Video: Amy Winehouse – ‘Our Day Will Come’

Amy Winehouse

The music of Amy Winehouse lives on with “Our Day Will Come,” a reggae cover of Ruby & the Romantics’ 1963 hit off the late singer’s posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures, due December 6. R.I.P. Amy.

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  1. Redchainsaw



  2. Deqa

    R.I.P Amy <3


  3. DRB

    There are a dozen songs Amy didn’t want released that IDJ are holding.

    We’ve heard Procrastination for years and I don’t understand why she wouldn’t want that heard but that explains the stuff she was working on in 2008.


  4. Polliboy

    Reggae/Ska music is still powerful…big up Jamaica


  5. Kayla

    What a great song! I wish that she was still here. R.I.P. Amy


  6. robert

    R.I.P love, the world missess you.


  7. Coleworld

    Love this! her 3rd album would’ve been amazing… RIP Amy.


  8. ashgino

    that beyonce walk she does after she hops off the counter, you know shoulders and arms back, strutting in heels, ……ohh so sexy


  9. Songtress

    It sounds like one of my fav songs “Just Friends” off Back to Black so I LOVE IT !!!! R.I.P. Amy …it’s so sad she’s gone.


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