Drake Makes ‘Headlines’ on the AMAs [Video]


Drake brought some swagger to the American Music Awards. The Toronto rapper, introduced by John Legend, fronted a live band during “Headlines,” the lead single from his hot-selling album Take Care. Clad in a black hoodie and biker gloves, Drizzy delivered a clean version of the hit as red lights flashed behind him. Some of his famous fans including Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez were seen rapping along in the front row.


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  1. common!

    i actually dig this version more than the original, kudos to dreezy, where can i buy this version?


  2. Sapper

    He just looks good 2 me….
    Nicki looked cute rapping his stuff….


  3. TeamDrickiNYC

    This performance was so much fun!
    Love you Drake.


  4. Tony

    band was dope. drake please learn to sing live. your notes aren’t that damn hard to hit. tired of him rappin his singing parts man


    Springy Reply:

    Yeah he does do that.
    None of YM is great live performers except Wayne occasionally…


    AmbeRussell Reply:

    @Tony, thats bc he cant sing. he is a studio singer, his words. but even that isnt that great compared to real singers. but he never sings live n wit an album full of singing n rnb style music, what the hell he gonna do? ja rule his whole performaces?
    amberussell on youtube


    Shade Reply:

    @AmbeRussell, First of all it’s hard to make the transition to rapping to singing live he’s not really singing it he’s just rapping the words in a melodic way. Second of all he has sung live plenty of times and very well most of the time. Get your facts straight.


    Hugh Reply:

    @AmbeRussell, thats funny. Ja Rule the whole show!


  5. JHP

    Drake brought it with this live version, the band was on point. I do wish he’d not rap his singing parts live, I know he sings at his shows (Kanye Shrug), and I’m glad this dude finally cut his hair that rugged sh*t was annoying to look at


  6. white hos love BBC

    wayne aint win shit but he supposedly sold a million the first week lol. its jst a matter of time before it pop up that baby bought 750k of those shits lmao


  7. Sharp Tongue

    Yesssss I like this.


  8. onikagraham

    lol at nicki…she’s cute!


  9. Neon

    The live performance was a mess.


  10. Hugh

    Talkin bout the numbers looks like 700!


    CarlosBonegro Reply:

    @Hugh, i love that part haha


  11. DrakeTakeCare

    Haha that “talkin bout the numbers looks like 700″ was really funny…DAMN great performance and like shade already said..he already showed everyone that he can sing live!!! lol nicki was so prouuud of him :)


  12. dia

    nice i’m so proud of drake, like 2 see him do over my dead body and lord knows


  13. Kayla

    Drake killed it! I just love him!


  14. Merline Stevens

    Drake is on the rise fuck them other lies. I even gave u chance to recognize . But u blow. You know


  15. maya

    I love him but this shit was boring!

    Nicki looked mad cute rapping tho lol


  16. callmemontana

    3:05 LOL @ Jaden Smith he was swaggin out !


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