Jessie J Performs ‘Who You Are’ on ‘The X Factor’ U.K. [Video]

Jessie J

Jessie J left her heart on the stage during her emotional appearance on the U.K.’s “X Factor” today. The British songstress, dressed demurely in black, performed the title track off her debut album Who You Are, tweeting about the experience. “In tears. I love to sing. I love writing songs. Thank you to all that support me,” she wrote.

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  1. Fa

    She can sang…
    wrong material…
    great example of the right girl born into the wrong decade!
    If this was the 90ies she would be a mega star!
    She is talented , tasteful and skilled!
    She is young and oversings every song live…
    which shows her good inetntions and ambition BUT
    She needs a better team and new executive producer…


    moe moe Reply:

    @Fa, you have no idea what your talking about…….kinda sorta kill yourself!!!!!!


    @WillNomNoms Reply:

    @Fa, I agree. I love her voice but she is a serial over singer. It’s not that because she’s young or new to the game though. Plenty of seasoned veterans are over singers. Celine Dion, Beyonce, Patti Labelle all ham it on too hard. They can’t hold back and be subtle. It’s like every note’s gotta be a sledgehammer. It’s ok sometimes but not all the time and like with all those singers Jessie has over sung on every performance.


    Neon Reply:

    @@WillNomNoms, Agree w/ the over-singing. I prefer people who sing naturally.


    Stacy. R Reply:

    @Fa, u right ugh the songs shes been singing are garbage. She has a, voice, and is talented. She needs to head over to Roc Nation. Lol. Point blank this girl has it.


  2. Coleworld

    Great performance…she really means every word when she sings this.


  3. Alex Mikol

    I love Jessie a lot, but she was off-key for most of this performance. And I agree, she needs a better team if she wants to make it big in America too. Something about her just isn’t connecting with most of the country or else should would be huge by now.


    ib Reply:

    @Alex Mikol, she always off key! what the hell he has such a cool she could be so much better if she wasn’t so sharp the whole time


  4. Jordan Gabriel

    she oversings too much… she’s been sucked into the commercial machine she needs to go back to the real thing, that’s when she was on top of her game.


  5. @corecyobrown

    smh wow @Fa I appreciate you thoughts but I wonder if you ever noticee what separates greats from average. It’s this same thought that was told to people like Gaga. They will never get you at a time like this; however, she pushed on. Jessie J is doing exactly what she needs to at a time where everybody is hopping on the trendy train. She stands out from the rest and has true talent and seems to have the drive needed to move up ranks. What often happens to those who dare to be different is they quit because of comments like yours. What the industry needs is artist who are in the business of creating and not being afraid to be different. Too many clones and those trying to recreate what Bey and Gagg and Ri are doing. If Jessie sticks with her brand and continues to grow with every album, she’ll be one mention among the tops. I BET!


  6. ashgino

    “London speed it up, houston rock it’… i see what beyonce meant by that, Damn Jessie, she sounded like the alvin and the chipmunks singing that song


  7. WonderLand19

    You guys are talking utter RUBBISH!!!!!!

    Jessie J slayed and she is a TRUE artist. When she sings, she sings from the heart. She is in her own lane so pay respect.
    @corecyobrown co-sign everything you said.
    At times people can be backwards. People want beyonce/lady gaga/Rihanna clones but when they are given people like Nicole Scherzinger or Shontelle they complain that there are wannabes.
    Jessie J is doing something different and with a meaning. She will be here for a long time because
    1) She can SING
    2)She writes her own music
    3)She sings about REAL emotions
    4)She knows who she is.

    I bet in a years time She will turn all you naysayers into believers.

    Thank you Rap-Up for supporting REAL TALENT!


  8. Regina G

    Stop trying to make Jessie J happen…SHE’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.


    Treyy Reply:

    @Regina G,

    maybe you should do a little research. Jessie is already a HUGE global star. Know what you’re saying before you speak.


    Kirk Reply:

    @Treyy, Her record label would like you to think that by booking her to perform at all of these shows, but the fact of the matter is that her album was only $8 in the US and those sales were weak.


    Weavilicious Reply:

    @Regina G, You are just SO fetch.


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