Kanye West and Jay-Z Perform at ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ [Video]

Kanye West and Jay-Z

Kanye West hit the runway twice at Tuesday’s “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.” Yeezy, dressed in a Versace for H&M velvet bomber jacket, dedicated “Stronger” to his late mother Donda West and united with his fellow Throne member Jay-Z to perform “Ni**as in Paris” as Beyoncé looked on.


“Niggas in Paris”


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  1. bey fan

    my beybey made sure there were not any model during jay’s set. love it


    Peasant Reply:

    @bey fan, get it ja y z ..ughh i love me some yeezy.


  2. RDK

    just saw it it was great,nicki did her thing too with the nation of pink.



    jay-z<— king ….who gone pop me? lol


    SanjayaSLAYSYoFAVE! Reply:

    @AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, Nobody……. Because you’re behind a computer screen, writing anonymously, stating false FUCKING facts HOE…. HOV’S THE BEST TO EVER DO IT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SELLING OUT ARENAS, MAN OF THE YEAR ON THE COVER OF GQ WITH A X2 PLAT ALBUM!!!
    Maybe you can cyper sweep at the Lane Bryant show for the fat bitches….. MAYBE!!! HA!!!!


    Peasant Reply:

    @SanjayaSLAYSYoFAVE!, WOW lmao..it clearly that person was trolling ..are all those exclamation marks necessary ALONG WITH THE CAPS ..da f*ck.


    brainfood.com Reply:


    I guess I don’t get your comment. Because this person might be fat, they are not entitled to their own opinion? Or is it because they shop at Lane Bryant, that makes them less worthy than you?

    Lane Bryant makes hella money for “real” sized woman…what does that have to do with anything?

    You should consider changing your bowl of ignorance for a couple of weeks to a teaspoon of wisdom. Works wonders for your rebutal skills. Good luck.


  4. sunny

    bey looks like she wants to wile out, but she holdin it back lmao.


  5. wow

    omg i cant believe im saying this but jay z was kinda cute here dont judge me lol


  6. evans

    i don,t like jay-z bot yeezy is cool besides the taylor swift incident n those gay pants he rock now in the name of fashion.


  7. evans

    yeezys cool except 4 those ghey pants he rockin


    Yeezy Reply:

    @evans, ghey pants?..oh wait i forgot to wear my straight pants today…so f*cking ignorant.


  8. Imma

    @wow y right!I had same feeling too….they’re really closed to each other..good to see!


  9. IllerBrown

    Hov the God and The Louis Vuitton Don.. Best two rappers out


  10. Ann

    What did Jay say at the end?


  11. leslie arnelle

    dag Rap-Up y’all are always on point..thanks!


  12. Hugh

    Love NIP live


  13. dallas champ

    Ye say his mother is an angel now. People lie to themselves. The truth is ugly.


    callmemontana Reply:

    @dallas champ, y would u say stuff like that ?


  14. ThatSHHCray

    Bougie girl, grab her hand, damn that girl ain’t wanna dance, excuse my french, but I’m in France……

    I love this song so much! Great performance


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  16. Dtrick

    So cool when Jay said “we’re here, might as well walk it.” Dope Ass Shit!


  17. vami

    we here we might as well walk it, lets walk it


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