T.I. Talks ‘Trouble Man’ and ‘Booty Tag’ on ‘Late Night’ [Video]


T.I. was all smiles as he took a seat on the couch on Wednesday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The King of the South discussed the origins of his name, his novel Power & Beauty, his upcoming album Trouble Man (“I figured I’ma make music about something I know about”), and his VH1 series “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

He previewed a clip from the show, where he reprimands his kids for playing “booty tag.” “You basically smack somebody on the ass and they it,” he explained to Fallon. “I told them that’s absolutely unacceptable, however, me and my wife love to play. We play all the time.”

Laugh it up with Tip on “Late Night.”


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  1. MOtorious

    There is nothing worse, than a man with the obvious IQ of a cheese sandwich, trying to hide his stupidity behind nerd glasses. Please go away lol


    coko chanel Reply:

    @MOtorious, you dont what the fuck u r talkin about. Anybody that knows tip knows hes very intelligent.


    Jay Whitney Reply:

    @MOtorious, Shut Yo Dumb Ass Up. He’s Smart Enuff 2 Become A Millionare.


  2. leslie arnelle

    love him!


  3. Drew

    @MOtorious, Their Nothing WOrse Then A Person Behind A Computer Hating Because They Life Is Worthless GET A LIFE!


  4. Tammy

    @Drew if I could like your reply I would.


  5. nicegirl

    The show looks funny. Hope he can stay out of trouble. He seems very intelligent.


  6. D0LLED_UP

    @motorious Their nothing worse than a person coming to a blog spot to hate on the other idiot.
    @Drew right On !
    I think T.i. one of the most intelligent rapper there is .. Not cause of the glass but they he carries himself ( specking wise )


  7. DrakeTakeCare

    it’s da kiiiiiiiiing


  8. ashgino

    yall see how God works in mysterious ways, somebody sent a prayer and wanted to check T.I. ass since he love Prison so much, and right when he and another rapper is talking his kids mention Booty Tag, and tells dem to play it. That shit was so funny, but T.I. played his cards like a pimp!


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