Maroon 5 Performs with Christina Aguilera, Gym Class Heroes at AMAs [Video]

Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera

Maroon 5 showed off their fancy footwork while performing “Moves Like Jagger” at the AMAs. Following an introduction from Bruno Mars, Adam Levine and the rest of the band dueted with a curvy Christina Aguilera on the chart-topping duet. Levine broke from the group to lend his voice to Gym Class Heroes’ single “Stereo Hearts” as their sounds emanated from the giant boombox onstage.


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  1. Logan

    I need to know if shes pregnant? and y the hell she would consider wearing that out on stage?


    aaliyah Reply:

    @Logan, I was wondering the same. If she put on weight, that’s whatever, it’s more like why would you wear that then?


  2. oh Christina

    I love Christina, but she doesn’t need to wear all that makeup…


  3. felisha

    @Logan shut the hell up and stop criticizing her. i wonder what you look like.H-A-T-E-R



    Damn Christina lookin’ fine as hell!


    UNK Reply:

    @SE7ENINJAZ I agree


  5. JHP

    Damn Christina thick as hell, TBH I prolly couldn’t even handle all that lol


  6. Jarvis

    i love her but she starting to look like miss piggy..she don’t need all that makeup on and she could lose a few pounds…theres a fine line between being thick and fat


  7. Theman

    Christina Aguilera is beautiful. She doesn’t need alot. She is obviously comfortable with herself because she continues to wear what she wants. She cruised right off the stage immediately lol.


  8. Theman

    That girl can sang.Very good song.


  9. JenniLo

    holy sh*t….she looks horrendous!!! What happened to Christina Aguilera from my childhood? She really lost it.

    Bye bye XTina…Welcome Miss Piggy


  10. INCAS

    funny how barely anyone really mentions the performance. just christina. who cares if she’s gained weight, so long as she’s happy. Levine’s singing wasn’t that good here


  11. Beyonce is desperate

    Wow, she thick n


  12. Beyonce is desperate

    Wow, she thick now!


  13. jay

    Christina will always be the shitttttt. Takes to much energy to hate on anyone


  14. Kevin

    Yes, she’s the shit. But she’s also gained weight. She doesn’t look bad but she HAS looked better. It almost seems like she doesn’t see the extra weight she’s carrying and dresses like she’s still a size 0.


  15. Beautiful kirsten(i lovee Maroon 5)--adam levine 2!!--

    Maroon 5 rocked it they won badass against lmfao!! The best of the BEST is MAROON 5!!!!!!!!!:j


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