Mary J. Blige Shares Love for Drake, Rick Ross on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Mary J. Blige and Chelsea Handler

Mary J. Blige was back in the hot seat on Friday’s “Chelsea Lately.” The R&B icon chatted with host Chelsea Handler about her evolution on My Life II, what it’s like to be married to her manager (“If you don’t have love, you’ll kill each other”), singing ’80s hits in the upcoming musical Rock of Ages, and working with Drake (“Drake always looks me out. I appreciate him for that”) and Rick Ross (“He’s really a beautiful person”). Plus, she also hit the stage to perform her single “Mr. Wrong.”


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    yaaaaaaas Mary! #MYLIFEII


  2. TeamNicki

    Child please, take a seat, your run is done! Rihanna will out sell you next week and Nicki could have helped your career.


    mylife2 Reply:

    @TeamNicki, STFU


    diego Reply:

    @TeamNicki, if Mary does sell less who cares will Nikki be able to say she has sold 60 million albums like Mary and what will Nicki be doing in 20 years Mary sold 730,000 thousand records in 1 week in 2005 then sold 691,000 in 2007 first week she has nothing to prove I doubt Nicki will even have 5 albums before she is burned out


    latonya Reply:

    @TeamNicki, Don’t you EVER EVER disrepect the queen of r&b hiphop, how she brings both genres together is impeccable and something nicki never could’ve “helped” her do when she’s just learning the game herself, STFU and step ya pussy 5 levels DOWN cause right now you look mighty foolish. OMG mary j blige was selling platinum records before you were born. She’s ..battled her personal problems time and time again and was gracious enough to use it as inspiration in her songs to inspire us to be better or to take a step in love whichever the situation was. just stop ,back away from the keyboard and go listen to MY LIFE I and II


    latonya Reply:

    @TeamNicki, No YOU step ya attitude 5 levels down. how in the world can you disrepect a legend who brings R&b and hiphop together so impeccably. She been selling platinum albums since before you were born. She’s taken her personal faults and triumphs and has been gracious enough to use them in her songs to inspire others to be better or to take a step out in love ..whatever the situation was, mary blige is beautiful soul who makes good music everytime she makes an album people wanna hear what shes talking about her songs are beautiful and meaningful. Go somewhere and sit down


    RDK Reply:

    @latonya,i co-sign you/agree with you 1 billion% and then some times,that person up there dissing MJB is mad disrespectful,and it,s fans like that who is giving nicki bad press and be making people view all of us nicki fans as disrespectful and other stuff,just like that cr-p that SB pulled the other day against Cher,all this bad press we don’t need,what if Nicki wanted to work with Cher SB fu-ck that up messing up Nicki,s image and money we don’t need that…look at all the haters on here going in on nicki..seriously wonder if that person is really a Nicki fan are just someone who straight up wants to start sh-t who know that nicki have alot of haters and know that if he talk some slick sh-it people would go in on nicki…well whatever the case is it worked because all is going on nicki now again someone who didn’t say sh-it…people always be doing stupid sh-it and nicki is getting blamed for it…anyways MJB is the R&B queen a legend,keep doing you MJB.


  3. Drea

    @TeamNicki, PLEASE!!!!!! Talk to me when Nicki has been in the game for 20 YEARS!!! ———>Please go in the corner and take a time out, this is GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS!!!


    @TilThaMorning Reply:

    @Drea, that’s what I say…


    NicBKNY Reply:

    @Drea, If this was Facebook Ill be liking these comments. TeamNicki is not even right and is so irrelevant with that comment.


  4. GabriellaRiell

    Hot at it R sum? (deep calming breath) Don’t Stay Away for so long.!1 Mary J., I’m All For You Gottin’ It & Gettin’ It All the Years Stroong. Yay! Mary! Go There. You’re a Wonderfully Developed Artist. I can’t imagine My Life Without You. Stand On. (That Old School Rhythm has got the HeartBeat of Life)


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  6. NicBKNY

    Wow does she age? She looks amazing.. I like her feelings toward creating her music. She is beautiful in and out.


  7. Mofan95

    I think the album will sale more than what was predicted. I personally think 200-225K simply because 1) she’s been exposing herself well this week, 2) Black Friday shoppers, 3) her peers are promoting her on twitter to their followers who may have the taste in her music 4) Itunes is not a good indicator for her simply because her fanbase buys physical copies and her fanbase along with modern day urban/R&B music listners buy albums.


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