Diddy Announces French Montana Signing to Bad Boy

French Montana and Diddy

It’s official. French Montana is the newest Bad Boy. The New York MC appeared on “106 & Park” alongside Diddy to announce his signing to the legendary label.

“Hands down, the hottest cat in the streets,” said the Bad Boy Records CEO while introducing the much-buzzed-about newcomer, who reportedly had 10 offers on the table before choosing Bad Boy as his home.

Diddy went on to explain why he signed the 27-year-old. “It’s obvious, his work ethic, his songmaking effect that he has on the young’ns,” he said. “I represent New York to the fullest and can nothing move in this city right now without us being a part of it. We the Yankees of this whole thing and it’s time for us to get where we supposed to get.”

The Bronx-raised rapper plans to continue repping for his city. “I feel real, real, real good, how New York feel. That’s why I kept it here in New York. I didn’t want to go nowhere else. Why would I take my talent to South Beach?”

He continued, “[Diddy] never really lied to me about nothing, he really just kept his word with everything he tried to do. I want to bring it back to [New York]. [He's] the first billionaire, so if I brush shoulders with him…”

Puff reassured those who question Montana’s move. “We gon’ take our time with French. We gon’ really build him as an authentic artist. We ain’t gon’ make it all shiny and flossy and all that, we gon’ take our time and plug into the essence of who he is.”

During the show, Montana also premiered the video for “Shot Caller” and was joined onstage by his new labelmates Cassie, Red CafĂ©, and Machine Gun Kelly.

“Shot Caller” featuring Charlie Rock

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    Wasn’t he on MMG?



    Damn he’s fine! lol


  3. Sizzurp Sky

    French Montana, this guy spent his childhood in the south of France , im wondering if he can speak french now , it’s good for him to signing to a major label . From France …


  4. lolsmileyface

    Well… We won’t be hearing much from him again.


  5. Stirrh

    He’s about to be another victim of Diddy…


    uhuh Reply:

    @Stirrh, R.I.P french


    brainfood.com Reply:


    I was so thinking the same thing. SMH


    sean Reply:

    @Stirrh, you are a lazy one? where are the def am artistes or rocakfella? haters leave diddy alone, haters you are noting.


  6. SNOWMANCTEtheworld

    bad move french…as much i dont like MMG but i still think u shoulda go with ross…just look at meek they doin it…


  7. Learn

    He’s Death??? OMG!!! I saw dat in wikipedia


  8. sabrina part 2

    bet he ain’t gonna stay with bad boy record co that long


  9. Sharp Tongue

    He’s fine but Diddy is so gay.


  10. D

    If you young, talented and open to being exploited get at me. Sing Diddy.


  11. D

    If you young, talented and open to being exploited . Get at me. signed Diddy


  12. sean

    D you are loser, where are the other labels from Diddy era,most of you seem always suprised why diddy kept making money, you refused to acknowledge his work mentality. Gay or not, he making monies and has more kids than your family.


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