Mary J. Blige Remembers Heavy D, Performs with Nas at ‘Unstaged’ Concert

Nas and Mary J. Blige

“Tonight is the night we celebrate how strong we are because we’re still here,” said the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul as she addressed her subjects during her “American Express Unstaged” concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles last night. Sparkling in a bodysuit and avant-garde blazer, Mary J. Blige reminisced as she performed her 1994 seminal album My Life in its entirety while celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Magic Johnson, and Busta Rhymes looked on. MJB fans all over the world were able to watch the live broadcast, directed by Adam Shankman, on VEVO and YouTube.

After pouring out her emotions during “Mary’s Joint,” the teary-eyed songstress dedicated the concert to the late Heavy D. “We miss you. I’m dedicating the show to him tonight because if it wasn’t for him and Uptown Records, there would be no Mary J. Blige,” she said while singing “I Love You.”

Diddy’s voice helped introduce the next chapter in the My Life series. A phone conversation between Mary and her mentor played before Nas joined his fellow New Yorker on “Feel Inside,” their collaboration off her new album My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act I).

Following a wardrobe change, she delved into her two new singles “Mr. Wrong” and “25/8,” leaving concertgoers begging for more. They got what they asked for when she returned for the encore, serving up her classics “Family Affair” and “Be Without You,” as voted by fans in an online poll.

Bridge the gap with Mary by watching highlights below.

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  1. devin

    it was sad to see him go i didnt even know he died, until last week!.xoxoxoxoxoxox R.I.P


  2. MaryJALLDay

    yasssss mutha Mary slayed hunni. get in!


  3. Fa

    Its real singing, no hair flipping, a real message and raw talent…For a second I got scared! WTF happened to music? Where did it all go wrong!???
    Mary is still the truth!


  4. MusicFanatic

    When she sang “Dont Go” my mouth dropped. Never have I seen her perform this masterpiece. Loved it! This concert idea was amazing! You go MARY! This album is soooooooooooooooooooooooo bought!!


  5. UniversalMogul

    She is definately having a good year this time around. Yes! Real music is BACK!


  6. Jane Doe

    Mary SLAYYYYYYYED last night. The Undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Soul. Love this woman.


  7. Jane Doe

    Mary SLAYYYYYED last night. She is no doubt The Undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Soul. Love this woman.



    Mary was absolutely speaking the truth when she stated w/o Heavy their would have been on Mary. Mary I remember, because I lived in NY during this era. Everyone Loved Heavy D. Mary Look into my life and see what I see. My life! You have been a inspiration in my life for many years. You and Chaka Khan yall are the real deal no lie.


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