Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams Link Up in London

Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Luke James, and Estelle

Two thirds of Destiny’s Child touched down in London town over the weekend. With BeyoncĂ© back in the U.S. awaiting the arrival of her baby, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams caught up with each other following Kelly’s performance on “The X Factor.” The pals shared laughs and memories at a karaoke party hosted by singer Luke James at Mahiki. London gal Estelle also got in on the fun. See more pics from the ladies’ night out.

Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Luke James Michelle Williams

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  1. lenor

    wow, the girls are stunning!!!!! i just love the friendship between DC3, so inspiring! Go ladies!


  2. Em.D

    aaawww so beautiful…they get prettier each year…jux love me some D.child…xoxo


    Kyle Reply:

    @Em.D, I agree. They really do get prettier each year.


  3. WTT

    Michelle Is a gorgeous woman !


  4. David

    Michelle looks like she was a member of one of the biggest girl groups of all time!


    KingBeysus Reply:

    @David, Finally.


  5. TYLER




  6. Phoenix_Wright

    they all look great


  7. IAmWhoIam

    Michelle finally looking fierce! She better step out like that everydamn day! Kelly as always looks beautiful. DC3 reunion will come soon enough.


  8. Redchainsaw

    Kelly and Michelle look amazing,Mich should stick to the curly hair,they are really loved over in the U.K


  9. lyric commander lee

    ms kelly looking fly after her hot set at x factor!


  10. MmmHmm

    I LOVE THEM!!!


  11. WonderLand19

    I LOVE KELLY/Michelle and Estelle!

    Luke is soooooooooooooooo fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Like why are you so beautiful.
    Top hot R&B singers are..
    CHRIS BROWN,MIGUEL,KEVIN MCCALL and LUKE JAMES. WOW! Imagine all four on a song, WOW!


  12. ThankMeLater

    I will always be a DC3 fan <33 the ladies looking fierce love em!


  13. Berlin Girl

    Love this Girls…need a new DC Album =D DC3 4eva


  14. Audrey Hepburn

    Kelly my love, you are fab.


  15. jay

    Kelly is doing her thing! More power to you babe!


  16. Hugh

    Michelle looks great!


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