Mariah Carey Plans Deluxe Edition of Christmas Album for 2012

Mariah Carey and AJ Calloway

Nothing says Christmas like Mariah Carey. The festive diva invited “Extra” on set of her new video for “When Christmas Comes” with John Legend. While gathered in front of a Christmas tree in her Beverly Hills home, she spoke with her pal AJ Calloway about the Sanaa Hamri-directed clip, dueting with Legend, and Dem Babies, who will make a cameo.

“I wanted this to be the most fun, family Christmas,” explained Roc and Roe’s mom. “It’s like a soulful family Christmas song and yet I wanted to add all the elements of anything magical that could happen at Christmas.”

During an interview with “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” the Christmas queen also revealed plans to release a deluxe version of her 2010 holiday album Merry Christmas II You next year.

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  1. Courtney

    Um ever occured to you that it’s not her that wants to wait until 2012 to release the Deluxe version of Merry Christmas To You that maybe her label Island Def Jam want a studio album before they’re willing to re release the Christmas album. she can always buy the rights to the album when her contract is up after the next album before she switches labels like she did with rainbow when she left Columbia records in 2001


  2. Tiffany

    Love her, shes so funny and talented and she writes her own music! not allot of big stars can say they do that, i mean allot of them makes out the “co-wrote” but i call BS on that.


  3. Mariah Carey Plans Deluxe Edition of Christmas Album for 2012 – » MariahFans News

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  4. TOM

    YAHHHHHHHHHHHHH MARIAH !!!!!! I am so excited for all of her music past , present and future, no other artist will ever compare to MC !!!!! Hands down the best singer of all time, in my opinion, I can’t wait for her new studio album next year !!! L4L


  5. KMart

    :( (ok I know its not a simple case of releasing albums when you please & that artists are bound to contracts & everything BUT…) Where’s the next studio album Mimi?? In dire need of some inspiration from which I can only acquire through your (preferably new) vocals!! LOL


  6. svetlin

    I want a new studio album …thought she will drop it this year and hope to hear it in early 2012 …. can’t wait


  7. P Stankoski

    Will you be reviwing any NEW (never recorded before) Christmas songs for recording on the 2012 album?


  8. Josh

    Haven’t heard word about this re-release since this was brought up… hope they’re still doing it. The only thing I know she’s doing for sure this Christmas 2012 is a TV special or something.

    And I don’t know if it’s possible but she should re-record “Where Are You Christmas” (or “Christmas, Why Can’t I Find You?”) and make it a single for the re-release!


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