50 Cent Signs Female Rapper Paris to G-Unit Records


There’s a new face in the G-Unit camp. Female MC Paris aka Precious Paris has joined 50 Cent’s crew. In a video posted online, the G-Unit captain announced the newest addition to the family.

“I got a new female artist I signed to G-Unit Records. Her name is Paris,” said 50. “She’s from South Jamaica, Queens. Actually she’s been around for a while.”

Paris dropped a mixtape Bad By Myself last year and appeared on “Kitty Kat” off G-Unit’s 2008 album T.O.S.

50 also took the opportunity to plug his 10-track project The Big 10, which drops Friday at 12 p.m. “It’s really not a mixtape, it’s an LP. All new material, it’s heat.”

See his announcement and watch Paris rhyme in the clips below.

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  1. BOSS

    she reminds meh of foxy brown for some reason all her actions and movements just remind me of foxy so this might just be another nicki/kim situation or another foxy/kim situation….u knw they start beefs 2 get there artist name out there………….


  2. stirr

    hmmm, hopefully she doesn’t sell out all for the “almighty dollar” and stays true to the game.

    I like how 50 stays trying to put people from his hood on. Remember Nicki was about to sign with 50.


  3. Really?

    She reminds me NOTHING of Foxy, she is straight outta QUEENS and that is a Q-Borough chick to the core!


  4. DRB

    Renting a Lambo and Maserratti in front of your little ass house is where you went wrong with me


    AH Reply:

    @DRB, LMAOOOO!! AHAHAAAA gosh….so true. But she’s decent..



  5. Steve

    Niggas in Paris…literally


  6. Tionne

    Ehh! She can spit but that video she got aint cute at all! 50 need to put out a better video for her.. Its nice to see more female rappers coming up, there can be more than one female rapper in the game just like how theres mad n*ggas in the game.


    ULTRAultra Reply:

    @Tionne, , nicki minaj started out doing wack videos just like this, and look where she’s at now, you never know what will happen in the future, but honestly i think this chick should’ve been on roc nation or somethin’ not with 50…


    true love Reply:

    @ULTRAultra, This video is good for an underground rapper. Myself, I want to hear more of her music.


  7. credits

    i thought g-unit was no more???


  8. Oh Please

    -__- nah. Not even hating. I just feel like she’ll get lost in the sauce.


  9. I

    i like her, dont know why, but i do…lets see how she do in the game tho…


  10. young$$MOVEMENT;

    she doesn’t remind me of fox boogie but she does remind me of remy ma but eh, she’s a okay rapper but her style is the least to be desired . can you say citi-trends and rainbow from her head to her toes and those sunglasses got to go .


  11. Pushinit

    I hope she makes it.


  12. dwayne jonathan

    g unit was the last place i wud have recomended 4 her.but lets just wait n see.


    ESCO Reply:

    @dwayne jonathan, she does aggressive hip hop like foxy and kim did. there’s no other home for her other than g-unit. no camp does aggressive hip hop or gangsta rap…she wouldn’t fit in anywhere else. plus she’s from southside jamaica queens….g-unit is perfect for her. if she has talent like banks, then fif will make time for her.


  13. andy

    her swag is so not on point! those shoes… those shades… & that shirt was a hot mess. maybe in that video getting released tomorrow she’ll get a stylist?


  14. Sexyma

    Really tho 50!!!


  15. africanpride

    2012 is gona be interesting her with gunit. And lolamonroe with Taylor gang let the competition begin


    @LastQueen_TRaww Reply:

    @africanpride, Can’t Wait!!!! *gasping for air*


  16. Randy

    right…and while youre at it jump on the titanic and sail back home


  17. michelle

    this video that rapup posted is old as shit of her… im sure 50 gave her a major make over JUST LIKE cash money did with nicki minaj…. i hope this chic makes it heard some of her music and she CAN ACTUALLYYY RAPPP! so im excited to hear her!


  18. EyFresh

    Nicki YoungMoney, Lola Taylor Gang, Paris G-Unit…





  20. Rasan

    She Kinda reminds me of Remy Ma. I like her flow though, kinda reminds of a male rapper. Masculinely feminine.


  21. Ice

    I like her, she sounds very similar to Remy Ma.


  22. Lorena

    omg! you summed it up ctfrepely! she seems confused about who she should please I feel like if she keeps putting out this many songs, soon her whole album will be out before its actually out, and then no one will want to buy it . i don’t know what she’s doing


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