Video: Young Jeezy f/ T.I. – ‘F.A.M.E.’

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy deals with the pressures of “F.A.M.E.” in the dark video for the latest single from his fourth album TM103: Hustlerz Ambition, due December 20. Jeezy drives through the streets of Atlanta reflecting on his fame and fortune as controversial headlines splash across the screen. T.I. also joins his fellow ATLien to share his experience with life in the spotlight. Will the Snowman rise once again?

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  1. Jonathan Asirwatham

    Anyone can go and see F.A.M.E.Ouse people and there is a famouse person in America (Megan Fox)Biography that remindes me of my God-Mother, check my facebook mobile pics, Jonathan Asirwatham, its the one with a Miam Heat Profile Pic.


  2. Smilie

    Go head Jeezy and Tip!


  3. Nikki

    Whoa Jeezy and Tip… I sware that song transported me back to 2-pac… when thugs cry… that same grunt and hunger.. nice work!!


  4. wtf

    it a classic good shit


  5. latonya

    I actually really like this song. TM103


  6. Vitinho

    Wazzup Fellow Writer, What you ˙just written here rlaely have me interested up to the last sentence, and I hafta say to you I rarely finish the entire post of blogs ’cause I often got sick and tired of the junk that is presented to me on a daily basis and then I just end up checking out the pictures and the headlines and so on. But your headline and the first few rows were exceptional and it right on the spot tuned me on your stedle. Thanks for tearing me out of this boring world! Thanks, rlaely.


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