T.I. Meets Taylor Swift Backstage at Atlanta Show [Video]

Taylor Swift and T.I.

T.I. is introduced to Taylor Swift in a sneak peek from the latest episode of his VH1 series “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” airing Monday night. The country singer was a gracious host to Tip and his wife Tiny backstage at her “Speak Now” show in Atlanta. She took her guest on a tour of the stage and offered him some direction.

“This is so huge that you came out here,” said Taylor, to which Tip replied, “It’s huge for you to even consider the old man.”

A humble T.I. thanked her for the opportunity. “As a dinosaur in this industry, to have the leader of such a young audience call me and consider me to even come out there, that was flattering,” he said.

Before hitting the stage to perform “Live Your Life” with America’s sweetheart, T.I. made sure that he didn’t curse in front of the young audience. “I don’t need that look,” he joked.

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  1. stirr

    Her and Justina Beiber are becoming try-hards to get the “urban” fans -_-


    Lisa Reply:

    @stirr, the urban scene will never attract towards artists like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Hip hop heads are pure. They’re not into big stages and bright lights. It’s all about the music and the rhymes. It’s nice to see the two genres come together occasionally. But the urban scene is too pure to just cross-over to the pop/country side.


    Ann Reply:

    @Lisa, Agree. That’s why the WTT Tour is so historic because it is greatness done minimally.


    Sasha Fierce Reply:

    @stirr, Tha’s what you call being humble ( riri, chris brown and katy)


  2. DrakeStan911

    That was awesome!


  3. Rob

    2 great artists come together for a brief collab….all good. :)


  4. Hanz

    Huge fan of T.I.

    Funny how this guy was sent to jail a couple times for carrying weapons and illegal drugs, but he’s still welcomed. Take the mic from Taylor Swift and people want you dead.


    sabrina part 2 Reply:

    @Hanz, o hater


    SNOWMANCTEtheworld Reply:

    @Hanz, u right tho!


  5. David

    That was nice! Taylor Swift is such a sweet girl.


  6. sabrina part 2

    they should do a duet together let see how her fan would like that.


  7. Philly11

    Been down with her since album one! 2pac, Nas and Biggie are my favorite rappers of all time. U2 my favorite band! Love, the Fray and the Script. Whitney, my favorite oldschool singer! Love Beyonce, Alicia, and Rihanna. And will throw a T.Swift album on in a second. I like that she is a lover of all kinds of music. Being eclectic is the greatest thing about being a fan of music…


  8. Ann

    Taylor is trying hard to make up with the hip hop fans after that THING with Kanye. This is her way of saying that she forgives Kanye. Unfortunately, the industry has not. o she is going to take it one hip/hop artist at a time and eventually she will have a Kanye appearance. Trust me!


  9. haha

    but she’s not obligated to “make-up” with the hip hop fans though after what happened with kanye because he brought that to himself.

    i don’t know why people say that she’s trying hard to like hip-hop when she’s been vocal that she loves music and doesn’t care what genre it is.


  10. Manson

    My favorite song is Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel. Another rllaey good song is Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K. Plus, there’s One Step At a Time by Jordin Sparks, or I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. There are so many great songs out there, but I can’t list them all.


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