Video: The Weeknd – ‘The Knowing’

The Weeknd

The Weeknd journeys to planet Ethio X in the animated video for “The Knowing,” a cut off his debut mixtape House of Balloons. The Toronto native follows his heart in the 2D sci-fi odyssey, which features shooting lasers, strange creatures, and a hot heroine. Fasten your seatbelts.

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  1. Absurdness

    State of the Art! OVOXO


  2. Quan

    i appreciate the music but not the whole kanye creepy vibe he wants to be starting……its getting to every one now…Frank ocean now him…Dnt know whether to trust these ni**as or not..


  3. airtightph+

    some kanye(power) influence rite there!!
    nice song n vid.


    Umbrella&deepbag Reply:

    @airtightph+,hmm i see some Cee-lo green influence {bodies} the video with Janelle Monae anyway it’s good though


    John Reply:

    @Umbrella&deepbag, yeah it’s the same director (Mikael Colombu).


  4. OSL

    Love it !


  5. CarlosBonegro



  6. The Weeknd's Sci-Fi official music video for 'The Knowing'

    [...] more at:, Tweet TAGS » Haile Selassie, The Weeknd POSTED IN » [...]

  7. jadeed

    Love this guy!!


  8. Ice

    I’m not a big weekend fan, but that was incredibly dope.


  9. Billionaire

    WOW – O_o…! Left speechless!


  10. ovoxo

    very creative.


  11. let me guess, only for the U S & A ?

    “sry, this video does not exist…”


  12. pookie

    this is everything “power” wasnt!



    That’s what I call art OVOXO


  14. Ahhhhhhh

    This Is Just Like Cee-Lo’s Vid “Bodies”. Still Like It Tho


    Posh Reply:

    I said the same thing…


  15. Hugh

    Love the music!


  16. chris chavez

    wtf this is weird,absurd n crazy6,i mean wats the idea?can,t they make music without using symbolism anymore.


    Shade Reply:

    @chris chavez, You kidding me? I wish they did it more…videos nowadays lack meaning to em


  17. MH

    I liked it…but I’m confused, I have no idea how that related to the song. Maybe I’m just slow…


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