New Music: Lyndriette – ‘Addicted’


RichGirl’s Lyndriette flies solo on her new single “Addicted,” the first release from her forthcoming EP Proclamation. The Southern belle fiends for some lovin’ on the seductive burner, produced by The Globetrakkers and written by Metal Roze’s Pooh.

“I can’t, can’t get you out of my system/ I just gotta have me a hit of you/ I know that it’s wrong, but I gotta be selfish/ I need a fix from you,” coos the songstress, who is rumored to be joining the new Pussycat Dolls.

Feed your addiction with Lyndriette’s latest.

Download: Lyndriette – “Addicted”

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  1. SHAK

    who? but w/e good luck to her and her career.



    Thank you so much 4 posting this! :) I love Lyndriette & RichGirl!


  3. @ibloodymajor

    Yesssss! I love her and the single! Follow her on twitter.. this chica is mad talented! @RealLyndriette!


  4. Phoenix Wright

    ummm did they break up?? I wouldn’t blame them if they did. Dope group but their singles fell through cause they had little or no promotion behind them.

    I like this, hope all of them end up being successful


  5. SHAK

    i wish em the best


  6. Ray

    I’m really felling the Lyndriette she just needs to hook up with the right label and watch her soar


  7. TKB

    Addicted to this track for sure.


  8. Jarvis

    Can’t say i didn’t this coming with “Richgirl” -_-


  9. Ice

    Hot track, but she sounds exactly like Kelly Rowland, I can’t keep myself from visualizing Kelly singing this, lol.


  10. Krystal

    Follow @RealLyndriette & she also has a Videos on YouTube


  11. Big.Deal

    Damn I’m feeling this, I liked RichGirl but their promo team wasn’t doing shit. But I dig this I love her voice, she don’t sound shit like Kelly Rowland. -_-


  12. @NamdeeMajor

    Nice song, i like the production too.


  13. madusagirl



  14. Lyndriette and J.cole

    Lyndriette and J.cole both are from North Carolina they really make a cute couple the next Jay and Bey


    Terrance Prescott Barnes Reply:

    @Lyndriette and J.cole,
    Nope, they don’t make a cute couple. That dude shouldn’t even be in the music industry…


  15. Yeah



  16. samm

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see her in action in PCD! :D


  17. Billy

    Kelly Rowland? Not sure I’m hearing her…

    To me this song could easily be by Keri Hilson or any other 2nd tier R&B solo artist.
    But I mean that in a good way. It’s a good start! I like it!


  18. it's okay

    Lyn shows bad taste, she chose a horrible single cover and released a song where you can barely hear her voice… Give us some uptempo single and a sexy video! As Beyonce did when she started out! I hope there are some track from Rich Harrison on her EP


  19. LaMont

    So RichGirl has already broken up? WOW!


  20. jl_crack

    I like her A LOT. She is so so so talented.


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  22. Kyle

    I was seriously just thinking about Richgirl the other day and thinking that they are probably DONE which is beyond disappointing. Talk about a group with so much potential but their label CLEARLY couldn’t handle them. Each member could sing their ass off and their voices harmonized so well together. As far as this song goes, it’s not bad. I just wanted Richgirl!:(



    she sounds like a mix of beyonce and kelly rowland


  24. juicybear

    shit hot!!


  25. Krystal

    song on iTunes NOW! support & Buy It ya’ll!!!


  26. Systematic

    Wow this is good, I was blown away by its production! This really should have been Kelly Rowland’s single!


  27. RealMusic

    Me likey. Definitely gonna buy


  28. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    I like it; but like all girl group members. They sound better as a unit because SeVen, Audra, Brave & Lyndriette made a superb mix when they were on tracks together. It would’ve been nice going from one tone to another on this. But you go head Lyndriette… <3


  29. Eclectic

    aint she a pussycat doll now…


  30. Krystal

    EP OUT NOW!!!!


  31. IRomeoRockstarr

    I do hear kelly lol i said that when they first came. i wish people stop underestimating that lady. and i also wish she stop holdin back


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