Album Cover: WZRD – ‘WZRD’


Kid Cudi touches the sky on the cover of WZRD, his alternative-rock project with producer Dot Da Genius. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper debuted the minimal artwork on Twitter, saying, “simple, classic, iconic.” The album, due January 30, features the lead single “Teleport 2 Me.” Preview a snippet.

What do you think of WZRD’s album cover? Let us know below.

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  1. my name is oo



  2. Miszi

    As a logo it’s cool, it’s pretty retro. As an album cover, well I think there should be some stuff going on in the background after all.


  3. Christian

    I see what Scott was going for, as most classic albums of the 60s and 70s were simplistic. To me I get a KISS vibe. I mean the two logos are pretty similar. I like it though, just can’t wait until the album is released!!


  4. Breezy

    stupid, lame, cudi sucks


  5. Sufi

    07.06.10 at 9:43 pmTWell I didn’t know who the fuck she was until she blew up. I was like who the fuck is this bitch with the crazy ass hair.In my opinion, her mryhes are nothing special, and frankly her sound is annoying as fuck. But if that’s what she gotta do to make money, then more power to her. I’m not gonna hate on nobody for doing what they got to do. Nicki Minaj, and Drake seem like very calculating people who project a certain persona. It might not be the personas we are used to, but it is what’s getting them to the bank.


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