Nas Sells His First Painting for $14K


Painting pictures with words isn’t the only thing Nas can do. The Queensbridge rapper traveled down to Art Basel Miami 2011, where he performed at Ricochet and sold his first-ever painting for $14,000.

While performing “Made You Look,” Esco picked up the paintbrush and unleashed his inner Picasso, drawing a sketch of a man smoking a joint. The painting, auctioned during the show, went for a staggering $14K, with all proceeds going to charity.

“Just sold my first painting on stage for 14K during my set at @RicochetMiami…. Wow!!! Money goin to charity!” tweeted Nasty Nas.


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  1. Yes

    Nas is a TRUE ARTIST! The Hip Hop Industry should be truly BLESSED to have him in thier genre because he REPRESENTS the culture with GREATNESS!


  2. simot

    Nas is the living king of hiphop.the rest should shut the fuck off!



    Talent…check out mens street style looks at


    Orease Reply:

    He don’t appear on award shows, hardly be on tv.. The man is a rare artist and the best lyricist of all time.. The man has touched on every matter there is


  4. WatchTheThrone

    i can’t see the man smoking a joint…


    nicegirl Reply:

    @WatchTheThrone, Neither can I.

    Good to see that Nas is giving money to charity.


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