Black Eyed Peas Announce Hiatus Plans on ‘Ellen’

Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas are taking a break, but despite rumors, they are not breaking up. Fergie,, Taboo, and appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to make the announcement.

“When we take breaks, we work on side projects or get our little personal stuff in order to then come back and make beautiful music,” said frontman, who will release his solo album #willpower next year.

Fergie, who is already on baby bump watch, is taking some time to relax and start a family with husband Josh Duhamel. “I’d like to go days without wearing makeup and doing my footwear collection and fragrances, just going where the day takes me,” said the singer. “That to me is kinda foreign right now.”

The Peas will play their final show before their hiatus tonight at Sun Life Stadium in Miami with guests including Cee Lo Green, Marc Anthony, Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, and Jason Derulo.

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  1. Cainan

    I need another solo album, Fergie!!!


  2. NOOO :(

    NOOOOOO! They don’t have to break….They are the best Band ever!!! They make MY music…My Humps & The Time were suuuch greeeeeeeat songs… hope they all will make their solo albums & bring out a last single from the beginning (the best is the boy) & then in 3 years they have to come back.


  3. Redchainsaw

    Alleged “Journalist” Wendy Williams was putting most of the fire into the whole breaking up thing,Fergie is gorgeous


  4. Adam

    it’s sad that they are taking a break, i can’t wait for Will’s album
    i also cant wait till they release another album !


  5. Jfenty

    Tbh, fergie was beast when she had her solo album!


  6. waaaooouuhhh talking like a gay


  7. credits

    Lol look at Will I Am in the picture…


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  9. Hugh

    Yeah I think will might be bi or something. But thats a good thing, no?


  10. -____-

    she could have atleast dropped a sophomore album before she took her break…I’ve been waiting for it for about 6 years now dammit!!!!


  11. 410chism

    Whats the other two guys doing? really opening an applebees or sumthing?


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