Willow Smith Announces Album Release Date

Willow Smith

2012 is Willow Smith’s year. The 11-year-old superstar has set a spring release date for her much-anticipated debut.

During her appearance on “106 & Park,” Willow announced that her album will arrive on April 3, 2012. The oft-delayed project, due on Roc Nation, has spawned the singles “Whip My Hair,” “21st Century Girl,” and “Fireball” featuring Nicki Minaj.

A video for the latter will debut next week on “106 & Park.” Check out some on-set photos from the shoot and watch her announcement below.

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  1. Redchainsaw

    Her lyrics aren’t 11 yr old lyrics……I think she should wait a few more years focus on school and being a 11 yr old


    PhoenixReborn Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, As long as her parents provide her with a balance I don’t see the harm. Plus, we don’t know what is going on with her schedule so the fake sympathy (quiet judgement) isn’t really needed.


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @PhoenixReborn, fake sympathy/quiet judgement,where the hell are you Comming from? Lmao I simply stated my OPINION,I’m lost isn’t that what people do on blog topics?


    PhoenixReborn Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, You have the right to express your opinion. I have the right to criticize it. I said fake sympathy/quiet judgement because you are indirectly judging the fact they are letting her sing while expressing it in a fake sympathetic tone. We don’t know the girl’s day to day schedule so it’s premature to start thinking she’ll become the next child star victim.


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  3. myke

    whip my hair came out Oct. 2010
    21st century girl came out March 2011 (flopped)
    Fireball- October 2010 …no where to be seen…

    I think Willow needs a disney show until she is like 16


    xSTEV3N Reply:

    @myke, & @Redchainsaw *agrees*


    Will Reply:

    @myke, You mean fireball came out in October 2011? Its not 2010 that was last year your a bit late


  4. Rich

    It’s all about entertainment. With the last name Smith she has no choice but to do big things. I wish her the best.


  5. nicegirl

    I think she should wait to realease an album. Fireball is not doing well, even though Nicki is on it. I think she is too young to release an album. Waiting until she is older, she will know what musical direction she wants to go in. I’m not denying that she is quite talented and has a lot of potential, but I want Willow to be sure of what she wants to do in music.


  6. Alperought

    She is not a JoJo , i think she should wait and grow up a lil bit … i was watching yu-gi-oh when i was 11years old girl.


  7. Berlin Girl

    This is so stupid, she released the first song(whip my hair) of her album one year ago, and now the album….Why so late???


  8. ppp

    wow, Who taught singing and dancing to this monkey?

    so cute


    haha Reply:

    @ppp, Your grammar makes you sound stupid. Try who taught this monkey how to sing and dance. Not so cute. Anyway, not defending willow and her one hit wonder self, just saying you sound dumb :)


  9. Outspoken

    much-anticipated debut rap-up?? stop lying. Love love love willows voice but im not checking for this album. the only single i liked so far was whip my hair.


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