Timbaland Previews New Song ‘This Lady’

Timbaland hits the studio with Sebastian to unleash a preview of their collaborative cut “This Lady.” The bumping pop jam sees the artists singing through Auto-Tune filters about an extra special girl who’s a cut above the rest. “I said this lady, her nationality’s kind of crazy / This lady only bumps the music from the ‘80s / This lady she’s well-spoken and educated,” croons Timbo. Listen to the lady killers’ latest.

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  1. Mandelieu

    Cool song…that’ll go into the trash in a week.


  2. jerm

    man, what the fuck is this euro dance pop shit! can we get the Missy/Ginuwine/Aaliyah Timbaland back– cuz this is not .. for me


  3. phoenix axel

    timbo is the king . this track is amazing


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    its ok

    Timbo and facial expressions lol


  5. Chet

    Timbaland can save that shit. It’s fuckin weak and corny as hell. I know pop music is in right now but it seems like he lost all his integrity after Shock Value dropped. He USED to be my favorite producer of all time. Timmy, you still gets mad respect from me, but you keep releasing this trash. I don’t get it? I miss when Tim was selective about the artists he worked with like Aaliyah, Jay, Missy, Ginuwine, Playa, and a few others. It made your more excited to hear his records. And he needs to fuckin stop singing/rappin. He needs to stick to his adlibs “Uhhh” or “Say What, Say what” he used to do back when he would lace a track. Sorry for the rant.


  6. TimboPassion

    Sebastian told me on Twitter that there is a full version to this, but Timbaland wants to throw it away! We gotta convince him not to!


  7. Erin



  8. me

    garbage, what a shame for someone like Timbaland!


  9. saint

    i love timbo, but this is trash!


  10. tik tok

    huh.,… that’s not euro dance.. hell NO.. google it before saying that GARBAGE is euro dance… this song is is a copy of himself with pitbull, and i don’t like it…
    please timbaland, back to your roots, i’m sure you’ll sell less, but you’ll have a happy proud fans..


  11. Neon

    WTF is this garbage?


  12. Sell Units

    Great Song.


  13. Hugh

    Always love Timbo

    Wish DRE was as active as his fellow Chairman


  14. Jcole1



  15. nicegirl

    NOPE!! Funny expressions though.


  16. Timmy tim

    Ay Tim, it’s not like you live for the fans yo’ ,they are the onez livin 4 ya,so Huck all your Faterz(swap the h- for the f- )…long az u makin dolla theze niggaz don’ matter get it?…im stil your greatest fan bro!


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