Video: Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey – ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’

Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber

With 25 days left until Christmas, Justin Bieber unwraps the video for “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” his remake of Mariah Carey’s classic Christmas song. The teen idol and pop diva shut down Macy’s for one magical night in the Sanaa Hamri-directed clip. The Biebs goes on a shopping spree with his friends, while a sexy Mariah rides in Santa’s sleigh with her puppy Jill E. Beans. The “SuperFestive!” version of their duet appears on Bieber’s holiday album Under the Mistletoe.

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  1. Nano

    When I first heard the song i didn´t like it … but the video change my mind! … Amazing!!! MC Looks great!.


    Rap-Upper Reply:

    LMFAO at the product placments throughout the video.
    -Nintendo DS
    -Adidas Shoes
    GET MONEY bishhhh. lol


  2. Joel, Jamaica

    Loooove it!! Mariah looks great… #CLASSIC


  3. xxxdiamonte

    yesssssssssssssssssss mariah body look good as shit


    KMart Reply:

    @xxxdiamonte, Mariah makes the most sexiest Santa!!


  4. LOVE?

    Mariah is still big as a house, and she know what she doing shooting from the angle hiding how wide her face is… the video was alright.


    152565 Reply:

    @LOVE?, Yes you are a nasty little hater aren’t you? While you’re sitting there calling her fat, Mariah is with her husband and twins laughing and counting money. So carry on.


    yun9reezy Reply:

    @LOVE?, eh, I think you’re wrong on that. I feel like she does the same damn song every year and puts it out every year and ‘Mariah’ fans go gorillas over it. *Kanye Shrugs* I regress, Justin Bieber, I saw what you did there you little bastard you. Get it uhhhh. Douchebag


  5. jtlyk

    Mariah is looking DAMN fine! I can’t with Bieber’s heavy autotune, though!


    OnMyMusic Reply:

    @jtlyk, His voice isn’t auto-tuned…


    Yogi Reply:

    @OnMyMusic, Are you kidding… his voice is heavily auto tuned


  6. DRB



  7. Billionaire

    Wow Mariah is stunning in this!


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  9. Deangelo R.

    DAYUM. I need another album from MC asap!!!


  10. tina

    Yup!! Mariah lookin’ real good!!


  11. Theman

    It;s fun. She looks stunning…


  12. chedder

    daaamn MC aint playin…..she ready to slay


  13. noMorekoolaid

    U work dat ass girll!! Mariah slaying bitches since 1990, gotta love her


  14. LilRoyalty

    Yeeeees mama diva slaaaaaaaying..Mc is the baddest bitch ever..woooooooooooooork.


  15. Ross

    Good besides his voice and all the product placement.


  16. Jackie

    This was great!


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