T-Pain Drops the Auto-Tune on ‘Kimmel’ [Video]


T-Pain turned off the Auto-Tune and showed off his natural voice on Tuesday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Teddy P. took a seat at the piano on the outdoor stage in Hollywood to perform “Drowning Again,” one of the most personal songs off his album rEVOLVEr. Dressed in a leather straight jacket, he returned for his hit “5 O’Clock,” accompanied by Skye of Sophia Fresh.

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  1. Jordan

    He can actually sing


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Jordan, did we watch the same video??? o_0 i dont think so


    chill Reply:

    @white hos love BBC,

    That is t-pain(= Autotune) voice he made it big and now he wont´s to show the people that he made the autotune big not the autotune him, get it? Everybody thinks he can´t sing but he ain´t Bad, that´s all so chill :-) let him do his thing.


  2. Tony

    it actually takes a good singer to make auto tune work on a regular basis like t-pain does. there is a reason many haven’t replicated success with auto tune *see ron browz. you have be creative to be able to use it successfully, and you have to be able to sing to make it sound good. that’s why justin timberlake sounds good with autotune as well although he only used it once or twice.


  3. Tony

    and i heard him live when he came to my school without the autotune and he did a pretty solid job.


  4. This aint it

    This dude sounds terrible without autotune my god smh


  5. No Brainer

    Now i really question how some artists get record deals T-pain has a HORRIBLE voice without the autotune just horrible i couldnt even listen to the whole thing


  6. ray

    he cant sing 4 shyt! #truth#


  7. NIC

    He doesn’t sound that bad, I have heard worse and that person has been in the game for damn near 20 years


  8. Gond

    Come on people, it wasn’t bad at all. I gotta say, he did start off a little rusty. But it was uphill from there. Look at his performance on Jay Leno a couple of days back, he did a better job.


  9. cheeser

    WTF are yall listening to????? he needs to put that autotune back on ASAP…. im a singer… and good artist only use autotune for what is mainly is used for.. mary j , neyo, Melanie FIona everyone uses autitune.. He just turns the Autotune up so he gets that drowining FX… he can hold notes and i Love TPain as an artist so im not hating.. but its sad what ppls definition of SINGING is now a days… go listen to some Marvin Gaye, Luther, Donny Hathaway, Barry White, BoyzIIMen, Sting, Maroon5 etc


  10. RihannaFAME

    That was so false…………. lmfao.


  11. jeanquila

    he sang more than Rihanna did in her last performance.


  12. hmm

    the reason why he sounds like that his because when you sing with Autotune you have to control your voice in a certain way to make the make the autotune responds to how you want it..he can actually sing but he has to get use to singing without it again


  13. cot daym

    2.nd video is set to “private”..


  14. latonya

    Thats good for him, we all knew he could sing without it and he’s really good, let be known though, he’s the only one who can this everybody can sit!


  15. Phoenix_Wright

    he KILLED Leno last week. This one, I’m not too sure about, it was ok. And that second video private so we can’t see it.


  16. OOOOOK

    haters haters haters gon hate hate hate SMDH do ya thing T!


  17. OkDerGuy

    He was singing, and playing piano. Cut him some slack, it sounded bad because of the mic. Look up the actual song (which is still sang without auto-tune), it sounds much better. But, haters gonna hate. Also saw him in his Mario pajamas after the show. #swag lmao.


  18. Marjon

    Autotune was nice when it first came out..it was a different idea, but now that evrnyoee is using it, evrnyoee thinks they can sing! lool its good that Jay-Z came out with this song even though it won’t be something I’d listen to again!


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