Pharrell to Oversee Music for Oscars


Pharrell is headed to the Oscars. The Neptunes super-producer will supervise the music for next year’s awards ceremony.

Skateboard P and composer Hans Zimmer have been tapped as music consultants for the 84th Annual Academy Awards, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Hans is one of the most accomplished and creative film composers of our time, and Pharrell is a phenomenal songwriter with an amazing list of credits,” said producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer. “This is an exciting and prestigious collaboration that promises to take the audience on a musical journey.”

Pharrell previously worked with Zimmer on the soundtrack to the animated film Despicable Me and his songs have appeared in films such as Fast & Furious, Knocked Up, and Mean Girls.

Billy Crystal will host Hollywood’s biggest night, airing live on February 26 on ABC.

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  1. Redchainsaw

    ConFUCKINGgrats to him,that’s a big deal…….Pharrell is so dope!


  2. uhuh

    get the white folks money, skate board P. (yeah i still call him that, bite me)


  3. Villin

    He did a Great Soundtrack, this Will sound Awesome too..)d


  4. Outspoken

    Ahhh man great pick. He is going to do a great job.


  5. SNOWMANCTEtheworld

    man i know pharrell got talent and all that but he got too much friend in the industry + he always hang with em, is gonna be kinda of hard …if yall know wut i mean…but i still belive in him tho!!!


  6. bigtymer

    congrates to pharrel thats huge, if anyone has seen the movie ‘Despicable Me’ pharrel did the music score for that movie, neptunes always has that feel-good to their music…


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