Florence + the Machine Covers Drake and Rihanna’s ‘Take Care’ [Video]

Florence + the Machine

It’s no secret that Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine is a Drake fan. The British songstress took her admiration to the next level by covering the title track off Drizzy’s No. 1 album Take Care during her appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. The Rihanna-assisted song debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

“This is pretty exciting ’cause it’s a song by three of my absolute favorite artists,” said the soft-spoken Florence. “I hope we can do it justice.”

What do you think of her cover? Tell us below.

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  1. shanedd

    lets see rihanna perform this live


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @shanedd, With the record playing in the back lol


    buzzed Reply:

    @shanedd, you must really dislike her


  2. Alex!

    this is aammmaazziiinggg! love the original but Florence takes it to another level with her beautiful voice!!!! wow!


    Peasant Reply:

    @Alex!, she can sing the ABC and i will love it.


  3. Triniti

    Drake and Rihanna can now take several seats.

    To be outdone on your own song…


    callmemontana Reply:

    @Triniti, Come on, really ? Don’t be silly…


  4. Redchainsaw

    I LOVE her voice very unique and original


  5. lily

    her voice is sooo unique, i didn’t like how she sung the chorus but she sounded great on the verse


  6. tb

    killed it


  7. Alessandro

    I loved her signing drakes parts but she didnt really do Rihannas part justice, it didnt flow well with the rest of the song. But I just cant get enough of that voice, its amazing! Brings chills!


    lily Reply:

    @Alessandro, agreed!


  8. Sharp Tongue

    Epic she killed this wig snatched *seats taken*.


  9. KingSmiley

    she is giving Drake a run for his money , her voice is too soft for Rihanna verse ; but besides that she KILLED !


  10. >Turn me on.

    drake is a great artist and song songwriter ,peeps always covering is songs,


  11. muzicholic2

    I love the fact that this timeless song is being introduced to a whole new generation. Thank you Florence and Drake for covering this masterpiece by Bobby Blue Bland and Gil Scott Herron.


  12. Jess

    I love Florence + The Machine!


  13. Hugh

    Love Florence

    Its amazing how shy and quiet she seems


  14. Ahhhhhhh

    Damn Drake and Rihannas version was just ok compared to this, it seems like it should have been florence+theMachines song from the start



    So good!! Florence continues to impress


  16. r.i.p aaliyah

    i love her version but the original is just>>>>>>


  17. malikMJdope

    thats crazy Florence is a beast for taking on this song…she did great , its just funny cuz she perfoming this b4 Drake and Rihanna did she had the orchestra and everything!


  18. Winston Churchill

    i need a Drake And Florence record NOW.


  19. Chris Shorts

    I loved it u have to understand y she sung it that way ,listen to her album or a few songs she put her own swag on it , I love her she brings me there


  20. Mista coop

    I like how Rihanna sings it more..but Florence does Drakes part waaaay better..I need her to work with Kanye


  21. callmemontana



  22. Sizzurp Sky

    She has a beautiful voice but i don’t like this version


  23. Queenie

    Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx > Florence + The Machine > Drake & Rihanna


    SampleTHIS Reply:

    This is my fav song on the album! So glads its killin BillBoard.
    I luv that SHE their music…U will probably see them do a show together…


  24. Zorr

    I can see a remix coming!!

    Drake ft Rihanna and Florence, I dont think they should replace Rihanna’s part but let Florence sing a part of drake.

    Btw this will give drake album another sales boost, people get curious about his album because they heard her (Florence) performe a Song of it!!

    Maybe they even paid her to do this song;)


  25. Watever

    Actually, she prolly had to pay drake. You can’t perform someone else’s song on tv without getting clearance from the artist and/or their record label.


  26. Zorra

    you clearly dont get my point:

    his will give drake album another sales boost, people get curious about his album when they hear her (Florence) performe a Song of it!!


  27. ThankMeLater

    I prefer Florence then Rihanna


    the demise of beyonce career R.I.Paradise Reply:

    @ThankMeLater, than* learn how to spell before you make irrelevant comments.


  28. Ri-Talked

    Amazing and she put soul in it.


  29. From Tokyo

    Florence is the real thing, enough said. She is real music.


  30. Olympia

    Yup shits dope .


  31. minajfan

    grandma can sing eyy


    MaZ Reply:

    @minajfan, we can’t say the same thing about Gimmik Minaj!


  32. bobs

    Wow, she put them to shame. I love them both, but really this is amazing.


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