. I would love to be at this concert. I live right here in NYC. I hope my story will touch your heartand you will bless me with these tickets. I have been sick pretty much all my life. I have a disease that now has me wheelchair bound. I struggle every minute just to make it through the day. I’m am hoping so bad that something good can happen to me just once. That would be so nice. So please choose me. I would appreciate it more than anything in the world thanks:)

  228. Fallon Havens

    Beyonce has been and will always be the number one diva in this game.It would be an honor and a privilige to get to see her dvd first. I am one of her millions of adoring fans.

  229. Mzz_Remy

    Twenty words or less ISN’T enough to express why I should be granted this once and a lifetime PHENOMENONAL EXPERIENCE!

  230. mya huggins

    i think i should win because beyonce is a great and it will be a honor to meet you:}

  231. Alex M

    Saw B at…
    1- sister’s middle school graduation
    2- MSG for “I Am…”
    3- GMA Summer Concert series

    4- at screening..? PLEASE!

  232. McCall

    As a Beyonce fan for as long as I can remember, I have yet to see her perform live. Now that she & Jay-Z are so blessed to be having a child, I would love to be able to see her before she becomes a mom & becomes even busier in the next chapter of her life!! She is a true inspiration to ALL; as a rockin’ artist, poised professional, honest & stunning woman… I could go on forever! :) Thank you for the opportunity.

  233. Maria

    I bumped into the legendary Mr. Carter himself around the fashion district in nyc(not saying the exact location!)My first thought was holy crap where is my idol Beyonce?!?! Then I got the worst case of star-struckism knowing I’m infront of basically a BIG part of Beyonce..wish I could of told Jayz what a true dedicated fan I am of his wife instead of standing there & sweating up a storm -_- Smdh love u Beyonce!!! That’s probably the closest I’ll ever reach u! I wanna win this! Pls Pick me! :)

  234. Constanza Valenzuela

    Lo que me inspira de Beyonce ademas de su voz y su agilidad al bailar,es su ángel algo que no se compra en la esquina sino que se nace con el,su historia de vida la capacidad que tiene para seguir adelante,sin rendirse,y con la humildad que se presenta frente a todos.
    A mi me encanta bailar y algún día me gustaría a ser como ella.
    Atte Constanza de Chile un país muy lejos pero lleno de cariño.

  235. Louigy Rodriguez

    I would love to have the oppurtunity to meet beyonce and rub her belly. :) She is truly a star of our decade. Amazing!

  236. Ralph Argueta

    If anyone realizes, Kelly Rowland is a near duplicate of Donna Summer. the right combination of producers could make that perfect movie finally showcasing Kelly’s fantastic talents as a singer and actress. The Soundtrack would be Seriously Amazing with the right group of musical geniuses and If the trailer popped on the movie screen with the synth opening of Giorgio Moroder’s I FEEL LOVE. It would easily catch the public by storm FOR SURE. There is an audience for Donna Summer and her music. Maybe Beyonce can throw her hat in the director’s ring with Angelina. anything is possible. Jake Nava needs to make a movie. His music Videos are perfect.

  237. Taylor S

    Her fans mean so much to her, she means EVEN MORE to us.

    I can rep them, and show her!

  238. Monique

    Simply put, Beyonce is the EPITOME of class, talent, goodness, influence and self respect. She inspires me to love harder, worker harder and become great at everything I do, whether it be at home or at work. She combines it all…Beauty, sex appeal, respect, power, wealth, influence and kindness.She is what we as women should earn to be. She worked hard, build her empire, then married and started a family. This is what we should all aim to do and how we should all aim to live our lives. Beyonce is in a class all by herself, because there has been no one else to do what she had done. In terms of being the full package and being an example to the world not only on the stage but behind the scenes in her personal life as well

  239. Frankie

    I went to the 2nd of the 4 intimate shows. BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE!

  240. Jasmine Joseph

    Beyonce is everything to me! Her talent and personality make her my idol and the greatest of our time!

  241. Minh

    I’m a huge fan from Germany and my biggest dream is to see her once in life, at the moment I am in the NYC area. My own American Dream would come true!

  242. Isha Arora

    I love Beyonce!I know everyone loves Beyonce. But she has truly influenced me. Her image of a strong, independent, successful, yet a normal, in-love, happily married celebrity is an inspiration, and reminder that a fairy tale happy ending is possible. All my friends say Beyonce is like my older sister because I look up to her. Her songs and lyrics inspire me, and it has been a lifelong dream, since Destiny’s Child to meet Beyonce. Especially because I feel like I already know her.

  243. Alex S

    Beyonce’s ’4′ is about experience, she’s opened up completely for her fans. I want to share this with her.

  244. Steph

    beyonce is SUCH an inspiration and amazing rolemodel! ive loved her since i was a child. id DIE to meet her!!

  245. Salvador Ponce

    Because Beyonce has touched my soul and inspires me to live, dance & enjoy every moment in my life.

  246. Alicia Campos

    B truly inspires me everyday.She is a profound women who embodies the person I aspire to be. With kids being so easily influenced its comforting to see a women be such a profound figure. This is Beyonce is me HERO:)

  247. Sandhya

    I love Beyonce! She is my inspiration and her music has gotten me thru alot of times.

  248. Daniel Oglesby

    The one is do this 4! <3

  249. Pedro

    I would love to win this because I never been able to see her not even gone to any concert she’s done. That’s why I’m trying to win this. I will be so happy.

  250. Daniel Oglesby

    The one i do this 4!

  251. Kimberly

    I was unable to get tickets to the 4 night event. This would totally make up for it. Plus it’s a great birthday gift for me.

  252. Joseph

    Beyonce sings really good!!

  253. Jani Seneviratne

    I just moved to the US all the way from Australia and I love her so much!! She is what all women should be like :)

  254. Jackie

    I love and adore Beyonce with all my heart, she is my icon and everything I aspire to be!

  255. Vanick Killing

    I am really the biggest Beyonce fan ever. I have multiple copies of everything she is on from Cd’s to DVD’s. I have posters of her all over my room, Every magazine she has been in from the time she was with Destiny’s Child til now. I even have all of her fragrances and I dont even wear them I just have them because……I LOVE BEYONCE!!!! I will argue anyone down about her. I have attended almost every tour,I have always been a stan and always will be.



  257. Howard W.

    Bey and I are Virgos and I’ve always had a connection to her. She is my inspiration.

  258. Kellie

    I work pass 10
    Anticipating 9
    Dressed by 8
    Lookin back at 7
    NOT ridin in a 6
    Get me ta Bee 5
    Lookin back at 4
    Hopin I’m 3
    Heck why not 2
    Get me ta Bee cause she’s the 1!

  259. JaylahsMom

    Definitely Bey’s biggest fan. She has a song for every occasion and her music has literally saved my life! I should win!

  260. Starasia Glenn

    I can say a lot of things that she’s heard time and time again in her 13yrs of entertaining…… Godsent

  261. Vanick Killing

    I am really the biggest Beyonce fan ever. I have multiple copies of everything she is on from Cd’s to DVD’s. I have posters of her all over my room, Every magazine she has been in from the time she was with Destiny’s Child til now. I even have all of her fragrances and I dont even wear them I just have them because……I LOVE BEYONCE!!!! I will argue anyone down about her. I have attended almost every tour,I have always been a stan and always will be.

  262. Shanice

    Twenty words can’t describe this amazing woman.she’s truly a genius that has touched people in more ways than one.

  263. Simply Taty

    I’ve learned so much just by watching Beyonce’s humility, determination, and work ethic, and I’d give anything to meet her.

  264. esha

    Beyonce creates nothing less than amazing in all her work. I want to be able to witness it.

  265. Ashley Booker

    I just love Beyonce, and would love to see the premiere of such an epic concert dvd from such an epic album. Beyonce put her heart and sole into this album and it would be an honor to get to see her on the big screen. I am a senior in college and I have been to many Beyonce concerts, but I was unable to go to this one. This would make my senior year if I was able to win. She is such an inspiration in my life and if you came on Bates College everyone would tell you that I am the biggest Beyonce fan. Beyonce continues to make history and this album is historical.

  266. Jon

    I think I should win because I am the biggest Beyonce fan. I know all her dance moves and I workout to her music everday. I’ve loved her since Destiny’s Child and have been a devoted fan since. I have all her songs on my ipod and I took up dancing just so I can master her choreography. I love me some Beyonce!

  267. Latonya

    I tried to get tickets but it was sold out and I was devasted! This would be a blessing! :)

  268. Kristine Abrenica

    Beyonce is my inspiration and I was never able to see her in concert.

  269. Colleen

    My son moved to NYC a year ago from Erie,pa and just lost his job there! He LOVES Beyonce!

  270. Ramon Dennis

    The reason why I want these tickets is because me and my aunt worked so hard to get these tickets. She sat there with her credit card waiting to till it turned to 4:00 so she can order the tickets, literally the concert sold out in seconds. I didn’t stop there, I searched and searched for beyonce tickets to roseland. I Checked ebay, stub hub, EVERYTHING! People wanted $320and up for just one ticket. My aunt just didn’t have that much money since she lost her job a month before. Finally I came across something on craigslist. Some guy named Jeremy was selling the tickets for $116 each and I was happy. It was for august 14. My aunt met up with him in Manhattan and received the tickets. We went to the concert and waited for HOURS in the pourin rain. At about 9:00 when we finally got to the front doors, they scanned our tickets and said our tickets were invalid. My heart dropped. I Cried every single day over and over I was so heartbroken. I couldnt believe that guy scammed me. Every time I see the trailer for this concert or videos online, I just start tearing up. I Would be so grateful to receive these tickets and cherish this moment. Pleaaaaseeeee , ilove you beyonce

  271. Jarette

    I could kick myself for not going to this concert. i’m so happy that she documented this event for us to see because I know she wont be performing for a while due to her being prego! i would love to see her performing on the big screen.

  272. michael

    beyonce is by far the most talented female and all around roll model i have ever seen!!

  273. Shanice R

    I truly respect her MOTIVATION. She inspires me to be true to myself. I’ve been a fan since day one!

  274. Ashley H.

    Beyonce’ reps for all the STRONG, INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL, DILIGENT women like myself :) Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pick me, a fan since day ONE!

  275. Diomi Cordero

    Beyonce taught me the difference between being able to sing & actually knowing how to sing. Beyonce is my inspiration to keep going in life, even if it feels like the entire world is doubting you.

  276. T


  277. carolou

    Beyonce is THE hardest working entertainer of our time. She inspires me and this show would mean the world!

  278. Mabel

    Beyonce inspires me to strive for the impossible through her humility,transcending talent, and philanthropy, to Run this world. 

  279. Whitney Elise

    I know this would be beyond a life changing event! She’s truly an inspiration to my generation!

  280. Tiffany

    I would LOVE 2 see Beyonce Gisele Knowels in concert b/c it will complete my year 4 2k11, my 21st bday is coming & 2 see her will be a true blessing!!!!! <3

  281. Wally N

    Would be the best Christmas gift of all to get a chance to see her show especiallyat the Big Apple.

  282. Annie FitzGerald

    Beyonce is an inspiration! She shows us how to appreciate and celebrate our womanhood!

  283. Tal Kleiner

    I saw Beyonce at Roseland Ballroom all 4 TIMES!!!! It was one of the most inspirational experiences I ever had. PURE. TALENT.

  284. Blake Alexander

    BEYONCE =icon and makes me want to be better in everything I would love to see this with people who feel the same

  285. Janiece

    Beyonce is my inspiration,being in the SAME room as her and watch this epic DVD. will be a dream !

    pleaseee :/

  286. Anthony T.

    I should be there because I have always had faith in her. I also know I belong there.

  287. Darshi Patel

    I have never seen any celebrity in person, but if i had to choose just one, it would be BEYONCE! PLEASEEEEE! i love her so much its ridiculous.

  288. Joyams

    Because twenty words will never be enough to express how badly I would like to see the magnificent queen Beyoncé.

  289. shalaya

    Beyonce Is My Inspiration! Her Music keeps me going!! Last dream is to Meet Her! && The showing is going to be EPICCC! :)

  290. Tim Phillips

    1) We’re both from Texas. 2) We both got some moves. 3) We both be lookin fine. 4)I WANT IT.

  291. Reilly LaFranco

    Beyonce is a great role model for teens like me. It would be like the best day ever (:

  292. Branden Torres


  293. Jalissa S.

    I should be chosen just so that I can be in her presence & She is an amazing person

  294. Margarita triantafillos

    Not only is she the most talented human being but she appears to be an amazing person as well! I have always admired her breathtaking work throughout the years and she has my 5 year old dancing like her…priceless!!!

  295. Shelanese Andrews

    Much more than an entertainer or entrepreneur, Beyonce is forever evolving, surpassing successfullness, and promoting greatness. She is my idol.

  296. Trish

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve never had the chance to witness Beyonce live and to be quite honest I could use some female empowerment right now.








  299. Mona-P

    I’m the biggest Beyonce fan out there. Living in Jamaica we dont get to see things like this and this would make my YEAR!!!

  300. Jazz

    I’ve always and forever will be a Beyonce fan. True supporter of her songwriting, production, and performance. She’s my idol!

  301. jenniferluvsbey


  302. Moyonce

    Everybod says there Beyonces biggest fan.But I been trying to get tickets to her.concert since I was 12,Im now 19.Somethings gotta give. :)

  303. CJ

    Stood in line for nearly 12 hours to see Beyonce’s GMA performance. Saw her at Roseland too! I want them!

  304. Estele Santana

    I love beyonce but honestly I never seened her prefrom live if I can get that apportonaty omg that would deffinetly be an high lighted moment in my life and I never really won anything in my life so that would make me feel so happy and and never have doubts about anything because if I can win those tickets anything is possible thank you for the opportunity and even if I don’t win beyonce is def.. Worth trying for I love you so much

  305. Leslie Leon

    I am one of the many beyonce fan . I would so love to be a part of the screnning I wait outside for 4 nights to see beyonce live at Roseland but never had the chance to get tickets to go to the show but it would be the best gift I can get please choose me to meet my idol. Thank you

  306. Christy Q.

    I eat, live, sleep, breathe Beyonce. If I won tickets my life would be complete!

  307. Michelle J.

    I’m a huge Beyonce fan & I’ve never had the chance to see her live. This would be the closest thing to it.

  308. stacks.

    it would be an honor to be in the presence of such an amazing and humble talent.

  309. nayU.

    Being a fan for years and never affording her tickets is devastating! Thanks 4 the opportunity, I hope to win!

  310. Shannon

    4 is the best album ever; heart, honesty and depth. I love Bey, I NEED to be there!!

  311. Alicia Gonzalez

    I couldn’t make the concert because I moved away for law school but in Beysus’ name I pray!!! #teambey

  312. Sarah Fryefield

    I’m “Crazy in Love” with Beyonce. I’ve been “Dreaming” that I could say “Hello” to this “Irreplaceable” “Hip Hop Star”.

  313. La Caille Patterson

    I love Beyonce and my mother gets tired of me listening and talking about her . I missed her free concert on my birthday in the summer. I really wanna go!!!

  314. Madison Longoria

    It would be such a honnor and a dream come true to meet Beyonce. I have no words to express the impact she has had on me in my life. She is trully and inspiration and is a beautiful person inside and out! I LOVE her!!!!! I hope to one day be a singer and If I could get the chance to tell her that she is the one who made me feel that magic for music… It would be amazing. I hope one day I get that chance. She is trully the Queen. Hope you see this B and congratulations to all of your success. If anyone deserves it, it is you. I love you!!!
    Love, Madison

  315. sisi

    I’ve been a Beyoncé fan for almost 11years now, & I’ve never gotten the opportunity to see her live

  316. alain

    meet beyonce one time in your life is like meet michael jackson of our generation ….she’s so talented ,so amazing and in the same time so simple ,so close from his fans,so human …like michael was ….
    thank you beyonce to be what you are …i love u ,we love u

    ps: i want to wish a good luck to all ..and if u win njoy the moment for everybody…1LOVE….PEACE

  317. Nikco

    I have Every CD/DVD Beyonce has came out with so far Im a HUGE FAN and would love to win.

  318. michelle

    I really love Beyonce and I’ve never won a contest before so this would be amazing.

  319. Atabia

    Love Beyonce and everything she does,been a fan of her music since Destiny child days.I missed the concert even though I live in NYC but now she pregnant and I know it wont be a concert for “4″ soo i just have to go!!! pick me lol

  320. Keva Clark

    It would be a dream come true to meet beyonce. Beyonce impacted my life because when i was down her music expired me to never give up and keep working hard.Some people think of beyonce as a celebrity but i think of beyonce as a normal person just like every one else. Her music also impact me to follow my dreams and to never give up that dream. If I don’t win i still love beyonce.
    Love, Keva

  321. Gabrielle Vessia

    Beyonce has been a true role model for me for so many years. My mom passed in January, 2011 of terminal cancer and my mom had promised me that she and I would Beyonce LIVE together if it was the last thing she did and my oldest sister, Lia surprised me on my 22nd birthday with tickets to her Rosland Ballroom Concert. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Seeing Beyonce, listening to Beyonce and being at this premiere has and will bring me to closer to my mom because it was everything to the both us. I want to be Beyonce in my next life. She has taught me to NEVER give up regardless of what life throws at you and she is living proof of that. I live through her music.

  322. Rachel jones

    I can’t say I run the world but beyonces music gives me the courage to know “I can change it”!

  323. Mary Krakowski

    It would be a dream to go, I look up to Bey in so many ways.

  324. Oriana

    Beyonce= MUSIC ICON. 4- best album, NO MATTER what direction she chooses she will ALWAYS have a fan in ME!

  325. ELZA

    If I were B and B were me
    Then I’d be dope and she’d agree
    If B were me and I were B
    Then she would be in love with me

  326. Alexandria Smith

    I am the biggest Beyonce fan EVER!!! I love her sooo much. I’ve been a fan since she was in Destiny’s Child. When I am down and not really felling how my day is going, I turn on my iPod and just jam to her. I always relate to her music in sooo many ways. It has always been a dream of mine to meet her and just have a chance to talk to her and tell her thank you. She has taught me how to be myself and not to give a damn about what other people think of you. I never had a chance to go to any of her shows so if I had a chance to meet her I would just die lol. I have every cd and dvd she has put out. If there are any specials on tv I make sure I watch them. Just her as a person is what I love and would like to be that way once i establish a career for myself!!! This opprtunity would mean the world to me!!!

  327. Melisa Tang

    Beyonce is the greatest performer of her time and sets the bar for everyone in the entertainment industry!

  328. Kerry

    She’s King Bey! I’d love to relive the experience again.

  329. Rachel Reichel

    I love Beyonce I know every song shes an incredible role model it would mean everything to me to go!

  330. Jasmine F. Fowlkes

    Met her before, and she changed my life for the better. Looking forward to watching the exclusive DVD.

  331. Hannah LeVecque

    Beyond excited for the most talented woman in the business to premiere her new live DVD!

  332. Nicole T.

    I’m a huge supporter of any Black female in the entertainment industry who breaks barriers and paves the way for others.

  333. SE

    I should win this concert because tomorrow is my 21st birthday and Beyonce not only just my favorite female artist. She’s one of role model she puts in her best in everything she does all the time, shes a good role model to women and young girl. She never fails to amaze me. I love that women <3333

  334. Vanessa Edouard

    I’ve been a huge fan of Beyonce since her Destiny’s child days. I have her albums and been to her concerts. There’s no one like her. She’s a true talent and a role model to all. She’s incredible and I’m a true fan. If I win this tickets this would be the greatest thing ever. I love B!!

  335. Ashley

    Beyonce’s music keeps my balance when I can’t look down, because of her, the world will know I WAS HERE.

  336. Lolo Monroe

    Beyonces voice is so uplifting its like when she I was here It really inspired me to live life

  337. Sheree kentwell

    Id love to win this cause queen B is one Fierce lady
    And I wanna be fierce like her goooo girl!

  338. Melissa

    I want to win because Beyoncé knows I support her and will always be here for her. Beyoncé is the greatest entertainer of my time and I’m so honored to witness her living her dream. It’s so great to see someone doing what they love and inspiring people everywhere, all while staying humble.

  339. Elizabeth Downing

    Booked a non-refundable vacation mere DAYS before this concert was announced. Would’ve gone then and I’d love to go now! :)

  340. Lolo Monroe

    Beyonce is a uplifting artist I been a fan since DC days she really inspired me with I was here cuz u know never know when you will die and I wont people to know I Was HERE

  341. Moriam O

    I deserve this ticket because Beyonce help transform my life due to her music. My wish is to see her in concert and why not now. Beyonce is an incomparable entertainer that I would love to see!!!

  342. Alexandra

    I don’t have a sob story. Simply put: I am a HUGE fan. Please pick me!

  343. olivia puckett

    I’ve been her biggest fan from the start. She inspires in every way and I need these tickets! <3

  344. Cheli

    I would simply be an honor to be part of, in some way, the journey of 4. It would mean so much to me to be at the premiere because of the way the album has touched me and Beyonce herself as an example. Thank You

  345. Britni Sullivan

    I am a HUGE FAN and she is such an inspirational woman to me. Please pick me!

  346. Kuba Shand-Baptiste

    I am Jesus Christ. I’ve been planning my second coming for ages. This would be a great way to start.

  347. evan k

    In twenty words? I don’t THINK so. Beyonce is my sweet dream and my beautiful nightmare would be these tickets.

  348. Devin

    I have loved Beyonce from Destiny’s Child to 4. I think she exemplifies all of the qualities of a superstar; no other musician today comes close to her. 4 is such a strong, unique, and artistic album- I would die happy if I could see the dvd premiere with B herself there, shining in all her grace and bootyliciousness!

  349. Brandon

    I love. Beyonce I want to see her really really reall bad OMG please I’m a big supporter huge fan
    . So please pick me

  350. Gabriela G

    I’ve kept a “countdown” to win and “party” with Bgirl! Please pick me “4″ “the best thing I never had”

  351. Jon S.

    I would use this experience to gather all of the inspiration Beyonce shares and distribute it with everyone I know!

  352. Nefertiti Francis

    Beyonce is more than a singer, an actress, a woman. She is the representation of greatness, the female reincarnate of the late great Michael Jackson. And everything she does in her craft is an inspiration to every woman here. Whether aspiring us to follow our dreams, never settle for anything less than what we deserve, or to love with all we have. I can only dream to be chosen to witness her release her DVD and hope you make that dream come true. :)

  353. John Gjika

    Please, please, please! Bought tickets to this when I was in Europe, but missed it when my flight was delayed.

  354. DEYSHUN

    Beyonce is someone who I idolize dearly.I would love to tell her how much she has done for me.

  355. Yokasta Veloz

    I need to go, She is an inspiration. I went to the last how at roseland and shes so amazing…I won’t forget the show as long as I live.

  356. Laura H.

    I need to thank her for everything she’s done for me and so many other young women I know.

  357. Nic

    I love Beyonce Giselle Goddess Knowles. I was at Roseland twice… but kick myself for not being at all four.

  358. Caro

    One of the many things on my Bucket list, and probably the most meaningful thing to me, is the chance to finally meet Beyonce, or just be in the same room as her. This would truly mean the WORLD to me!

  359. JB

    She is simply AMAZING and the epitome of what a women should be! I love her and ALL she does

  360. Aziz

    Meeting Beyoncé is on my bucket-list, I would die happy. I don’t care about the other stuff.

  361. Suan

    I love Beyonce! Her concert at Roseland was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

  362. Ryan

    King B Forever .. i would love to see an Living Icon ! Make my Dreams Come True !

  363. Katrina

    Beyonce’s music has gotten me through so much and every one of her concerts I’ve seen made me feel inspired.

  364. Tahzija

    Meeting Beyonce would make my dreams come true,because she is a beautiful and powerful woman who i look up 2 and im inspired by!!!! Every morning b4 i get up 2 go 2 school i listen to her interviews or her music and remind myself y i am going to school!!! So i can b like her one day!!!

  365. Andrea Campbell

    I should win because I am the ultimate beyonce fan. Always supporting her. I have Ms and if I ever leave “I was here”

  366. Andre

    Beyonce has changed the face of music. She is our generations icon and legend. She’s inspired me and many others.

  367. Ayu

    I would be in my Element 4 REAL, to see Bee’s Elements of 4 in REAL

  368. Heather

    Dont have alot of time for me Work hard to provide for my love. Meeting my idol… A DREAM!

  369. Stephanie

    Beyonce is like my second mother, her music heals me like no other! Love her til I die, NO LIE!

  370. Mecca

    After not being able to see KING BEY four her concerts because of starting college. I

  371. Angela Howard

    Because we’re the same age and I feel like we’ve grown up together. She’s some I admire and always look to for that extra push!

  372. Maritza

    cause I’d Rather Die Young! than live my life without having 1+1 tickets to see the Roseland screening!!

  373. Devonna

    This would make my LIFE!!! Everyone would hear about this for the rest of my life! I love Queen Bey!

  374. Cheddie Wildman

    Because 4 is my favorite album the year, point blank period!

  375. Joseph Ramirez

    Because i’m J-Yonce

  376. Pecola

    I been a fan all my life! I seen the Roseland concert and I need the DVD.

  377. Elaina White

    I listen to Beyonce’s new album everyday. It would mean the world if I won these tickets! Love u B!

  378. Miny

    I think you should pick me because i have loved beyonce since i was little. Also i can relate to her life a lot in the sense of being quiet and keeping personal things to myself. I think i would be a great choice so please consider me

  379. Jaymore Hicks

    Beyonce is amazing. This woman has inspired me to pursue my dreams and HER MUSIC IS THE BEST EVER !!!!

  380. Taylor F.

    No one, not even Jay touches her. Beyonce’s on another level. I would be honored to be in her presence.

  381. Jen

    Said my name, was it déjà vu? Get me embodied, um, tickets, I’ll forever be crazy in love with you!

  382. Marquale Ashley

    I love Beyonce and would love to attend this event! Everytime her music comes on in the club I stop dancing with whoever I’m with and dance to the music by myself because at theta moment it’s all about Bey. I’ve always wanted to go to a concert but could never get there, so this would be an amazing opportunity and I would be a good time at the event. I sit at home and look at youtube videos and sing along as if I was at the show. :D

  383. Brittany

    Beyonce is amazing. the most beautiful person. everytime I hear her music see her on TV watch a movie with her she brings a smile to my face. when she announced she was pregnant that made my day I was so happy for her and Jay
    got all her CDs DVD perfume line. omg she is absolutely my role model. I would give anything to see her. stay amazing Beyonce.

  384. Samantha

    RapUp is the best, Queen Bey would love me as a guest, Pick me, before I go into cardiac arrest!!

  385. Darren Gantt

    I waited 3 hours in line to see this live and I would love to experience it again! PLEASE PLEASE!

  386. Enverite

    Halo was my ring tone for my husband for a year and I listened to it on my ipod during my son’s birth during my husband’s deployment. I tried to see her in concert after my husband’s return, but we had to relocate the week of the concert to another military location. UGH.!!!

  387. Genesis perez

    Beyonce is more then an icon, she’s a positive role model. I love her work ethic and talent!!!! She’s awesome!

  388. Kay K

    Seeing Bey LIVE is on my #mustdobeforeIdie list and even though im still young I NEED these tickets! Thanks!

  389. Miguel Ayala

    I love beyonce so much and I will be honored to be at the premiere. She is so inspirationl with everything she does from the stage to real life she is an outstanding role model. I would just love to meet her and go to the premiere and see history from and iconi woman and beautiful person.

  390. feenixa

    I love Beyonce and what she stands for. She’s an inspiration. Fierce, sexy, kind, caring. She is already an icon and she’s only 30.

  391. Qui Berry


  392. BeyonceIsGod

    Really though? Did everyone see the videos?! She will ALWAYS be número UNO! I love Bey! You better work

  393. BeyonceEqualsExhaulted

    Beyonce has impacted my life in more ways than one. I not only appreciate her endless, untouchable talent, I appreciate her sweet character, humanitarianism, and humility. This would mean is much to me.

  394. anas

    I wanna win because beyonce is greatness. and i’m here in holidays from morocco so it will be great to finally see her.

  395. Dylan Shirek

    Me and 3 guys dressed up as Destiny’s Child and performed “Bills, Bill’s, Bill’s” at the 6th grade talent show in 1999.

  396. abigail black

    I have been in love with beyonce from the moment I saw her in destinys child. I know every single song she has ever done or featured in. I listen to her music every day. I have a beyonce playlist with 138 songs. She really inspires me and her music has helped me through really rough times.

  397. Fatima

    I LOVE Beyonce. It would be the most amazing thing to even be in the same room. PLEASE PICK ME. :)

  398. Melissa Mondesir

    Beyonce is my inspiration, my idol. I will continue to love and support her til the end of time!

  399. Please

    I suffer from depression and her music is honestly one of the few things that can make me happy.

  400. Crystalyne Clark

    I love Beyonce !! I honestly believe that I am one of her biggest fans and I would just love to make this a memorable moment. Meeting her live is on my bucket list, but this would definitely be the next best thing.

  401. Ariana

    If I don’t meet her before I die then I will not be happy with life. I simply love her!

  402. Vera

    I would love the opportunity to see in her person because I’m a huge fan. She inspires me to continue on pushing even when society says there is no way you can succeed.

  403. Keshia Gonzalez

    Im a 30 year old mom of 3 boys. 3, 5, and 11. (what a handful), my Oldest is on the A team in school. Im working hard myself as a mother, wife, and a College Senior!!!! Please Please Pick me I need a little Girl time with one of the strongest females out there. I Love u B, your the best!!!!

  404. Alex

    I went to all 4 Roseland events. I camped outside each day to make sure I was as close as possible. I’d do anything to be part of the premiere that celebrates those 4 AMAZING nights.

  405. Craig Smith

    Dbeyoear Rap-Up,
    I would be overly excited if you guys gave me the honor of going to King Bey’s dvd premiere showing here in nyc.
    Omg I’m such a big fan of beyonce,like I eat breath sleep live beyonce. She’s my idol,she’s my everything. She’s such a strong positive individual. She touches my inner core,I couldn’t imagine life without this woman. Her music alleviates me from all the stresses of this world. She has da most angelic voice in the world. Her talent is undeniable. King Bey is a definite icon of our time and it would be my pleasure to be one of da first to see her live at Roseland on da big screen. “Wipes tears” thank you RapUp.

    Sincerely Craig Smith.

  406. Nicole

    I stood in line,in the rain for 7 hours to see the first Roseland show!

  407. Ryan

    Like Beyonce, I work harder than anyone I know, and winning would be the ultimate validation of that fact!!!

  408. Reeve

    The Roseland concert validated my admiration of Beyoncé’s dedication to her craft. It inspired me to accomplish more in life.

  409. Aaronita Dudley

    My husband and I are are TRUE Beyonce fans Bey is a true ENTERTAINER and still humble..We even got married on B-Day..9-4-11 :-)

  410. Phillip

    I’ve been a Beyonce fan since ’98, and it’s been five years since I’ve seen her! I’d love to see her!

  411. Lonique

    I should win because I have TRULY loved her since I was 6 and purchased her album 4 four times.

  412. Wilfreddy acosta

    Because I don’t speak English but I love beyonce

  413. Christina Peck

    Struggling college student that cant afford tickets to actually see her!I went through HELL camping out in Central Park for 12hrs to see her!I need this!

  414. queenb

    421 comments, holy f*ck! :D King B power

  415. Javarie Lewis

    I really hope she knows the impact she has on people. Attend would just make this year perfect. Nothing but love for this woman.

  416. Anesa Causevic

    Ive never had a chance to see her in any performances live and this would make my dream come true.

  417. Dzenana Mendiol

    I listen to her every day. She inspires everything I do. She is my role model!

  418. Anthony

    Well Beyoncé is a living legend, she is amazing and well the second coming of Michael. I dont have good luck seeing her is my dream.

  419. felisha renee walker

    well for me beyonce is the women of the world and the music business. she is the ultimate diva.

  420. Evgeny

    Beyonce has always inspired me to make my own music, to move forward, to be above all the difficulties, to stay on my own… I’m from Siberia and I have never had a chance to see my icon live… maybe this time my dream come true ;)
    I’m… yours!

  421. Kyria

    Wo_oW 428 Comments ?

  422. francesca

    perchè a lady gaga non basta ballare sulla luna per superare beyoncè!l’unica vera artista è LEI!beyoncè!

  423. Derek

    I flew all the way from Scotland just to go to Roseland, back in New York Sunday :) Love Beyonce!!!!

  424. Tasha

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!! I <3 Beyonce!!

  425. Jonah Kramer

    Beyonce’s passion has inspired to pursue my dreams. Words can’t describe what it would mean to see her in person.

  426. Tyra

    I think I should win because when I was little I was very sick and whenever I heard a beyonce song it made me feel a lot better and ever since then I have loved her. I always wanted to meet her and this is my chance! That’s why I thnk I should win… All I do is talk abut Beyonce I have all her albums and my room has Beyonce all over it I know every song by heart please choose me!

  427. Nely305

    I do not live in the New York area but would pay a flight to go and watch this special screening and for a chance to meet Beyonce. Just saw the watch the throne concert here in miami and i saw her from afar and she is so amazing. I think she’s an amazing entertainer, I love all her songs, have followed her since the beginning of destiny’s child and would love an excuse to go back to new york to visit :D Please pick me!!

  428. Alasdair Van Poucke

    I should win because I love Beyoncé. She helps me to forget my problems and gives me confidence to believe that dreams come true, she’s everything I need and more, she’s the reason why I’m smiling out from ear to ear! And my only wish I have is to see my idol live!!

    Choose me! Please!

  429. Alasdair Van Poucke

    I should win because I love Beyoncé. She helps me to forget my problems and gives me confidence to believe that dreams come true, she’s everything I need and more, she’s the reason why I’m smiling out from ear to ear! And my only wish I have is to see my idol live!!

    Choose me! Please!

  430. Andrew

    I need these tickets! She has a work ethic and passion that inspires me. I love her music and story.

  431. Ramona Ross

    I’m A Hudge Beyonce’ Fan And I Love Her Music

  432. BKTP

    As one of Beysus’ beyciples, seeing her Roseland concert on the big screen would be heaven. She is flawless. Amen!

  433. Denzel White

    To be honest, I just want to see what makes the women tick. I would love sit and have an intellectual conversation with her. Get her input on her world views and just life.

    Thanks for the opportunity RapUp!

  434. Dij

    I loved Beyonce since I was 8 years old, She always been a part of my life.. Her music grew along with me and if her music wasnt there to get me difficult times in my life… She puts so much work into her music and I appreciate her for that.. She is the most beautiful, talented, most influential person around today and I feel if I even get a chance to see her again with my own two eyes will be the best day ever. If you chose me to go to this concert, I will be the happiest MAN EVER. PLEASE CHOOSE ME

  435. Mike

    Beyonce’ wears her lacefronts with class and poise. Many try it, but it can never be duplicated.

  436. Brandon

    I think I should win because I would never take an opportunity like this for granted and would be extremely greatful. Plus she’s awsome!

  437. Darlene

    well beyonce is a great woman. She sings the best songs slow and fast. She’s always on top of her game. I should win because I’m a crazy fan shes beautiful and talented everytime I look at her I’m like dang I wanna be just like her she inspires me to be just like her. It would be a pleasure to win these tickets .I would be so honored if I won thank you!

  438. BeyonceEsmee

    I burst into tears when I watched I Was Here. Not just at home, no. IN SCHOOL CLASS! Now I’m that ‘crazy girl who cries when she sees B. But I’m proud of that.Because I’m a real Beyoncé fan. I would catch a bullet for her. Because she is the thing that makes my life beautiful. My hero.

  439. Aaron Lubogo

    I don’t think there’s ever a day that goes by that I’m not thinking about how much I admire Beyonce.

  440. MattPGH

    Beyonce is a visionary who has grown from a young artist to an icon. Being around the same age as her, I am inspired by her work ethic and passion. She motivates me to step up my game each and every day. I also admire her love for family, which is always a balance when passionate about your craft and also enjoying/celebrating your support system (family, friends, creating your own family). Congrats to B on her pregnancy and success with this album. I hope to see her on Sunday in NYC!

  441. Jamie DeRevere

    Everything with Beyonce is so spot on, I just need to see her up close and personal!

  442. Ousha-Marie Robinson

    I stood in the rain for 3 hrs just 2 attend this concert, then when it got inside i was far from the stage so i had a bad view. It would be the most amazing early Christmas present to be able to attend.

  443. Mayaa Birikorang

    I will love Beyonce til’ the end of time and waited 14 hrs outside CentralPark just to see her perform!

  444. Mischa Ipp

    I love her art, her beauty, her humanity. I’m studying Acting and believe I’d learn heaps about performance meeting her.

  445. Karen Morgan

    Recession has hit me and my family HARD! It would be nice for something good to happen to keep my sanity. What better way than to celebrate with my absolute all-time favorite singer. I would pass out if I won but then I’d regain conscienceness in time to make it to NYC lol. I LOVE BEYONCE!!!

  446. Rohan George

    I should win because I’ve loved her since I was born. She is apart of my life. End of story.

  447. Sedric Nesbitt

    Beyonce is a musical genius & living legend. I would be honored to attend this screening. I Love Bey #forever&always

  448. Jeremy Grandberry

    Beyonce inspires me to become a better artist. Beyonce has always been my Michael Jackson. Please chose me to win!

  449. Melissa

    So where do i start.. Beyonce Is Sasha Fierce and forever will be. For as long as i can remember i have been singing and dancing to her music no matter were i am or who i’m with. When Beyonce comes on I got the Freakum Dress On !. From Crazy in love to Party she will never fail to inspire and encourage women to be the best they can

  450. Tajlia Horry

    Beyonce = strength+elegance+passion;what living your dreams looks like! As a single Mom, her music is my heart’s soundtrack.

  451. Amanda Lawson

    I have loved Beyonce since the the “No, no, no” days! She has inspired me so much!

  452. Sharisse Carter

    I should women because Beyonce’s music and spirit speaks volumes to me. She is the epitome of a strong women.

  453. Sharisse Carter

    I should win because Beyonce’s music and spirit speak volumes to me. She is the epitome of a strong women.

  454. ENCARNA

    Well my dream would come true, because every song I hear reminds me of a time in my life.

  455. Tamica

    Beyonce is simply the best, I adore her, shes my inspiration & I love her.I would best grateful for such a wonderful experience, some ive, added, it to my wish up BEY!!!!!!!!!
    E mpowering
    Y outhful
    O utgoing
    N ice
    C aring
    E xceptional

  456. Rena Matthews

    I should win the tickets to Beyonce’s dvd premeire because I think she is the Ultimate performer(Singer/actress/dancer)! I’ve never been to New York and I my Birthday is coming up soon and this would be the greatest gift to see my favorite female artist!She inspires, uplitfs and encourages people of all nationalities! She is Sasha Fierce! PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  457. AC

    I think Bee is the best, I had a rough year and this would help turn my year around…….

  458. gs

    I believe I should win to meet Beyonce at the screening because I am writing a book about her and the orisha Oshun and I’d love for her to read the advance copy of my book before it is published. She is the embodiment of Oshun and an empowering model for women in this society in this time. Bless her and her family.

  459. A.Stephens

    cause i’ve been visiting RapUp for YEARS and my favorite website now has tickets to see my favorite artist Beyoncé!!!

  460. Tiana Conyers

    I love bee. & need to see her. let me win pleaseeeee!

  461. David Centeno

    My best but distant friends have been invited, and I’d love to use this opportunity to catch up with them!

  462. Ronnie Caseiro

    Beyonce exudes confidence for everyone and is a true performer and talent. I deserve to win because I have been a believer and true fan of her since day 1 …( and a regular visitor every day!

  463. Shanelle

    I Love B to the Max….I would love more then anything to have this opportunity to go to this event!!!! <3 :-)

  464. Alberto P.

    Jamaz podria ir a un concierto de Beyonce porque no tengo visa americana y puede lograr mi sueño:)

  465. Breanna Foreman- Gatto

    It’s because of Bey that I started taking my gift of music serious.I would love to watch with Bey.

  466. Ariel Seltzer

    Beyoncé is THE performer of our lifetime and to watch her phenomenal work with her present is a prestigious honor.

  467. Kia Alford

    Beyonce is my medicine and right about now I need my dose. ❤

  468. Julian

    Beyonce is my hero and my idol. I am so sad I missed the Roseland performance because I was home in California. But I can’t wait for this DVD to come out!

  469. Malique Qualls

    OH please i have never won any contest from her I LOVE BEYONCE AGE 2 and I LIVE IN New York City

  470. Kwayzee

    i would LOVE to see this! i have been a Beyonce fan for YEARS. i love this woman.

  471. Bobby

    I was there, and out of all the drugs and experiences I have ever had … none equate to the feeling of seeing God in person.

  472. tai

    As a stressed out law student Bey would be a breath of fresh air, Before I take my finals seeing her would be inspiring.

  473. Star

    Beyonce is a reminder of where hard work can take you!She inspires me as a woman and musician.

  474. Elaina Sullivan


  475. Elaina Sullivan

    20 words would not be enough to describe why i should go.

  476. Brit_Brit


  477. angela!

    I’m one of her biggest fans,i’ve never been able to afford to go and it would be amazing! thanks!

  478. giulia b

    i’m an italian girl. my passion is music. I sing, i dance, i love to do lots of things i like. I think i should win because I think Beyoncè is a real diva. her voice makes me dream, every time i listen to her songs i feel shivers and she’s a beautiful woman inside and outside, her lyrics are fantastic, i love her and if it’s possible to have a day with her i hope for this.

  479. Deanna

    I am OBSESSED with Beyonce and would literally do ANYTHING to go to this! WANTTHISSOBAD!!!

  480. Aaron

    I LOVE BEYONCE. end of story

  481. Stephanie

    want this more than anything I have ever wanted before. shes my idol!

  482. Grace

    meeting beyonce is my dream! i have waited for this day forever!

  483. Aleaya

    I’d love to win these tickets! Can’t get any better than seeing Beyonce, no one else is on her level!

  484. Dee

    she inspires me to be the best i can be and would die if I meet her.

  485. Michelle

    Went to Roseland. Been counting down the days til the DVD. I really want this!

  486. Devon

    Who wouldn’t want to see Beyonce should be the question. She’s #1! Winning would be a dream come true.

  487. Joe

    Beyonce is an example of hard work and dedication. She makes me believe in myself

  488. Steph

    i want to go soooooooooooo bad its ridiculous!

  489. Sam

    she defines greatness and I would love to meet her. Been dreaming about the day i meet her forever!

  490. Grant King

    I would LOVE to take a friend to come see the screening of the Roseland DVD…I love Beyonce and she is simply AMAZING so I hope that you choose me.

  491. malachi

    Ive grown up listening to her and as an upcoming producer it would be amazing to meet such an icon

  492. Niecy

    she’s a triple threat, she’s iconic and a living legend. i’d be honored if i win. please. i love beyonce !

  493. Kurt

    I would love nothing more than to see the woman who has inspired me to perfect my craft.

  494. Romain

    Beyonce is one of the greatest singer in the world. France really appreciate her. I would love to see her in real. Just a dream for my BFF and me ! We love u Beyonce. You deserve to have all you want.

  495. Sid

    Quite easily stated, Beyoncé is a legend. She transformed music with her brilliance and I yearn to experience her magic.

  496. Amy Sinclair

    Beyonce, your music for me makes me know the truth, dignity, and love within myself in all aspects.

  497. Gabe Alfassy

    Beyonce is the one person who makes me feel like I can do anything. For that, I love her.

  498. Larry Buckhannon


  499. QUEEN COMING SOON !!! :D -- MAD?---

    I can’t Wait !!!!

  500. Jayden

    Beyoncé not only inspires me, but she gives me hope. Through her hard work and dedication she has really made her dreams come true. I can only hope that I’ll reach that level of determination. Love you Bey, not only as an artist, but as an individual. <3

  501. Rayn Smith

    I have a sister with 4 kids whos goint to the army. I wanna give her the BEST bday[Nov.25] EVER!

  502. Emma Stephens

    I love beyonce! I mean.. just take a look at my bedroom –> :)
    I need these tickets so bad!!

  503. Marcello

    Come on! Give to an italian contemporary dancer the opportunity to see the Queen of his life in front of him (in NYC)!!!! I’m talking about me!!!! :) <3 Bee is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!