Kanye West Honors Mother, Thanks Jay-Z and Beyoncé at Hometown Show

Kanye West

Kanye West paid his respects during his hometown show in Chicago earlier in the week. Taking the stage at the United Center on the second night on his sold-out Watch the Throne concert with Jay-Z, the seven-time Grammy nominee dedicated his performance to the woman who raised him and thanked Jay and Beyoncé for supporting him during his “darkest hours.”

“It’s a glorious occasion,” said ‘Ye. “But right now I want ya’ll to put two fingers in the air right now. I wanna dedicate this show to the lady that brought me to Chicago at age three, the first black female chair of the English department at Chicago State University, Dr. Donda Claire Ann West. I know she up there looking down right now and she helped me get through these past four years, when America turned they back on me, when the world turned they back on me for tellin’ ya’ll the motherfuckin’ truth.”

He continued, “And now I’m leading the Grammy nominations. And I just wanna thank Beyoncé and Jay-Z for standing by me in my darkest hours and you, Chicago, for standing by me in my darkest hour and giving me reason to feel like I should stay alive when the world thought I should die and staying by my side.”

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  1. queenbeyoncestan

    i love u yeezy cant wait to your solo album drop *muah*


  2. Jay

    RIP Dr. Donda Claire Ann West, she must be so proud of her son.


  3. ThankMeLater

    I love this man. Those are his real friends. Love it!


  4. YManUMad

    Salute/R.I.P Dr. D!

    Also Salute King B & HOV. Helped This Nigga Ye To Stay Focused To Give Us F*CKING Classic’s! #WatchingTheThrone


  5. stirr

    He forgot to thank illuminati…


    uhuh Reply:

    @stirr, fuck you


    lee Reply:

    @stirr, i agree fuck you


    don't hate mr.lippz Reply:

    @stirr, shut your dumb azz up


  6. Thato

    Dr D, RIP, u raised a mAn, HOV and B thnx 4 makin Yeezy so focused, ur mom should be proud of u. Keep making good muzik. All the way from South Afrika.


  7. bey stan

    Awww I actually teared up a bit I’m sure his mom is very proud of him and thank God jay-z & beyonce dint leave him hanging when he got crazy and started drinking


  8. nicegirl

    Happy Bday Jay!! RIP Donda West. Glad Ye has managed to stay out of trouble.


  9. Matt

    Great artist. Not a perfect person, but none of us are.


  10. Kanyeismylove

    Love this guy give my any and every to u Kanye love u


    Bernadette Reply:

    @Kanyeismylove, keep your head up and it’s always best too have Good positive friends by your side. No one can can ask two beautiful friends like B jay


  11. Bernadette

    Keep your head up love You and its always too have good positive people like queen B and Jay by your side. Happy. B-DAY JAY


  12. ok

    Awww that’s so sweet! Kanye can be so nice when he wants but you gotta love em!


  13. Outspoken

    Love Kanye. One of the few left putting out REAL QUALITY music for the soul. You deserve those nominations.


  14. B-Rad

    I’m trying not to cry reading this right now…


  15. Kee

    Real friends.. That is soo sweet! Luv it!! Kanye- everybody wasn’t mad u told the truth- you share ur thoughts and feeling about everything and luv it! Happy Birthday Jay!


  16. don't hate mr.lippz

    that was Great. happy birthday Jay-z! “shawn Carter Knowles”


  17. Neon

    I’ll always have your back, Yeezy.


  18. KadafI-213

    RIP to your mother but you can be such a cry baby Ye


  19. Yeah Right

    Kanye should have been an actor instead of a rapper, that would have been a much better fit for him because he’s fake as hell. And for all you dumb asses who follow him like sheep, his mother’s death has a lot to do with his fame and wealth. It’s called a blood sacrifice. A lot of your favorite celebrities have done it to get where they are. Google it and learn something.


    Jaymalls Reply:

    @Yeah Right, Read a book and learn something you YouTube Undergraduate Ass Nigga!!


    KillBill Reply:

    @Yeah Right, I guess your dumb ass haven’t seen Lock Up Raw, or any of these other murder shows when people murder their parents/relatives or have somebody murder them and still broke ass fuck. You low life mother fucker. She died from complications of plastic surgery/ Kanye been rich before she died you ass wipe. @Jaymalls your so right their source is some guy behind or chick making video comprised of pictures and Photoshopped work. Change you username Mr. Gullible/


  20. nadalburton

    @yeah right….sorry…we dont want to google it..mayb u shud do d research and bring it to us….and were u at d altar where ye’s mum was sarcrificed?…since u claim his mums death is tied to his fame….whateva they do…dats dia life…live urs and stop carrying sumbodys cross….


  21. Mama T

    Kanye, what a wonderful tribute to your Mom♥. I believe I might have met her years ago in OKC. I truely believe you found some wonderful friends when you connected with Shawn and Beyonce and may you always been friends with them, cause real friends love you past your faults and accept you and love you unconditionally. Congrats to you and I know your Mom is proud!!!! Mama T in Oklahoma♥


  22. Hugh

    Everything Kanye does is EPIC

    Why I love you


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  24. joseph

    kudos to kanye….you can say many things about him…but he is a human being just like the rest of us


    Ari Reply:

    @joseph, so true.


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