First Look at Game’s ‘Martians vs. Goblins’ Video


Be afraid, be very afraid. Game teamed up with Tyler, the Creator on set of his dark new video for “Martians vs. Goblins,” the next single off his chart-topping R.E.D. Album. The Compton rapper transformed into an otherworldly being, wearing face makeup and creepy contacts, as he went in front of the lens in the Los Angeles area on Friday. In one scene, he was seen laying on a stretcher as a nurse stood by his side.

“#MartiansVsGoblins video is a wrap ! Felt like the best video of my career. Heres a sneak peak @ me 1/2 way transformed,” tweeted Game.

The Odd Future leader also got into some mischief while making his appearance. “NOTHING IS BETTER THAN BEING ABLE TO WORK WITH AN ARTIST YOU ADMIRE,” he wrote.


[Photos via Twitter]

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  1. JueLz

    i wonder if they’re going to censor Tyler, the creators verse, when he talks about bruno mars….gonna be interesting to see if he comments on it


    janis Reply:

    @JueLz, Blood gang kill them all Odd Future Wolf Gang.


    Westside Story Reply:

    @janis, The Game !!!!!!!!


  2. Hiphop Foggot

    the makeup wasn’t even necessary *chuckles


    Hardscar Reply:

    @Hiphop Foggot, :o


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  4. uhuh



  5. Yessir

    Is he supposed to be Greg Oden?..


  6. tim

    the best album this year along with carter 5 lil wayne 2 classics!


    Fros-Tee Reply:

    @tim, Pretty sure it was Tha Carter 4, and it was a horrible album, had maximum of 4 good tracks. The rest was garbage.

    R.E.D and Take Care are the best albums of this year. And Watch The Throne close behind.


  7. Cuz

    Dope!!Show Them How a 6 ft. 3 Martian Swagg!!


    dntwrry Reply:

    @Cuz, im pretty sure game is 6’4


  8. NightmareDC

    damn it’s gonna be a great video.


  9. Alicya

    i think it’s the first time game will be in science-fiction or effect video on his album track. can’t wait to see it!!


  10. kkizzle

    the best rapper after pac. strait up. game do yo thang. B.W.S


  11. mistie

    Game make up suppose to be martians or goblins ?


  12. tim



  13. talk that talk hoez

    carter 5 the gane red album hotttttttt


  14. jabbbbb

    where can i get his jumper????


  15. ketia elise smith

    jayceon i like the video and its cool, keep it going and keep it real and i will see you soon this is ur sweetheart ketia smith.and i like to see you again bby.i miss you


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