Robin Thicke Gets His Swagger Back on ’106 & Park’ [Video]

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke stopped by “106 & Park” on the eve of his fifth album release Love After War. The debonair crooner was in a great mood as he told hosts Rocsi and Terrence what his album is all about, wished his wife Paula Patton happy birthday, and revealed the key to keeping his relationship alive (“lingerie and high heels”).

“This album is about love, it’s about family, it’s about forgiveness and redemption, and it’s about the party,” explained Thicke, who performed “Love After War” and “Magic.” “You gotta keep the party going when all that goes down.”

While his wife was shooting Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Thicke was at home taking care of their 8-month-old son Julian. “I lost my manhood,” he joked. “I gotta get my swagger back.”

He also shared what he wants his legacy to be. “I hope after I make 10, 20 albums, people will play my music 30 years from now and say white boy was putting it down right there,” he said. “I wanna be the white boy on BET for the rest of my life.”

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  1. Sasha

    Sit down white boy…smh everybody wants to be down smfh


    Ricky Reply:


    I bet his music is better than that garbage you listen to.


  2. Rap-Upper

    “I wanna be the white boy on BET for the rest of my life.”
    So….Martin Luther King had a dream. Yeah.

    He does make some good music, so you can be the token white boy on Bet, lol.


    Dave Chappelle Reply:

    @Rap-Upper, he been down with us ever since the weezy collabo “Shooter” on Carter 2. i think he dope.


    Rap-Upper Reply:

    @Dave Chappelle,
    He’s been “down with us”? Oh.


    PhoenixReborn Reply:

    @Rap-Upper, Since he’s been with his wife since they were teenagers, I would think he was “down” with black people for a long ass time.


  3. Kyle

    Robin Thicke is the man. Just bought his new album after work today and I love it. “Never Give Up” is my jam!!!


  4. DRB

    Token white boy can go down on my dot dot dot


    Ricky Reply:


    You be a clown.


  5. Farrah

    So many Haters, Keep it up Robin…I love every CD!!!We respect your wishes honey, you’re in!


  6. Ricky

    Robin is one of the hardest working artists in music. Recognize!


  7. Audrey Hepburn

    So overrated. Still riding off of “Lost Without You,” I see.


  8. Mitchell S Jackson

    What does he mean by lost his manhood??? Did he get his butthole packed??? I’m so jealous


  9. Mitchell S Jackson

    Robin can be my whiteboy lover anyday


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