Album Cover: Tyga – ‘Careless World: Rise of the Last King’

Careless World: Rise of the Last King

Tyga claims his throne on the regal cover of his sophomore album Careless World: Rise of the Last King, arriving in the new year via Young Money. Decked out in all black with gold cuffs and jewelry, the flashy MC sports orange hair as he boldly stares into the camera. The album features the singles “Far Away,” “Still Got It” with Drake, and “Rack City,” plus an appearance from Nicki Minaj.

What do you think of Tyga’s cover artwork? Let us know below.

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  1. bitch please

    he’s ugly.


  2. kwayzee

    new year? RapUp i thought it was Dec20?


  3. [email protected]

    Basic to be honestl, Hope he don’t flop though he works hard


    uhuh Reply:

    @[email protected], he’s gonna do big sean numbers if he lucky. 80k to 100k max


    mus Reply:

    @uhuh, 100K those are like MMG numbers. More like 20,000 to be honest. Cash Money just didnt promote him like that.


  4. Rack Cityy

    T-Raww Album Cover Sick Cant Wait Till #Carless World


  5. uhuh

    Cheap cover. Parody of Watch The Throne and Take Care combined. but yo birdman really doesnt give a fuck about these other ym artists othere than “the big 3″. its unfair to them and hilarious to me.


  6. Iceman

    LOVE it…but until I hear otherwise from Tyga himself, it’s December 20.


  7. Dee Eugene

    Gold seems very popular with hip hop artists these days. Watch The Throne’s cover was gold, Take Care’s cover was a gold room, and now this is a gold throne. Interesting…


    JasonKing Reply:

    @Dee Eugene, Yeh Kanye Started it last year with those arty farty Egyptian visuals from MBTDF. It was dope though!


  8. frenchconnection

    oooooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh

    i love the cover





  10. saadkid08

    Its hideous tbh. The font is cheesy and it just doesn’t look appealing. Nothing about it is exactly interesting. just my opinion.


  11. youMADstayMAD

    why does YMCMB has so much HATE? is it because we winning at this point? i think so! stay mad you whack ass people, we’re gonna win either way it goes.


    lil wayne Reply:

    @youMADstayMAD, ur signed to ym? no? stfu then


  12. RDK

    i like the title/the name of the album,i am checking this out.


  13. Hell nawww

    Watch the Clone


  14. DrakeTakeCare

    can’t wait!!!!


  15. Triniti

    lol..his album cover looks like something out of, “The King’s Speech.”


  16. isiah

    Very corny, Will not even free download……….. justin beiber > tyga =(


  17. hating is my occupation

    in the words of tyga bitch im the shit


  18. daryl

    Living my life one day at a time in anticipation for this. Yagga.


  19. yourmomsbestfriend

    STFU, tyga is the shit. much better than your gay ass weed talking fags, and that one basegod bum, 50 tyson can rap better than him. Hop off Tyga, jew ass niggas


  20. Evelyn

    You all suhlod hear You all suhlod hear Tyga’s verse on Crickets from New Boys, just skip till the end, SICK flow definitely.


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