New Music: Mike Posner – ‘Looks Like Sex’

Looks Like Sex

Mike Posner takes it to the bedroom on the enticing “Looks Like Sex,” the first single from his sophomore album Sky High, due in early 2012. The Detroit singer falls under the spell of a temptress, who oozes sex with her every move. “That ass makes me want to oooooohhh,” he wails.

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  1. Aimanos

    I like it. I wanna see him and Lil’ Kim collab though. That would be FIIIIRE


  2. bitch please

    looks like David Guetta bullsh.


  3. Todd

    oh wow this is a big bite from M83′s Midnight City’ ! wtf, first rihanna takes the xx ‘Intro’ now this bull


    Todd Reply:

    mike POSE-ner indeed . . . . Mike {{{ POSE}} ner


  4. don't hate lippz

    i’d luv to do a Remix to this Song. Amazin’


  5. Deangelo R.

    This sounds like a girl singing to a guy. #GTFO


  6. anonymous

    @Todd – Yeah I’d much rather listen to M83 than this!


  7. Juan López

    it samples midnight city by m83?


  8. listen

    yawwwwnnn….J Records is looking very pitiful…


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