Lil Wayne Gives Back for Thanksgiving

Lil Wayne

In the spirit of the holidays, Lil Wayne returned to his hometown of New Orleans to pass out free turkeys as part of Cash Money’s turkey giveaway on Friday (Nov. 18). He was joined by his YMCMB family members Birdman and Slim for the 16th annual tradition.

“It’s actually been my first time back here for the past eight or nine years and they’ve been doing this for fifteen years,” Weezy told MTV News. “Me just being super busy, always on tour or something like that. But this is amazing, especially experiencing it now from this point of view, a 29-year-old perspective of a person with everything—not everything—a person with the things that he needs in place.”

The multi-platinum rapper explained how it feels to share his good fortune with others. “I’m able to give. Those times I did it years ago, I was just a kid and I was just doing it because Baby and Slim, we were giving away turkeys at a park,” he said. “Now it’s a totally different feeling because I can actually give you that and say here, ‘Happy Thanksgiving,’ and I can provide that for you. That’s a different feeling in general and it’s a beautiful feeling overall.”

Added Baby, “For me to see that they see us hopefully as inspiration to them, [then] something positive could come out of it. But we once was them.”

[MTV RapFix]

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  1. John

    Wheres my turkey?


  2. Brionna

    He better pass some out in Miami too for Luke spazz


  3. StarsAreBlind

    I heard about this a long time ago. They’ve been doing it for a while.


  4. Gucci Ninja

    That’s nice, but why is whoopi Goldberg doing there?


  5. >am so am so proud of you

    that,s nice what he is doing,they bin doing it for sometimes now,it,s good to help some people put a turkey on there table for thanksgiving,impossible to help everyone but even if you help 1 person,it go,s a long way.


  6. joselizette06njPhillyTri-State

    i say give one turkey out lil wayne your almost in your THIRTIES be more mature,and rich enough since your now a SINGER ROCK RAP,crap songs a white boy buy it like LOCO so i say look give out some TURKEY STUFF WITH 100 TO 1000.PER PERSON now that is LOVE greedy bastard. i know i would if i waz filthy rich.a-shole.

    that is why they are how they are.your loving the people where your from ya HOOD or the poor
    show it

    from jose and lizette hernandes on facebook

    nyc,nj philly,pa tri-state


  7. Hugh


    Dude’s rock!


  8. Danielle

    I frikkin love Lil Wayne, Good that he is helping the homeless, and dont be saying he should have gave then 100 or something atleast he is giving them something to eat right?
    and plus he wanted enough for everybody..


  9. Emy

    Nope. I went to one last year in dallas. All I smelt was weed. Lol elilcpaesy when rick ross came out before him. They don’t really care cause I saw no security watching..


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