Monica Talks Marriage, Pregnancy Rumors, & ‘New Life’ on ‘Wendy Williams’

Monica and Wendy Williams

Monica was back in the spotlight on “The Wendy Williams Show.” The R&B diva chatted with the talk show host about her personal and professional life including what attracted her to her husband, L.A. Laker Shannon Brown, her friendship with Ciara, Tiny, and Khloe Kardashian, her desire to get pregnant again (“We would love to be and we practice regularly”), her charity work, and her album New Life, due in February.

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  1. J.Cameron

    Great interview!!! So love her…


  2. Amazing Vocalist

    Always a class act. Can’t wait for New Life!


  3. amanda

    Wish she wlda performed


  4. cedro

    gotta love monica!!


  5. Awww!

    I love Monica..and she’s real!


  6. Shandrina Thompkins

    Monica is one of a kind. She’s real and classy at the same time. She’s a great vocalist. I will support the new album due out 1st Quauter.


  7. missdiva

    so gorgeous elegant and smart…her voice is amazing..vocal beast i tell u!!! im copping 3 cd’s of New Life..1 for car, 1 for home and a extra cause someone always stealing one or the other!!

    This is a legend in the making….luv her music!!
    Until its Gone is 1 of my fav!!!!


  8. Destined

    Loves her! A rare gem indeed! Can’t wait for New Life!


  9. babygeryl1969

    Love her and what she represents, she is clearly a teacher from the Lord. God put these two people together to show us what love is truly about. God Bless you and your loved ones.


  10. Brionna

    I love Monica definitely a class act!!! and i will be coping the new album


  11. don't hate Mr.lippz

    great interview.


  12. D

    How you gon bring somebody on for a interview and ask them questions then wanna talk over them and try to answer yo own questions JEEZ!!!



    Monica is the EPITOME of class!!!! Love how her hubby supourts her!!! #NewLife in Feb is ALLLLL im waiting on!


  14. Nowljenkins

    I love Monica always gives it to u straight no chaser. Wendy has grown so much as an interviewer, love her too. It’s funny how the say Monica preggers and she not but they say beyonce not when she is.


  15. missdiva

    prettiest chick in the game and it also helps that she can SANG she smart and classy!!! R&B at its finest!


  16. MmmHmm



  17. jay1

    Monica is just to grown for her age. Where does all this wisdom come from? Enjoyed her interview. It’s nice to see that she appreciates her husband and vice versa.


  18. babarea

    monica has always been wise well beyond her years. i really enjoy listening to her speak. i always learn somthing. so much more to her than just a cute face with a voice, but a powerful women with a message!! LOVE it!

    sn: she needs to write a book!!!


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