Bruno Mars Turns on the Charm in New Promo Shoot

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars caps off a banner year with a series of new promo photos. The suave singer works his charm in the black-and-white images photographed by Andreas Laszlo Konrath. Fresh off his six Grammy nominations including Album of the Year, the Hawaiian heartthrob has been named Billboard‘s Top Male Hot 100 Artist of the Year, Top Male Radio Songs Artist, Top Male Digital Songs Artist, and Top Male Adult Pop Songs Artist, among other accolades. He doesn’t plan on stopping, recently returning to the studio to work on his sophomore LP.

“I want to have fun on this next album,” he told Ryan Seacrest. “I think that’s the most important key, especially now that I’ve been on the road and am playing a lot of shows. I have a little more of a vision than I think I did with Doo-Wops & Hooligans.”

Bruno Mars Bruno Mars Bruno Mars

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  1. Liliane



    Please Reply:

    Sorry .. He ain’t no brutha !!!
    Don’t care how black he think he sing !!
    He’s no A. Hamilton .. Tyrese .. Musiq .. or Jahiem !!
    NEXT !!!!!!!!


  2. CeCe

    Talented & Sexy..winning combination!


  3. jennelle

    UNF UNF UNF sooooooo fucking fine get in my bed


  4. nimrah

    he is tooooooooo sexxxxxxaaayy for me to handle!!!!! *_____*


  5. tamar

    He is so beautiful. Omg. I love him. *desktop background*


  6. Triniti



  7. Angel

    OMGod.. OMGOSH.. *__* Hes the DEFINITION OF GORGEOUS, hes a talented sexy model.. & my GOD those beautiful big gorgeous bright healthy eyes he haves hehe… reason why all the girls screamed in Sears when they said Bruno’s name on the radio before I seen what he looked like, now I see why hehe.. =) he really gorgeous…


  8. adriana



  9. Jay C

    Bruno looks GOOOOOOOODDDD…

    He’s really short though…look at his legs…


    Sarah K Reply:

    @Jay C, He is short! I met him and when he walked around the corner I was so shocked! He’s a little fella ;)


    tamar Reply:

    @Jay C, Isn’t he? He’s like really short. When he stood next to Taylor swift he looked like a midget.


  10. anna hernendez

    I love bruno mars so much i cant explain how much i love him.He looks so sexy as always and whoever said he is short on the comments FUCK YOU!!!!!.


  11. Hugh

    He Sexy and He Know It


  12. Chacha Elsa Tesalonika

    all picts r smexy for me but the last pict… ahaha… he looks lyk Boboho.. *but still cute xD


  13. Sarah K

    Bruno is a little fella ;) I’ve met him and wow…


    MistisaB Reply:

    @Sarah K, LOL He is little huh…why the wow?


  14. ann ghilianne

    I love bruno mars with all my heart if somebody say something bad about him I will kill him or her!!and he’s so sexyyyyy !!!! And he’s very cuteeee!!


  15. ann ghilianne

    I want him 2 answer me !!!!! ;;) I want to be his friend do he have any bbm pin???? (If someone no just tell me plzz)


  16. ann ghilianne

    All I need is to be his friend and that’s all !!! Do he have any bbm pin (if someone know just reply and give me his PIN)


  17. felicia

    I strongly believe that Bruno Mars music is refreshing. Pete is what you call true talent. His look is great yes. But I believe that what defines an artist is when you can hear a song and not care wether or not he is black, white or latino. I am hispanic and I love all types of music. Spanish and English music in general and I am very diverse when it comes to music. I love Morron 5, but I also enjoy Jay Z and carrie underwood etc… what I love about Bruno Mars is that he is not trying to be like anyone else he is orginal fresh air. Of course other artist inspire him or the type of music he writes, produces and sings but if Peter would say otherwise it would be a lie. Because who hasn’t been inspired by great artist he had mention in other interviews that he has been inspired by artist like Elvis, Michael Jackson and a few others but then again who hasn’t. Overall I wanted to state that he is one of the best artist of this generation. and I am excited on what he will be doing on this up coming years. I just hope that he doesn’t become another tatistic and turn into drugs and alchohol abuser. One thing is to have fun another is to destroy your life because you want to have fun. The way I see it, the day the singing and the writing and touring and the fans do not satistified you an artist, that is the day you should be doing something else.


  18. Brunomars'lover!!! x

    Bruno Mars, YOU ARE SOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!
    I love you so much!! xxxxxxxxxxxx


  19. Mrs marz

    Luv ya Bruno


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