Teyana Taylor Joins Game’s ‘R.E.D. Album’ Tour

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is riding with a new crew. The 20-year-old singer is currently trekking across Europe with Game and his Money Gang on The R.E.D. Album tour. At the first stop in Dublin, she performed her part from Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy,” with a red bandana tied around her head in honor of the Compton rapper. She later showed off her moves to Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” and showcased her own material.

During the Olympia concert, Game marveled at Teyana’s assets. “Just so ya’ll know, the titties is real… The ass is real, the hair is real,” he announced.

Check out some of Teyana’s set below.

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  1. Shenik

    This is for everyone who doesn’t know who Teyana is, NO she isnt related To Game…shes there for her talent! The music is coming finally :) & she’s always killin it body wise music wise & acting wise! #TeamTeyana


    @TeyanaSkyrock Reply:

    @Shenik, +1000000000000000000 :) #TeamTeyana


  2. Shade

    So talented…doesn’t get the recognition she deserves.


  3. starzz

    doing what exactly….


    uhuh Reply:

    @starzz, SWAGGIN’


  4. Moss

    wow did she really perform her back up vocals on the hook of dark fantasy. this girl is like jojo she needs to get some songs of her own,, thats embarrassing.


    Shenik Reply:

    @Moss, actually sir…Teyana sings adlibs AS WELL AS the full chorus of Dark fantasy (check the album) and she actually isnt like ANYONE thats what makes her who she is shes always herself regardless negativity…this tour is based off of her talent and along with it will come long awaited music of her own did u not see the part that reads ‘she later showcased her own material’?…and its not embarrassing its PATIENCE she moves at her own pace not when every1 feels she should!


    LaTroy Watson Reply:

    @Moss, wait i’m sorry I thought Jojo had 2 albums of her own plus a mixtape…. oh’ she doesn’t have her own music? ooh okay.


  5. Dante

    She was killin it! She had that RTW choreo DOWN! And it was so funny watching her dance on them white dudes, they ain’t know what to do! lmaooo

    So happy she’s finally getting some shine on the music tip. Sounds promising.


  6. what

    shes doing what she has to do…her shit has been stalling for a bit..


  7. @matt_hamrick

    I’m glad she’s out performing. I was really hoping her Star Trak deal would turn into something big a few years ago. I absolutely loved “Google Me” and ‘Traffic Stop.”


  8. Rich

    Really I didn’t know Game was relevant enough anymore to warrant a tour. I guess when a label puts big dollars behind you there is no other choice.


  9. @InfamousSirius

    im glad she is finally getting a break! This girl is talented beyond measures rapping, acting, singing, basketball! she can do it all! #teamteyana





  11. LMAO

    Games comments about her T&A are disrespectful,what does that have to do with anything? Her vocals need WORK…next


  12. Real Issh

    I have those shoes that she’s wearing in thee pic .. Spizikes , n e who .


  13. Sharp Tongue

    She does nothing for me that’s all.


  14. don't hate lipo

    when is Teyana Taylor gonna come out with an album?


  15. TeyanaBlog

    I’m so happy and proud of what she’s doing right now ! I have been supporting her for some time now, and she slowly gets her shine, in her way.
    Can’t wait to hear new music AND to see her on tour in Europe !
    Shoutout to #TeamTeyana !


  16. TeyanaBlog

    For news on Teyana yall can check out my blog : Teyana.overblog.com or #TeamTeyana’s blogs : gottaloveteyana.tumblr.com, TeyanaTaylor.skyrock.com, TeyanaT.tumblr.com and more !


  17. credits

    Gotta give it to her. She’s still working all these years after a shelved album. She’ll make it one day.


  18. scloud

    Does anyone know what song she is singing in the video with the two white dudes? the song sounds hot


    shenik Reply:

    @scloud, its her new single, entitled ‘D.U.I’ its being relased in a few weeks! Look out for it :)


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