New Music: Dia Frampton f/ Kid Cudi – ‘Don’t Kick the Chair’

Kid Cudi and Dia Frampton

Kid Cudi looks to better days on “Don’t Kick the Chair,” his collaboration with “The Voice” runner-up Dia Frampton off her forthcoming album Red (Dec. 6). The two co-wrote the uplifting song about staying positive no matter how bad things get.

“It was a pleasure having Kid Cudi on this song,” Dia told AOL Music. “I’m a fan of his work and also am very happy with the positive lyrics he created. This song has a dark undertone, but overall, I wanted it to be optimistic.”

Cudi also announced the first single from his rock album, due January 30. “The official first single for WZRD is called ‘Teleport 2 Me’…let that marinate in your minds for a bit,” he tweeted.

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  1. latonya

    I love the effects used when the chair and glass is moving but “kick a chair” really? i don’t think that would hurt anybody’s feelings….i guess thats good thing kind of idk. The song was good, its something about the tempo, i liked it. The lyris everywhere was a nice touch.


    kekep Reply:

    @latonya, kicking a chair represents kicking the chair away when attempting suicide i think… simple yet dark and effective and a nice message her voice breezes over this and kid cudis verse wasn’t too bad… but why is it every rapper wants to try and be innotative by doing a rock album lol, your whole following won’t buy it and the rock fans certainly wont


    T3k0 Reply:

    @kekep, I wouldn’t call CuDi’s “rock inspired” album an actual rock album, CuDi has the ability to sing/harmonize and that’s what he wants to do with this W Z R D album. The beats will feature rock elements, but still contain some hip hop elements — if you’re a CuDi fan you know it’s really tough to label his music.


  2. let me guess, only for the U S & A ?

    can’t see/hear it..


  3. eric

    kid cudi didnt do anything for me


  4. kekep

    This song is so inspirational!!!! So true!!!! Came at the right time :)


  5. T3k0

    “Don’t Kick The Chair” is another way to say “don’t give up”. (quoted from Dia).


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  7. incognegro

    Honestly, the song was not the most stirring thing I’ve heard, but it was not bad at all. Her voice is very unique, and nice to listen to. The production is pretty nice, particularly during Kid Cudi’s verse. Also the chorus is nice, but the title (“Don’t Kick the Chair”) had me at a bit of loss, then I realized that it might be referring to the moment when someone attempts to hang themselves and kicks the chair during the last minute of despair. Either way, a decent tune!!!


  8. Theman

    She’ cool. She has a unique nice tone. I hope she does well. I hear a little Cyndi Lauper in her voice.


  9. no-name

    why isnt this song on youtube…..i wana download it


    OsO Reply:

    @no-name, Do yourself a favor and preorder the album on ITunes.

    I really loved the song, everything Dia does is amazing, definitely worth buying.


  10. OsO


    Great job Dia.


  11. Shade

    Kid Cudi … just amazing…


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