50 Cent to Release 10-Track Mixtape

50 Cent

50 Cent is back on his mixtape grind. The hip-hop mogul is planning to release 10 tracks to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of his 2002 mixtape 50 Cent Is the Future.

The G-Unit leader took to Twitter to make the announcement. “Its been 10 years since I put out 50cent is the future. So I’m putting out the BIG 10 next week 10 smoking hot tracks,” he informed his followers.

It’s currently unknown what will be on the tape. He has been releasing freestyles as part of his Street King series and most recently put out Part 2 of his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album cut “What Up Gangsta.”

There will also be visuals to accompany each track. “I’m shooting videos for every song on the tape,” he added. “The BIG 10 I got something for a haters ass it called hits lol.”

The rapper-actor has been in the studio working on his fifth studio album and stars in the inspirational drama All Things Fall Apart, premiering December 3 on BET.

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  1. ha

    This guy should stop making music #Trash50cent


  2. Ieshia

    People need to stop acting like they was not bumping 50 is the future mixtape 50 help start the mixtap game and i cant wait to hear the new one


    ayot Reply:

    @Ieshia, yeah
    people acting like they never heard his first two album and he wasnt their fav back then


  3. victor

    Fift .. BoB V..Nigga


  4. Ice



  5. MaddSimm

    The awkward moment when the two first comments oppose each other.


  6. Chris Mettler

    yall no nothing about gagnster rap…dnt even kno me


  7. wtf

    i don’t really give a sh1t unless it has a timbaland beat on it..


  8. Richard

    50 is still king. My no 1 rapper 7 yrs strong.



    lets see….haha….. maybe he gonna do drake sounding trackz….or some G6 remix


  10. Hugh

    50 cent is STILL the future!


  11. yo

    50 is my favorite ! King of the rap !


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