New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘December Sky’

Dawn Richard

With the holidays approaching, Dawn Richard presents a gift to her Hearts with “December Sky,” her first solo iTunes release. The Dirty Money diva brings loved ones together during the festive season—no matter how far apart they may be. But this is not your typical Christmas fare. The edgy Druski production will last well beyond December 25.

“A lot of people won’t be able to see their loved ones this Christmas,” explains Dawn, who is readying her debut album GoldenHeart. “Whether they are serving in Iraq/Iran, in the industry, or working a 9 to 5, the truth is a lot of us aren’t able to make it home for the holidays. So this record is for them and anyone else missing their love—the sky and stars are a gift for us both because no matter how far apart we are, we are under the same sky.”

Stream the song below and download it on iTunes.

Download: Dawn Richard – “December Sky”

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  1. que

    i fuckin love dawn. this is amazing


    peasant Reply:

    @que, i’m kinda obsess with these promo shots. can’t wait to hear the full body of work, get dawn *mwah.


  2. Audrey Hepburn

    She’s so original and hungry. Hot Song. Best wishes :)


  3. Kevo #TeamKimmyBlanco

    Alright. I see u Dawn…she sounds a lot like Brandy…


    America Most Wanted Reply:

    @Kevo #TeamKimmyBlanco,

    I was saying the same thing. But I LOVE the song.


  4. Music Man

    She Don’t Look Good.


  5. Christo



  6. Billionaire

    It’s ok, i just to repetitive for me!


  7. A.Dre

    What I like about this song is that it is nothing like the usual cookie cutter holiday song. Its very original and its great. I’m waiting patiently for GoldenHeart


  8. Awww!

    Dawn stands out amongst herself..She’s in a lane of her own..And I can dig it..Amazing!!!


  9. A

    Loving this song.

    Her first album seems really promising


  10. WonderLand19

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s in her own LANE! I hope 2012 brings massive success to her. She needs to get a solo No.1!


  11. tanz4life

    Fire Dawn!


  12. Fa

    Stupid uneducated american ass believes there is americans in IRAN!!!!
    They are in IRAK!!!! LMAOOOOO
    What a dumb cow!


    Treyy Reply:

    @Fa, Before you call somebody uneducated and stupid, learn to spell IRAQ correctly! Okay? :)


    Fa Reply:

    @Treyy, OOOOOooohhh you can call yourself educated cause u can spell! Get lost …I misspelled because i speak 4 different languages…what about you? Sit down ho!


    Adam Reply:

    @Fa, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. I watched the teaser video, and I just read the article here, and never once did it say that Dawn was referring to Americans, when she made her comment about significant others being in Iran or Iraq. Though it is highly possible that there are Americans there. The point is, that her comment isn’t what’s important here. The song and it’s message is. But your opinion is still respected. I just don’t see why all of that negative commenting was necessary.


  13. meme

    i love dawn to death but i pray this isnt the kind of music that is goin to be on her album. this type of music is so dated. sounds like something off of one of brandy old azz albums. im really behind this girl 1000%. i want her to b a front runner but all of the music ive heard isnt cutting


  14. nicegirl

    I like it. She has her own style. Sounds a little like Brandy, but with her own little twist.


  15. Unknown

    Bought this song earlier today and I’m still listening to it.


  16. stace face

    I absolutely L O V E it!!!


  17. Coach

    Dawn you are so awesome, I knew you would be successful at whatever you wanted to do in life. So happy for you and your and your talents. Keep on trucken, want to see in the lights. Seems like not to long ago you were wearing that weird looking DLS uniform. Not anymore. Xoxo


  18. D.Strock

    I love it, but when I listen to it all I hear is “(What is) Love?” by J.Lo



    This song is pop/R&B..AMAZING!


  20. Jess

    Love it!!!!!


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