50 Cent Talks Giving Back, State of Music, & Becoming a Billionaire

50 Cent and Lee Hawkins

50 Cent sat down with The Wall Street Journal‘s Lee Hawkins for a serious discussion. The hip-hop impresario and philanthropist spoke about how his SYNC by 50 headphones differ from Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dre, his mission to end hunger in Africa through his business ventures, how the Internet has impacted the music biz (“I think Sean Parker has a pretty good idea with Spotify”), his mixtapes, and becoming a billionaire.

“That’s not my focus right now,” said 50. “After you accomplish enough, I’m already a billionaire compared to where I come from.”

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  1. mitcholos

    Fuck The Haters-
    I Don’t Expect Shit From 50

    But He’s Still Worken Hard And Maken A Difference-
    Rock On Fif- OneLove <3<3<3


  2. Brad

    50 is a genius and I cant wait to work for him


  3. Redchainsaw

    He’s a billionaire ?


    ESCO Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, no. he’s worth something like 400 million. Diddy and Jay-Z most likely have more of a chance of becoming a billionaire, but 50′s rise is definitely the biggest considering the way he did it (mostly on his own).


  4. meg

    dang! i see why olivia mad.


  5. D

    Gotta love someone that grows and evoloves


  6. Hugh

    Fif is a legend

    Keep doing your thing


  7. YepYurp

    This guy is incredible….


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